Product Review: Mass Article Control. How to get Hoards of FREE Targetted Traffic

Ok, it takes a lot to get us excited, but we can’t stop raving about Mass Article Control (traffic generation software). It makes generating traffic easy, the traffic generated is free, and powerful for moving your site up the ranks at Google and other search engines thanks to the backlinking and unique content. Anyone who has used articles as a way to generate traffic knows it works but it is hugely time consuming to the point where hiring someone is the easiset way to do it. Now thanks to this software, Mass Article Control, you can do this yourself, easily and in minutes not hours and hours. We bought it, use it love it, and you can see from the testimonials that other marketers use it and are thrilled with the results too.

Read on to see what we liked about Mass Article Control, how you benefit, and how to get your hands on it before they stop production.



–> Enables you to get HOARDS of FREE targeted traffic!

–> Create up to and OVER 1000 articles from just *one* main seed article in UNDER 30 seconds

–> Huge in-built synonym database for ultra quickinsertion and replacement processing

–> Create and use market specific keywords and saveto niche specific categories for smart mass article creation which gets better with every use

–> Get published on hundreds of directories

–> Generate thousands of backlinks!

–> Dummy proof – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Training videos included.

–> You get Free lifetime updates


–> Automatically submits your article to 10 article directories at once!

–> Takes just 30 – 40 seconds to submit to all 10article directories

–> Submits your article with precision – no errors or funny looking formatting

–> Easy instruction video on how to use it

–> You get Free lifetime updates

Here is what one user has to say and we will be adding our testimonial shortly too.

Testimonial from 5 times #1 Clickbank Bestseller: SAJ

“I have personally seen the power of article marketing through some of my insider team members who use them tosend masses of free traffic to their sites and affiliate pages to make a killing while others dog it out on the ruthless PPC platforms. Usually you need a few good writers and need to pay them well for them to churn out quality articles regularly that you can actually use, and this takes a long time. What I have seen here just blew me away.
1000 fresh new articles created from just one seed article in under 30 seconds from a click of a single button! And then you can submit them all instantly all throughout the net! Man this is insane. I will be grabbing a copy of this myself to start dominating my niches and sending hoards for free targeted traffic to make even more cash. You should be charging a lot more for something of this calibre guys, take my advice and up your price.”

–Saj P, Affiliate Funnel System

Testimonial from: Alex Capuria (2 months on and I’m getting around 450 visitors to my site PER DAY!*)

“Just wanted to touch base and let you guys know that I’ve been using Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter for 2 months now and I’m currently averaging around 450 people who come to my brand new site every single day! Let there be no doubt about this, these software applications work 100%. I used to hire a team of two people for around $875 permonth from the Philippines to do the exact same job that I now do myself (thanks to the Mass Article Control package) in just 1-2 hour every month. Whether the people out there are serious article marketers or just want floods of traffic, they need these tools.”
–Alex Capuria, Easy Golfing Tips

If you want *FREE TRAFFIC* and don’t want to work your buttoff getting it, then grab their Mass Article Control, Dual-Software package NOW! Push button easy and we mean it.

To purchase Mass Article Control go to:


How We Made $1000 in ClickBank in the first 4 Weeks! How we did it in step-by-step detail and how you can too!

How We Made $1000 from ClickBank in first 4 weeks! Follow our easy steps and YOU can too!

We didn’t believe it ourselves ! We have known about ClickBank but never took a really good look at it. Then we spent some time and realized the potential of being able to promote over 10,000+ Digital Products – good products too! – that work – AND people want! We thought of our Worldprofit Members. We thought WOW in addition to being able to promote Worldprofit services we can tap them into a HUGE INVENTORY of great cool things to sell!

Since 1994 our goal at Worldprofit has been to: help our Members make as much money online as we can with solid products, in demand products, and legitimate reputable programs and services.

With the economy as it is, these ClickBank products are low ticket products that people can afford, and YOU can sell a lot of them to make consistent income.

Don’t think this ClickBank money is chump change either, selling these products online every day, can add up mighty quick! We tracked our results and have made a video to show you EXACTLY what we did and how much we made in 4 weeks!

Watch the video yourself to see how we made $1,000 in 4 weeks and YOU can too!

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Now in our 16th year of business helping people profit online.

Product Review: CopyNProfit: Proven Ad Strategies that Deliver $350+ Per Day that you can COPY!

