Congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s Top Seller for the Year 2019. Interview with the Champion

Linda Elze

Linda Elze, congratulations on being Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for the year 2019!

For those who would like to follow in Linda’s footsteps and build their own successful online business, we’ve asked Linda to share some insight on how she has achieved this tremendous accomplishment.

Interview with Linda Elze, MCEC

Linda, in the pursuit of success, people sometimes say that achieving success is like climbing a mountain. As Worldprofit’s Top Seller, you didn’t fall on top of that mountain you worked hard to get up there. Can you share the steps you’ve taken to climb to the top of your "Mountain" to be crowned Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER not just this year, but for many years.

I came in with the mindset of a home business. To me, it is only logical to participate in my business. I spent lots of money and time on useless biz ops online before I got to Worldprofit. When I saw and communicated with a live person, I knew I found the right business for me. As I got familiar with the processes George Kosch teaches I saw that it was going to take lots of work and learning, but very doable. Hard work has never scared me. After being a dealer for couple months, I knew Worldprofit was my home. Very helpful…great training…best tools…and I was blessed enough to be accepted as a Monitor which has accelerated my learning and sales. Since then I have been consistently participating in my business. Worldprofit is ethical and cutting edge so I am comfortable promoting them. The services are not just one niche, .everyone needs training and tools to promote anything online. Having the Monitors closing my sales and helping my customers was the icing on the cake.

What are some of your daily habits that you think contributes to your sales success?

I keep a consistent schedule 7 days a week. I am up at 4am so I can do promotions before the day goes sideways. I am on social networks all day along with other marketing I have been taught with Worldprofit. I also take care of personal emails after promotions. I keep my Skype on all day so I am easy to get ahold of by anyone or anything for my business. I keep my phone on me all the time in case a customer or dealer needs me. I also have Worldprofit Member area open all the time on one of my computers, so I can help if necessary or change scheduling of Monitors. Afternoons, I make appointments with my dealers that may need extra time with me. I call Associates who provide phone numbers. I jump in when the LIVE Business Center is open for any reason. I book Monitor hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday consistently so I can train Monitors and take hours that no one else can on weekends. In other words…I participate in my business in every way.

Worldprofit provides a platform for building an online business, everything from website hosting, to specialized software, advertising, training and support. Can you comment on how you personally use elements of this platform to grow your business? Which services, resources do you find most helpful, or unique.

Over 12 years there have been sooo many tools developed by George that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Just last few years, I will say I love my call loop system, email commander, Article marketing tools, Video emails, live chat and of course, the new mobile friendly Llive Business Center. I pretty much live in the “who’s logged in” prospect manager and use the qued letters and my custom letters. As a Monitor, I am able to see everyone who has logged in at any given time for the last 3 hours. Watching the LBC, I am able to see how my customers interact with Monitors or if an offer is made, and if they are in the video or order form. It gives me more control of my business.

Linda you have been involved in the affiliate marketing industry for over a decade. What suggestions or advice do you have for someone just getting started, or someone who has been at this for awhile but hasn’t yet met their own sales goals?

All of us dealers with Worldprofit have a simple answer for that…”I wish I did this first." We all wasted money on get rich quick scams and broken promises before we found Worldprofit. Worldprofit is an all in one system. All tools, training, traffic and 24/7 live monitors to help us and close our sales. To make sales online, you need lots of traffic coming from all different directions. Worldprofit teaches all of them. Clicks turn into customers, customers turn into sales.

Are you a goal setter? Any advice on this for those who want to make this year their best one yet?

I set my goals every month. I correlate my goals with my budget and calendar. It’s important for newcomers to set goals to stay focussed on what is important and not get distracted by tasks and activities not beneficial to generating leads and traffic. Promotion is what gets leads and builds your list, if you are fiddling with something that doesn’t do that, you aren’t doing what you need to do to grow your business.

What are the most common mistakes you see newbies making that is sabotaging their own success?

I see new dealers watch the first training video or read my step by step instructions..and then say “what do I do now?” The video and my instructions are ACTIONS that need to be taken in certain order. The first level teaches marketing 101 and the simple repetitious steps to start building a list and business. Instead, I see new dealers concerned about changing their website or adding things to it. Focus on the Actions demonstrated in the video, and duplicate.

