Customer Review of Worldprofit

THANK YOU to Bil Darton for taking the time to send in his kind comments and review of Worldprofit – so very much appreciated!
Bill is one of our Monitors, and he has some keen insight for others thinking about joining our Monitor Team.

"As soon as I registered at Worldprofit I was greeted by the live monitor on duty and I immediately knew I was a part of something special. Without really knowing it at the time, I was not going to be satisfied to just be "in" another program. Rather, I was looking for something that I could be "involved" with.

Even though it didn’t happen for a few months, I knew right away that I wanted to become a live monitor. The idea that I could step up as a leader, reach out to help other people and force myself to grow both personally and professionally was simultaneously exciting and frightening.

Becoming a live monitor does have it’s rewards – the cash bonuses and the added referrals – but the greatest benefits to me are the confidence I have gained by forcing myself to learn the business and the sense of belonging that I get from being an ‘active’ part of the community.

Even if the thought of being a live monitor seems a little scary, I challenge you to wiggle out of your comfort zone (just as I did) and give it a try. Sometimes you really don’t know what you are capable of until you step-up and give it a try.

Finally, thank you Worldprofit for making a system that we can be proud to introduce to the Internet Marketing and Home Business marketplace."

Bill Darton, St, Catherines, Ontario, Canada