Worldprofit kicks off 2014 with release of Advanced Graphics Suite for Platinum VIP Members

Are you graphic design challenged?  Is it costing you sales and money spent on designers? 

Read this and realize that creating your own professional graphics for all your promotional materials is no longer a problem for online marketers! This is due to new browser-based software that requires NO technical or graphic design experience!  

Worldprofit’s Advanced Graphics Software suite is ultra-easy to use and allows you to quickly create Image Covers for your Facebook Profiles, groups etc. Plus you can create beautiful banners, headers, video overlays, graphics for your YouTube Channels, and for Google hangouts.  If you were to purchase this software on your own you would pay $197 per program – per year!  We’ve bought this software and the rights to include ALL 3 programs at no extra cost exclusively to our Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members.  That’s $600 of value – meaning the value of your Platinum VIP Membership just went UP by $600 and you don’t pay a dime extra.

Worldprofit Associate Members and Silver Members have the option of purchasing the software at exclusive Member only pricing.

Video Overview of Worldprofit’s Advanced Graphics Suite Software


George Kosch has created an easy to use splash page builder that can be used to generate leads in any Safelist or Traffic Exchange for ANY program you are involved in.  During our testing phase we were blown away at how easy this is to use! Using our Worldprofit image creation software, you  need only your browser to build professional quality splash pages. The Splash Page Builder is free for All Silver and Platinum VIP members. Enjoy!

Watch the video below to see how you can easily create eye-popping splash pages without any special graphics design experience or expensive difficult-to-learn software.

Video Overview of Worldprofit’s Splash Page Builder

George Kosch will be providing LIVE demonstrations of this new software during the January 3rd, 2014 Home Business Bootcamp Training. Bring your questions, and a pen and paper. The Home Business Bootcamp is included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership so we hope to see you there.


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Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Nov 22, 2013. Presented by Worldprofit Inc.

Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch started the training with an overview of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.

The focus of today’s training was on leads and list building,  two critical MUSTS for building a successful online business.  

On that theme, George provided a demonstration of Worldprofit’s new Landing Page Builder.  Since the announcement last week about this service, new landing page templates have been added to the gallery.  Members have the option of selecting from several beautiful backgrounds, adding your own video, audio, or just creating a standard page.

All Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members get Worldprofit’s landing page builder at no extra cost.  The retail value is $297.  This software is exactly what you need to EASILY build your own custom, unique landing pages for ANY and ALL your business opportunities.

Now, you don’t need to hire anyone to build your landing pages, you don’t have to struggle with learning complex software to build your own haphazard pages. With Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder you can easily create beautiful attention grabbing, lead generating landing pages in MINUTES! No special technical expertise is required, or ability to create graphics. Opt-ins for building your own internal or external lists are also integrated for you. We will be adding more Design Options to the Gallery in coming weeks.
Members can access the Landing Page Builder within your Member area, from left menu under MONEY MAKERS select LANDING PAGE BUILDER.

Discussion Topics

1. List Building basics and necessities for long term growth of your business
2. Offer Building – why you MUST make offers to see higher sales
3. Reality Check – you can’t build a house in a few days, why should you be able to build an online business in a few days?  You must have the resources, the tools, time required and determination. 

What’s coming…

Worldprofit’s Reminder System and Task Manager.  George demonstrated the new Reminder System that will be released shortly. You can use this service to email reminders to yourself of important dates like doing your promotion schedule, follow up with prospects, or any other scheduling you need to do.  In addition the system will offer Task Lists so you can stay on track.  Tasks that you enter will be emailed to you on your Daily Prospect Manager Report. 

Question and Answer Session. George answered questions from participants.

Comments from participants

Pam:  I am amazed at what is in Worldprofit
howie: this will attract many people to your list
Marc: It’s only $3.33 per day to be a Silver Member!
howie: so much value Christmas started early
Peter: Once again something you will not find anywhere else
Kevin: Thanks George…Awesome…
Paul: This is as good as it gets.   Well, until the next big thing.
Randy: Have a great day George and thanks for the knowledge



The recording of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training will be posted to the training section of the Worldprofit Member area within 24 hours.

Remember! If you need help with any of the content presented, simply submit a Support Ticket and our Help Team is happy to assist you.  You can locate the Support Request Form, within your Member area on the TOP menu click on the SUPPORT link.

Thank you to all who attended Worldprofit’s bootcamp training today, your enthusiasm about these services is much appreciated and we enjoy seeing you benefit from these resources.

Next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training is Friday November 29th, 2013.


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Now you can offer $10,000 in FREE Ad packages! This incredible tool has one purposes – helping you makes sales – in ANY program.

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder software has been officially released.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members, you get this software at NO COST. Value is $297.

