Another incredible testimonial from one of our most incredible members Wallace Johnson

My name is Wallace A. Johnson BSBA, MBA, And Worldprofit MCEC. I have been a Platinum Dealer with Worldprofit for almost 20 years, and have been active on the Internet for many years over that. I was one of the early Monitors on duty when the Live Business Center first started and was responsible for training many monitors who are currently still with the program. My health problems (Cancer) and my age, (I am now 98), forced me to give up my participating as an active Monitor, and for that reason, you don’t see me around much, but I can assure you that I know what is out there on the Internet and the many ways to be successful on the Internet.

The beautiful part of being a Silver or Platinum Dealer with worldprofit is to point out that Worldprofit itself with tell you that although the programs available for a residual income stream are many and George Kosch and Sandi Hunter are constantly improving and adding their availability on Worldprofit, that the main thrust is to utilize the many programs that are lucrative on the Internet and Integrate them into the many programs in Worldprofit sector to improve your income stream. George has through the years grabbed every idea that works on the Internet and adapted many program into the lexicon that is now Worldprofit to the point that it is almost at a stand alone program. There is nothing on the Internet that I know of that doesn’t have a comparable program on Worldprofit. If there is something out there that works, there is a replicate of it on Worldprofit. After 29 years of doing business on the Internet, there is NO other program out there that can beat Worldprofit.

As I said, I am now 98 in my Autumn years and the days are rapidly going by me. My time left to me to enjoy is short, and I know it, but when I first got on the Intenet I had a vision and pursued it. A little history might help, so bare with me.

I was reared in Havana, Cuba where my father was a superintendent at the Standard Oil Refinery. A revolution on the island of Cuba forced my father to return to the states, so I grew up during the 30’s depressio years and witnessed all the things that lead up to WWII. My memories of those years only remind me that we are repeating history, so I am worried about our future as a democratic republic.

Like many of us did, I lied about my age and joined the USN before WWII started. I survived the war and retired from the Navy as a Chief Electronics Technician. I utilized my GI bill of rights and ended up with a Masters Degree in Business as well a a Certified Flight Instructor and Commercual Pilot Rating with the FAA. I was hired by North American Aviation to fly for the Strategic Air Command flying in B52’s until we won the contract for the Apollo Program to put a man on the moon. That effort working for the NASA as a Test Pilot culminated in our successful landing on the moon. I then retired from the Aerospace Indusry and started concentrating on the world of the Internet.

I joined Worldprofit as a Dealer and have been with Worldprofit almost 20 years now. I have been involved in many program over the years and can say that nothing beats what Worldprofit has to offer. Follow the training syllabus and instruction from George Kosch and you won’t go wrong.

It is my desire that Spaceship DEWAJ (A Daring Enterprise With A Journey) remain in orbit with Worldprifit lonag after I am gone. In that light, I ask that you join me a my Co-Pilot and keep my dream alive as well as insure your success on the Internet with a Silver or Platinum Membership as a dealer with Worldprofit. It’s the way to go.

Wallace Johnson MCEC