Review of World Profit’s LIVE Affiliate marketing bootcamp April 16, 2021

Worldprofit Affiliate marketing, home business training, website hosting and more

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Day is LIVE and interactive every Friday

Recap of the APRIL 16, 2021 training session with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc.

Today’s Training Theme:
How to do Product and Software Reviews and why it’s worth your time.
How to FEED the GOOGLE machine while benefiting YOUR business

Bootcamp Training Topics:

Welcome to all NEW Silver and Platinum VIP Members!
Affiliate marketing growth is EXPLOSIVE right now due to the current situation in the world.
YOU are in the best possible place to take advantage of the surge in people working at home, looking for extra income.
Worldprofit is a comprehensive business platform, complete with the tools, training, software and success system you need to start and grow your own online business.

Discussion and Training Points

  • Getting Started: Day 1 to 30. Important steps to success
  • Business Basics. Organization.
  • How Worldprofit’s system works for you.
  • Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Newsletter – make sure you are getting this
  • Worldprofit communications to Associates – what you need to know.
  • Your Worldprofit Ad Tracker
  • Cool Tools – recommended 3rd party software
  • Worldprofit’s Link Manager and Link Magic
  • Product Reviews: How do do it and why you should – EASIER then you think!
  • YouTube Channel
  • Your Worldprofit PLR Product Vault
  • Worldprofit’s Graphic Studio
  • WordPress Blogs – hosted by Worldprofit
  • Your Landing Page Builder
  • Daily Check List of Tasks to GROW your business
  • Ad Tracking and Cloaking Explained.

"Don’t promote MONEY MONEY MONEY. Instead promote the powerful benefits of Worldprofit to take away the pain of no leads, no traffic, no system no training"
George Kosch, CEO Worldprofit Inc.

At Worldprofit we teach you how to promote any AFFILIATE program – and…
you get a comprehensive platform with the key resources and tools critical to your success in ALL your online business programs.

  1. Bonuses. Getting started.
    Did you get yours? Lesson 3 tells how how to get them.
    Master the basics of promotion in Lesson 3 and you can earn in this program or ANY other!
  2. Use the resources INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to
    build your brand, get backlinks, build SEO, get leads, traffic, grow your list for any and all your online programs.
  3. Silver and Platinum VIP Members get PREMIUM Traffic reserved for our paid subscription members.
    Free members don’t get access to any of the Premium Traffic or any of the privileges upgraded members enjoy.

Ideas for Software or Product Reviews on Social Media or your Blog

  • PLR Product Vault 400+ products, courses, videos, ebooks ALL related to online marketing. Use as giveaways to get leads, or review/feature in your blog.
  • MONTHLY Traffic injections
  • Magic Link Builder
  • Graphics Creator
  • Autoresponder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Ad Tracker (Basic) and Ad Tracker (Advanced)
  • Ad Examples
  • Prospect Manager
  • Lazy Blogger
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Clickbank Superstore and Sales Manager
  • ClickBank Maximizer
  • ClickBank Promo Kit
  • Multi Commission System

Review of World Profit Bootcamp Training Dec 18, 2020 with Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch

Home Business Bootcamp Training Day is LIVE for 1 HOUR every Friday morning at Worldprofit.

Recap of Dec 18 session with George Kosch.

NO HYPE just HELP that’s what you get in World Profit’s weekly training.

World Profit Bootcamp Training Topics, Updates, Discussion Points, Demonstrations

  • NEW Silver and Platinum VIP MEMBERS: What to do next. How to get your included BONUSES
  • World Profit’s Ad Tracker software: What it is, how to use it. Basic version for Silver Members, Advanced version for Platinum VIPs.
  • Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, what it is and how YOU benefit
  • Worldprofit’s Marketing System: How Worldprofit’s system is working in the background to help you so you can focus on promotion
  • DEMONSTRATION: Link Magic BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE! Included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships
  • DEMONSTRATION: LINK MANAGER. Included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships
  • NEW! DEMONSTRATION Worldprofit Ad Stream – Advertising Board. Available to Associates, Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
  • NEW Service! Drag & Drop feature allow images from Worldprofit’s Graphics Studio Gallery to be added to your landing pages, ebook, blog, Prospect Manager, Newsletter
  • Cool Tools: Recommended optional 3rd party resources we use and recommend.
  • Bitcoin: For those interested in learning about Bitcoin, access 4 Info products in your PLR Product Vault, and COINBASE in COOL Tools
  • NEW Service! DEMONSTRATION. My MENU. Create your own customized menu to get quick access to your favorite Worldprofit tools
  • World Profit Platinum VIP Membership: Benefits. Upgrade from Silver to Platinum to score some nice Christmas goodies!
  • Year END Deals. Convert from a monthly membership to 1 YEAR membership – SAVE as much as 60%
  • It’s OFFICIAL! Worldprofit Inc., is the longest running and 1st Affiliate marketing company. (Worldprofit started 1994; Amazon 1996)
  • Hosting? Want to host another site at Worldprofit? Develop your own site? Book another domain name? We can help. Contact Support.
    Worldprofit offers extensive website hosting services.
  • NEW! Worldprofit’s NEW LIVE Meeting Center now released!
    Simple. Easy to use. Promote yourself and your brand every time you use it.
    >>>Details on LIVE Meeting Center Instant access here

Recommended to get GOING and get GROWING:

New to Worldprofit? Slow to get started? NOW is the time to start your training:
In your Member area, left Menu under your badge and profile, click on START HERE.
Lesson 3 is KEY to your success and reveals how to activate your purchase BONUSES – don’t miss out on this – extremely valuable!

