Blog or YouTube video? What gets best results?

Building your brand, creating and growing a niche and trying to increase your followers?

Where is your time better spent for best results?

Posting to your Blog?


Posting YouTube Videos?

Let’s look at both:

Blogging: Advantages

  • Easy to do if you are a writer, an expert, can post on a consistent basis.
  • Hosting your own blog is a great and low cost way to build your online portfolio of sites and online property.
    The key is to have a HOSTED blog and not a free blog that might just disappear one day.
  • Option to have more then one blog.
  • You can easily integrate with social media for likes and shares.
  • Helpful for SEO indexing of key words related to your niche.
  • You don’t have to be on camera or worry about your back drop, lighting etc.
  • Option to Integrate ads for revenue
  • Integrate your affiliate links, your reviews etc to your Blog.

Blog: Disadvantages

  • If you are not a writer, coming up with unique content may be time consuming, or expensive if you are hiring content provider.
  • Important to blog on a consistent basis, so need to set time aside to blog.
  • Lots and LOTS of blogs out there so that means lots of competition.
  • If you have more then one blog you will need a system like the Lazy Blogger offered at Worldprofit to post to multiple blogs with one click.
  • Care must be taken with "commenting", to fend off bots and spammers. Easy to do if you know how.

YouTube: Advantages

  • Build your channel, build your brand with video
  • SEO. Search Engines consistently index videos with more merit and higher ranking then standard blogs.
    Search engines also prefer mobile friendly sites so not and issue with YouTube.
  • In many ways easier to get followers and likes with videos. The more theme related videos the further your reach.
  • Easily integrated with other forms of social media for greater exposure, likes, shares, commenting.
  • Creators can earn revenue!
  • If you don’t want to be on camera, you can SHOW a product or review it while remaining off camera or limit your face time.

YouTube: Disadvantages

  • If you don’t like to be on camera or get nervous it can be intimidating and time consuming to keep re-doing.
  • For professionalism of your videos, you will need a script, put on your best face and hair, arrange backdrop, quiet time, purchase lighting and equipment.

Bottom Line:

If you are very limited in time, posting videos to YouTube is time well spent.
But, if you can do both – and do written blogs AND YouTube videos, better yet.
When it comes to promotion, the MORE the better.
So look for multiple ways to get the word out about your products and services to get the best results, tap new markets and more exposure.

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