Tweet Virus: Product Review

“Tweet Virus” is a guide to using Twitter and a step-by-step guide to getting 1200 Followers in 10 days.

I will admit, until about 6 months ago I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about Twitter. It seemed like a huge waste of time to me, and something that people under 20 did who were bored and had too much time on their hands. I’ve since changed my opinion. I think Twitter has evolved into a useful business application for promoting products, services, branding and stayin in contact with customers and prospects.

We bought and downloaded the “Tweet Virus product and put it to the test.

Here’s what we liked about Tweet Virus:

-Extremely easy to read and to follow.

-Very informative and explanatory to someone who has no idea what Twitter is or how to use it.

-Goes from basics to the meat of the matter, the “Virus” code that the author recommends. No it’s not a malicious virus, it’s completely legit and quite clever – used for increasing the number of followers you have. The idea being the more followers you have on Twitter, the more popular you appear to be and the more people you have to communicate with (or market to 😉

-The Tweet Virus the author recommends did not produce 1200 followers for us in 10 days but we did increase our followers by about 800 – we were happy with that – and continue to use the author’s suggestions and this number is still growing afer 2 weeks.

-Twitter is a good way to get free instant traffic to your site, or to a product or service you are promoting. Build your followers, increase your marketing reach, increase your sales. Twitter does have a role to play for online marketers and with Google interested in a possible purchase you can be sure Twitter WILL be in the marketers tool kit for years to come.

Product Summary: At $27 we find Tweet Virus to be good value for the money, we found it useful, liked the product and the suggestions. Recommended for newbies to Twitter and people interested in having a free marketing tool.

If you would like to order Tweet Virus click here.

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Mastering Roboform: Product Review

A Video Tutorial Guide called “Mastering Roboform” was released this month. Roboform is a handy software tool for managing passwords, filling out forms and essentially organizing your online life. For those not familiar with Roboform it is a brilliant software program that allows you to easily save passwords, save data for forms, set passwords for multiple account sign ins and set security on your passwords too. This product review is not about Roboform itself – that program ROCKS – this review is about a new step-by-step guide that was released called “Mastering Roboform.” The guide includes video tutorials to help you make the most of Roboform. We’ve been using RoboForm for years – love it- we also liked this video guide to show others how to use Roboform effectively.

Important Note: You will want to get both Roboform and “Mastering Roboform” if you:

-complete online surveys or contests
-you have Member accounts at Social Networking Sites, Blogs, Or Member sites
-you work a home based business and engage in alot of online promotion.
-you use safelists and traffic exchanges
-want to save time – a huge amount of time
-save your sanity be remembering your passwords but have peace of mind with the security

Advantages offered by “Mastering Roboform:”

-The video tutorials are a nice touch and effective learning tool to get the knowledge you need to utilize all the applications available with RoboForm – and there are a lot!

-Once you have completed the tutorials I do think you increase your knowledge base and mastered the many applications available with RoboForm.

-Easy to use! You learn how to get the most out of RoboForm to easily fill in forms with just a click of your mouse – yes it really is that easy.

-Learn the simplest way to fill in forms over and over again, all with just a click of a mouse

-You learn shortcuts to create and store countless passwords and URLS (website addresses) so never lose track of a useful site again – this is enormously helpful.

-Learn how to save huge amounts of time submitting information to web surveys, article directories and online classified websites

Product Review Summary: At $27. “Mastering Robform” is good value so you can get the most out of using Roboform. Scores 3 out of 5.

Order Mastering Roboform here.

Order Roboform at

This completes the Worldprofit Product Review of “Mastering Roboform”


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