Review of World Profit by Kim Little

Who’s the best person to review World Profit?

A verified Member of World Profit, an actual customer who can share her first hand experiences directly participating in World Profit’s marketing and training program.

Here we feature World Profit Certified E-Business Consultant, Platinum VIP Member and Monitor, Kim Little.

Kim, can you share a little information with us about you?

I live in a rural mountain community in the lower Appalachian chain on the Alabama Tennessee border
and am approaching sixty years of age and I don’t feel it! I have to remind myself to act as close to my
age as possible. My background is comprised of fitness and sales. I spent quite a few years selling
advertising specialties in a corporate business arena. Then when the internet brought huge changes to that
business about 20 years ago, I pursued a lifelong love of fitness and managed a fitness facility for a
friend. As a former triathlete, it was a natural for me to work with people to help them achieve fitness.
But soon I found out there was a missing element because most people just really don’t know how to take
care of their health and our diets don’t help that much either. My interest in whole food nutrition and
utilizing nutritional healing became more intense and I found myself a student and then graduate of an
internationally known health and detoxification school. This leads to the next question here of why I
came to World Profit.

Kim, what was the reason for your initial interest in becoming a Member at World Profit?

As for why I came to World Profit, I was looking for a way to market online so I could develop an online health
coaching business along the side of my offline business. I have a great passion to help people find ways to feel
better. When I found World Profit, I was exploring how to market online as I really did not have a clue. What I
have found here not only gave me direction to know how to market my business, but the pleasant surprise of being
a part of World Profit is the absolutely outstanding “online family” that I have found and come to care so much
The best people who really care about others and their ability to succeed are right here at World Profit!

Kim, do you have any words of advice for someone looking for an online business or considering joining
World Profit?

My advice to anyone who wants to earn money online is to drop everything they are doing and pay attention to
what World Profit has to offer
. There is not a need to go anywhere else to learn how to market whatever you need
to market on the internet. If you want to sell a beachfront sandbox on the North Pole on the internet, I seriously
believe George Kosch and Sandi Hunter can tell you how! They are the brightest when it comes to how to earn a
living in the highly competitive online arena and without their years of expertise and help, one could not do it alone!

Kim, what are some of the tools and resources in your World Profit Membership that you find most helpful in growing
your own online business?

I love the massive tons of great traffic sources that are all in one place with World Profit! Having so many places to
advertise all in one place and managed in one place is such a huge time saver! And having the tools to develop a
list of prospects and the tools to sell to them all in one place, well that is priceless! The support for recent
beginners as myself has been impeccable!

Kim, on a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being a POOR Rating and 10 being an OUTSTANDING Rating, what rating would
you give World Profit based on your experiences?

Can I choose an 11?
You guys are over and above a 10. Nobody else can compare!

Kim, anything else you would like to share with others about your experiences with World Profit ?

If there is anyone who is thinking about becoming a part of World Profit and has not yet, they certainly owe it to
themselves to become a part. I truly can’t say enough about the integrity of the company, the great products
included in the program which are an absolute bargain, and most of all the people who stand behind it all….thanks
to George and Sandi for making my life so much better! What you are teaching me will transcend far beyond and I
hope make the world better for it!

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