Here’s a dirty little secret that I don’t think many “wealth” gurus want you to uncover ….

You see … people go to all these books, seminars (real estate, you name it!), etc

They go there and learn a ton about how to create killer revenue streams and say to themselves

“Wow, what a great idea…. I better try that”.
Then they go back to their lives….and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

That’s about 90% of people who never take action on what they learn.

Now, what about the 10% who (I suspect like yourself) who do take action?

Here’s the 2nd harsh reality … what’s taught to you is NEVER the bird’s eye view of how they do it.

They tell you to “learn”.

They give you bits and pieces to stumble over…. and it’s all kind of misleading unless you’re willing to endure all the time and effort.

I saw something very different recently…. arguably REVOLUTIONARY.

Check this out right now. (you will regret not seeing it)

—> <---- The guys behind this are showing their EXACT recipe (entire bird’s eye view) of what to copy and bring in $350/day streams over and over. It just does not get any easier than this. You literally COPY what they show and see if the operation makes profit … and it will. You have to actually TRY to mess this one up! They understand your struggle (they went through this themselves) … copying is easier and faster than learning and here, it works a hell of a lot better!To tell you the truth, for creating automated revenue, I wish I had this to copy when I first started affiliate marketing. So go in and COPY it now. You will be pleasantly surprised. P.S. After you copy a few of their recipes, start multiplying it until you hit your target goal … $1,500/day? $3,900/day? Then set it on auto-pilot. It literally is a no-brainer since you arecopying. You can get this product here – we tried it – we loved it – we think you will too.

Worldprofit Review Team

Posting Articles – POWERFUL way to get Backlinks and Increase Search Engine Ranking

Writing articles and submitting them to online directories is a very powerful way to increase your search engine indexing. The reason is that Search Engines LOVE new content and back links give you a ranking advantage.

When you publish articles be sure to include a Resource Box with your author information, contact details and here is the most important part – include LINKS to your websites. The key is that the content be unique and include links. Search engines determine the popularity of a site based on links to it. The more legitimate links you have to your website on a variety of websites the better it is for the ranking of your site in search engines.

For the little business guy or gal this is free advertising strategy that is worth the time and effort.

You can submit the articles yourself, or to save time, we recommend this product as an easy way to submit your articles, it’s called “Article Submitter”. We bought Article Submitter and we like it.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get Article Submitter free in your member area under the Resellers Club.

Non-members can get Article Submitter from Worldprofit at a significantly reduced rate using the link below.

Article Submitter: Automatically submit your articles to the article directory sites

Conclusion of Product Review: Article Submitter

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Forum Poster Pro: Product Review

I’m sure you are no stranger to surfing forums and how they can be used to help you build credibility.

By posting helpful information regularly on highly trafficked forums in your niche is indeed one of the best ways to be quickly recognized as a regular info contributor and expert in the niche.

But have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of forums in your industry and wished you could have an easy way of managing your posts in the various forums? You know it takes time, a lot of time, that most of us don’t have but you know how important constant marketing is for your site.

I’m sure all forum marketers face this consistent problem as sometimes, it can be difficult to keep track of all the forums that you regularly visit. Also, having to make multiple posts and multiple posts can get EXTREMELY tedious.

Now if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to organize your forum postings and login details, look no further as we have GOOD NEWS for you!

We’ve found a powerful piece of software which allows you manage your forum marketing efforts with just a few clicks of the mouse – Forum Poster Pro.

Forum Poster Pro offers the easiest and fastest way to customize forum posts and messages and helps you to organize them easily. You can keep a list of forums that are related to your niche as well as save your forum login details.

All these will free up a HUGE chunk of your time and enable you to be recognized as an expert in your field in the quickest time possible!

We bought Forum Poster Pro and we love it! It’s a huge time saver, and it will yield results for your efforts .

Overal Product Review: 8 / 10

To purchase Forum Poster Pro, click on this link

Worldprofit gives Microsoft’s Bing 2 Thumbs Up!

Microsoft has released their new Search Engine it’s called Bing at

Previously the search engine was called “Live Search”. Worldprofit recently reviewed Bing and overall the results were positive. Specifically, we liked the accuracy and organization of the search returns. Bing features a number of specialized search engines which provides more true and specific returns. Bing offers category searches, and sub categories that users will find useful.

We also think users will like the image scrolling options, the shopping search, local search, travel search and health search for specialized searches. It’s too soon to see how Bing will stand up against Google, but for now Worldprofit gives two thumbs up to Bing.