Join World Profit’s social site
Create your own profile, add a picture, create a niche group, add your affiliate links, post your blog, share video links. Nice place to get free promotion for your business interests or non-profit organizations. Network with others in the affiliate marketing world, get backlinks to your site, great for SEO and more.

Watch the Dec 18th RECORDING from World Profit’s Bootcamp Training in your member area, training section.

Due to coming holiday season, watch for announcement for next Training Date.

About George Kosch your Bootcamp Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc.
George Kosch is a former Captain (Jet Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement over 25 years ago to create Worldprofit Inc., in 1994 along with co-founder
Sandi Hunter. Every Friday, Worldprofit provides members with LIVE interactive training to teach you about affiliate marketing, to help you access and use the tremendous number of resources in your membership, all designed with 1 purpose – to help you grow your own successful online business. Who better to teach you then the actual architect of Worldprofit’s software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself.

Worldprofit’s system is a comprehensive all inclusive business training and marketing platform. Learn at your own pace by following the online lessons geared to helping you learn about online marketing and how to use your Worldprofit member resources. Treat your Worldprofit business like that, a business. Be professional. be prepared to learn, put the time and effort into starting and growing it over time.
Use Worldprofit website hosting, tools, software, advertising and training to grow any and all your online affiliate programs, to promote Worldprofit services, or those of our recommended vendors.

Worldprofit’s weekly training sessions are informal and all Member questions encouraged. If you need a demonstration or a service or software explained in more detail, simply ask. The skills you learn in the training can be applied to marketing your own affiliate programs and / or promoting Worldprofit services to earn sales commission. The training, our support is all devoted to helping YOU start and GROW your own online business now and for many years to come. Worldprofit provides the foundation for your business, the tools, the building blocks for growth – plus – the training and support you need.

Worldprofit member resources for smart, busy affiliate marketers

Featured Worldprofit Member services

The following valuable, business-building services are INCLUDED in both Worldprofit’s Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
No need to go anywhere else – it’s all here!

No matter what affiliate programs you are marketing, or what MLM or what online business program, Worldprofit’s software, traffic and resources will help you grow your online business.

Virtual Sales Assistant (Easy follow up tool)
This is integrated into your Prospect Manager software

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder Software- with 1 click create beautiful landing pages for ALL your affiliate programs

Magic Site Grabber – ultra-cool and useful!

Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger – HUGE time saver for blog postings

Worldprofit TRAFFIC INJECTIONS – make sure you are getting all the free ad credits you are entitled to EACH MONTH!

TRAFFIC MULTIPLIER – easily one of our most used and requested tools

MAGIC LIST BUILDER – #1 accessed tool by serious Worldprofit Members who know why they MUST build a list.
No need to buy this tool elsewhere when George Kosch built a superior service exclusively for our Members at no extra cost.

Worldprofit’s Ebook Creator including articles, reproduction rights, or create your own customized ebook – super easy even for newbies.
Left Menu, select Article Ebook Marketing

Graphics programs. Silver members get the basic Graphics program, Platinum VIP Members get the advanced professional graphics package. You do not need to be an expert to use this software, create your own ebook covers, logos, headers for your site or YouTube or Facebook.
Left Menu, select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT. There you will see several easy to use programs for all your needs. No need to hire a designer, buy software or take a course, when you get it all at Worldprofit in your Member area.

We will stop there, but there is WAY MORE waiting for you in your Worldprofit member area – SEO Tools, ClickBank promotion tools, the Money Makers Kit, Fast Cash program, leads, visitors and so on. Take some time to review what’s in your Worldprofit member area all at your finger tips – all with one purpose – to help you grow any and all your online business programs.

Traffic, money making programs, blogging tools, graphics programs, ebook creators. Stop buying this stuff elsewhere when it’s all in your Worldprofit Member area waiting for you. Worldprofit is your one-stop shop for all things valuable and essential for GROWING your successful online business.

–> TIP: There is a SEARCH BOX on the TOP RIGHT hand side of your Worldprofit member area. Use that to find services or submit a Support Ticket, we are happy to help you or direct you to what you are looking for.

-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

Find out how to get started in George Kosch’s home business and affiliate marketing training bootcamp offered LIVE every Friday morning.

Verifiable Guaranteed Traffic:

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Diamond URL Rotator. Submit up to 5 URLS to our rotator for 1 YEAR.
Change your URL as often as you like. Verifiable Traffic. Weekly Stats emailed to you.

What do SEO Experts use to boost their online ranking? Easy.
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Worldprofit announces software upgrades and updates

Updates for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

Thank you to our Members for your patience as we worked on some updates and software fixes. Here’s a recap of what we have for you now.

1. CB Maximizer Updates now complete.

We received a number of requests from our Members to integrate more EXTERNAL Autoresponder Types into the CB Maximizer, so we have done this now. Previously we had integration coded for only Aweber, MailChimp and Get Response. We have now added in a feature where Members can use any Autoresponder of your choice. Using this feature you can now add leads to both your ClickBank Maximizer list AND your external lists as well.

Also we removed a few outdated, or non-functioning products from the ClickBank Products page.

Finally we added some NEW recommended top selling products to the list of products you can promote along with new ad swipes you can use for promotion.

The CB Maximizer is an optional software product available to Worldprofit Members interested in promoting Clickbank products.

2. Software Fixes and Updates to Graphics Software:

We have now completed software upgrade and fixes to the following software products included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships:

Ebook Cover Creator

Header / Banner Graphics Creator

Reminder: The next LIVE home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training with George Kosch is Friday August 11th, starting at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET. Access is within your Member area. No special equipment is required to view the weekly training session.

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