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  1. Welcome to all new Silver and Platinum VIP Members. What to do next
  2. Your BLUEPRINT for Success in 2024 – in this program or ANY other affiliate program you are doing.
  3. Not a Member yet? Get a free Worldprofit Membership here

1. New to Worldprofit? A warm welcome!

We are so glad you found the #1 trusted platform for Affiliate marketers, now in our 30th year!
Once you have received confirmation that your domain name is set up, start your training.
Why? So we can dish up all the valuable BONUSES included in your Membership – these are REAL services – valuable to you!
AND so you know how to access and use all the resources, software and tools in your membership.
Use these to get leads, traffic, sales and grow your email marketing list.
On LEFT COLUMN below your name click on green tab: START HERE
Advance to Lesson 3 and watch the 2 VIDEOS on that lesson, do NOT skip this!
Free membership here

2. Your BLUEPRINT for Success in 2024 – to start and grow your sales in ANY Affiliate program

1. Start the training. Advance to Lesson 3, watch the 2 videos on that lesson.
Master the skills of promotion that we teach you. Apply this to any affiliate program – to get leads, traffic, sales and build your list.
Stay on Lesson 3. DO what we teach.
Getting sales means promoting – the right way. Some don’t realize how much promotion is required, what to promote and the best way to promote.
Constant consistent promotion is critical to your success.
Everything you need including training, tools and software is in your Member area.

2. Take time to explore your Worldprofit Member area.
We offer hundreds of tools with one purpose – to help you earn online.
Why buy services and software elsewhere when so many are included in your Membership.
You want to earn – so take the time to learn! You will save yourself time and frustration in the long run.
What we teach and the tools we provide will keep your business going now, tomorrow and for years to come.
You owe it to yourself to use what we offer to grow your business the right way.
Invest in YOURSELF, you are worth it!

3. Ask for help. Don’t get stuck. Don’t get frustrated. Get Help.
Our help team is here 7 days a week to assist you, direct you, and get you on track.
Access SUPPORT in your Worldprofit Member area

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