Training and Support is a central component of Worldprofit’s platform, how important has this been to you Linda in developing personally and professionally as an internet consultant, marketer and business owner?

The support Worldprofit provides is second to none. One of the many things I love about our support and back office is that I feel safe with all my information. I don’t worry about my info being hacked or stolen…I always get paid on time. They also help me to help my dealers. We are in close contact all the time. When I don’t understand something technical of a tool recommended, I just put in a Support ticket and get a response often with the hour. I have in the past broken my site by adding wrong size banners and the support team fixes it for me. I don’t mess with my site anymore. Because they take such good care of us, all I have to do is promote. They teach us the best ways to do that. Everyone needs Worldprofit.

Linda, in this industry, people frequently drop in and out of programs, always looking for the something better. What has kept you at Worldprofit for over 12 years now? What keeps you motivated and focused?

I’m sooo glad I did and the mistakes before I found Worldprofit. I spent close to $13000 on crap. So when I found Worldprofit and a real person was giving me instructions and direction I almost fell out of my chair. “REAL PERSON”? They had me at hello! I couldn’t believe all I got for so little. I knew I was HOME. I see lots of other new pre launches etc. Not interested. I have a company with 25 years of proven success. There is nothing out there that even comes close to what Worldprofit provides. I guess the years just fly by when you are having fun and making money and life long friends.

Linda, before you were a Top Seller, you started as a free Associate member then you made the decision to upgrade to a Silver Membership, then eventually to a Platinum VIP Membership. For those thinking they will just "test Worldprofit out" by being a free Associate member, what advice do you have to help them understand why upgrading to a Silver membership is the best decision?

To me, if you are trying to do our program for is like learning how to cook without food. Every single person I talk to who wants to try it for free is doing it the hardest way possible. I ask if they are making money with other programs…100% say no. I tell them..ok now you have another program you don’t know how to promote. At some point you will have to invest in yourself. This is the least you will pay to have everything you need to succeed online.

Linda, you are a Supervisor for Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, and one of our Monitors who helps closes sales for other Members. As you know the LIVE Business Center has operated 24 hours a day by Worldprofit for over 15 years now – it’s the only one of it’s kind on the internet. How has this LIVE Business Center helped you grow your business, and how can it helps other Members?

The Live Business Center gives me control over my business. I see how my customer interacts with the Monitors. I can see if they watch our video. I can see if they go on the order form. The monitors help my customers and close my sales for me. The offer Worldprofit provides to new customers is huge. The value is a lot more than the cost. Worldprofit also provides many ways to pay sales commission. All these steps increases sales quite a bit. People will always need the human factor. They will always feel better after communicating with a person. Doing business in front of the whole world adds to Worldprofit’s credibility. It also adds to my credibility.

Linda, our goal at Worldprofit is to provide the tools, training and support to help people grow their own professional online business. We teach people how to be business owners, CEO’s of their own company, not just a "biz opper". Can you talk about this, what it means to you, and why it’s so important to have the mentality of a business owner?

I’ve been in brick and mortar sales for many years. However, internet sales is a whole different process. Customers can just click and you are gone. You have seconds to get their interest. Worldprofit has taught me many ways to get customers and turn customers into sales. The Live Business Center demands a customer’s curiosity and gives direction. This sets Worldprofit ahead of anything else online. Worldprofit is ethical and cares about the success of their Members. I always know my customers are in good hands.

Linda, you are a loving mother, grandmother, Masters Certified E-business Consultant – and a successful online business sensation for many years now. How do you balance your family life with your business pursuits?

My Worldprofit business helps support my daughter and grandchildren. Making my family part of my business makes them take the business as seriously as I do. It is very important to make your loved ones part of the business so it doesn’t separate you.

Linda you are very generous with your time in helping people. Any final words to motivate someone to get serious about starting and growing their business – now, no longer putting it off?

Helping others is key to success. Especially online business. Always say what you do and do what you say. Especially online where it can go viral. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Everything I have needed is provided by Worldprofit. If you want to have a real online business, all the tools training, traffic and live Monitors is exactly what you need. Be leery of companies that promise riches without work..they are scams. I have received far more than promised with Worldprofit…You will too.

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