How To Send Emails, Create Documents, Surf the web and more by simply SPEAKING!

We hear from a lot of customers who don’t like all the typing involved with running an online business. Many people starting to work from home are at an age where typing is not easy or familiar.

If you fall into this category you might want to look at “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10”.

This is a very good program (much improved over earlier versions) and it allows you to send emails and instant messages, surf the web, create sales letters, and more – by simply speaking.

Years ago, we had tried the earlier versions and frankly they had a lot of problems and a lot of errors. The new version however, although not perfect, is excellent. We like it and recommend it for anyone who is not a fast typer, or does not want to type or just wants to save time. I expect that this program would be very helpful for people with disabilities as well who want to work from home, take online classes etc.

Easy to use, and not involved to learn how to use it.We really like “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10”. We have used it for Support, Letters, Surfing, MSN etc.

Here is the company’s website:

Product Review Summary: 9/10

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