Check Microsoft’s Search Engine “Bing” out at

Worldprofit Review Team

Pay Per Click for Beginners

We purchased and tested the 6 part video series called “Quality Pay Per Click for Beginners” and here is our review.

Pay Per Click is an important part of any online marketing strategy but most people shy away because they don’t understand what it is or how to do it, they think it’s too expensive, they tried it with little success and thought it a waste of money, or didn’t take the time to learn how to effectively use Pay Per Click.

In this video series called “Quality Pay Per Click for Beginners” the author does an excellent job of explaining what Pay Per Click is, how to focus on getting clicks that convert, how to select the right key words in AdWords, how to use Landing pages, and even show you an example in their video tutorial. They walk you through what you need to know, and help you see exactly how to build an effective AdWords account in Google.

The power of this product is that it is in video format so it is easy to follow, very concise, and helpful in teaching new and seasoned marketers how to get instant traffic with an effective Pay Per Click Campaign. Once purchased you can download it immediately so you aren’t waiting on the mail so you can get started right away to get your instant traffic via Pay Per Click.

This product is of extremely good value, I’ve seen it priced at $67 and up but we have a copy you can access, priced at just $27.

You can learn more about “Quality Pay Per Click (PPC) for Beginners” and to order it you can do so here.


Cost Per Action: Product Review

Something that some of you may never have heard of is called “Cost Per Action”, CPA for short.
Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement.

Direct response advertisers consider CPA the optimal way to buy online advertising, as an advertiser only pays for the ad when the desired action has occurred. An action can be a product being purchased, a form being filled, etc. (The desired action to be performed is determined by the advertiser.)

-Google runs a CPA program called DoubleClick
-Ebay offers CPA Advertising within its AdContext system and there are many other companies who are using CPA and more and more companies are getting involved.

So you are instantly skeptical because you are web savvy right? You have a right to be skeptical, but CPA is a legitimate source of income and has been in existence for years. When Google climbed on board that sealed the deal for other companies to be interested and start integrating their own CPA’s.

In a nutshell, advertisers want people to not only see their ads, they want people to take ACTION and fill in a form, complete a survey, sign up for trial software, subscribe to a newsletter and son on. By funneling people into these CPA systems through the tools and advertising services available online you can earn extra income.

Curious to learn more? We’ve reviewed a new product that explains CPA and how you can make money with this advertising system used by many major companies. The product is called “CPA OVERDRIVE: The Insider Trade Secrets to Making A Fortune with CPA Opportunities”.

Worldprofit Product Summary: We liked “CPA OVERDRIVE”. We found it to be a little too much hype in the sales copy but in the actual product itself the information is thorough, well organized, easy to follow and very directive in how to make money with CPA programs. Part of the appeal of the product is that yes you can research CPA on your own, but this product has all the precise info you need to know to start making money with CPA, saves you time, gets your started with some shortcuts and you are on your way.

Priced at $7.00 you can’t go wrong downloading this product.

To Order CPA OVERDRIVE click here.

We also found another CPA product similar in scope, and also good value priced at $7.00.
This one is called “CPA CASH: Make Cash online with CPA MARKETING”

To order CPA CASH click here.

End of Worldprofit Product Review on CPA OVERDRIVE and CPA Cash


Email Writing Secrets: Product Review

Product: Email Writing Secrets

“Email Writing Secrets” is a downloadable guide to writing effective emails that will generate a response.

What we liked about this product:

-Well organized, well written, straight forward, no fluff
-builds on time honoured and proven marketing techniques in the print world and adapts to email use
-Provides the basics of what needs to be included in email marketing to get results everything from the best subject lines to use, how to talk to the reader, offers that work, offers that don’t work, the best words to use, the best formatting to use, the kind of content that gets readers to take action.
-includes website addresses of some popular tools for email marketing
-techniques suggested are applicable for marketing any type of product or service
-emphasis of Email Writing Secrets is to help you get better results from your email marketing with concrete, easy to follow and implement strategies.

Product Summary: At $17 we find “Email Writing Secrets” to be excellent value. Very helpful tool for anyone new to marketing online, and a good refresher of the basic marketing principles for those who’ve been around a while.

If you would like to order Email Writing Secrets click here.

This concludes the Worldprofit Product Review of “Email Writing Secrets”

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