Here’s how to get it right now:

1. In your Worldprofit Member area on the LEFT MENU locate the MONEY MAKERS section,  click on LANDING PAGE BUILDER.
2. Follow the instructions posted there to start creating your own beautiful, LEAD GENERATING landing pages.

There is nothing else out there that has the capability, customization and UNLIMITED use like this Worldprofit developed software developed by our own George Kosch.

With this software you can create unlimited BEAUTIFUL landing pages (for ANY business) – within minutes!

Really. In MINUTES! No exaggeration.

Super-easy for EVERYONE to use.

No technical or graphics expertise required.

You get to pick the template from a Gallery, add in your own headlines etc. Press SAVE.

Why is this so valuable to you?

Landing pages generate LEADS. Leads build your list.  Leads and lists generate SALES! 

What are we charging Silver and Platinum VIP members for this new software?


Worldprofit Members get this software exclusively at NO extra cost. The value is $297.
It’s INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP membership. Better yet, we built it so we support it

We are INCREASING the value of your Membership once again, and we haven’t raised your membership fees! We want you to be so happy with your Worldprofit membership you can’t even think about life online without it.

See the Landing Page video overview by George Kosch here

Revealing Mistakes made by new Worldprofit Members that doom your online business success.

Every day we have the pleasure of welcoming new Members to Worldprofit’s earn at home training program.  People arrive with different levels of skills  and experience but all share the common goal of wanting to know how to earn money online.

In nearly 20 years of business, we have answered THOUSANDS of Support tickets from our Members.  We watch some people succeed while others do not.  Some get this business right away, others take longer. We feel our job in this training is to get you on the right path early and keep you there.  We want you to be Members for life, not for 30 days.  Our goal is to help you make money online and guide you to the tasks that will put you on the road to profit. 

These are the most common mistakes new members make that contribute to their lack of success.

You may want to print this information. It’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus, hopefully having this information at your finger tips will put you on the path to being one of our Top Sellers.

Common Mistakes made by New Members

1. Never starting the online training levels and never attending a LIVE Bootcamp Training Session.
We have 8 basic lessons to get you on track and 75+ more with advanced learning topics. The focus of each and every one of these lessons is to help YOU learn what to do to make money online.  To add to your learning opportunities, each week George Kosch provides LIVE training for nearly two hours. This live training allows you to ask questions, watch on screen as George shows the exact steps you need to generate leads, build traffic and make money.  We record this training so it can be watched when convenient for our Members, or re-watched for review purposes.    The Top Sellers in Worldprofit attend the training, if YOU want to be a top seller you must attend the training – then DO what it taught.

-To see the Summary of ALL the lessons in the Bootcamp Training, on left menu select HOME BUSINESS BOOTCAMP then select BOOTCAMP LEVEL SUMMARY.
-To know the date and time of the next LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training, check the MESSAGE BOARD when you login, you will see this at the top of the page.

2. Fiddling with their site to make it "prettier and perfect". 
All Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a website included in the Membership. The site we provide is designed specifically to generate leads and is fine just as it is.  Yes, you do have the ability to change it, add code, affiliate programs, etc but don’t spend a huge amount of time on this.  You came into our program to make money. Please understand that it’s the TOOLS,  RESOURCES and ADVERTISING included in your Member area that is going to generate your traffic and your earnings.  For those of you who are taking the TRAINING mentioned in Mistake # 1 you should now  understand this.    When you first join Worldprofit, leave your site as it is for now. Make some money using the resources we offer and when you are a more experienced marketer THEN start modifying your site.

3. Promoting your website and NOT the Landing Pages.
If you have been following the training you would understand why you should NOT be promoting your website and SHOULD BE promoting the Landing Pages. You would know how to find the Landing Pages and you would know where to promote them.  If this is a surprise to you do this. Landing pages both generate leads AND build your email marketing list.
In your Member area, on the top menu, select TRAINING, then  watch the very first video posted there. It says: "BOOTCAMP MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS."  Landing Pages have ONE purpose: to get you Associates and build your mailing list.  George explains this along with where to promote these Landing Pages so you get Associate sign ups and this leads to sales!

4. Not understanding how the Worldprofit System works.
OK, I know I sound like a broken record here, but this is so very important.  If you have been doing the Bootcamp Training Lessons you should understand how our system works. Here’s a summary in it’s most basic form.

As a Member, you use the tools and resources we provide to sign up free Associate Members into the Worldprofit Program.  When those Associates login they are greeted by our Monitors. The Monitors assist the Associates to watch a video overview of our program, then make them an offer to encourage them to upgrade from a free Associate Membership to a paid Silver Membership. If YOU referred that Associate and they upgrade YOU get the commission.    Are you starting to see how important YOUR promotion efforts are, and how very important the Monitors are to you?  DRIVE traffic – and let the system work for you.  Of course our system offers you much more than this including list building and other sources of income but this is the basic process that you need to understand when you are first getting started.

5. Not doing the Promotion.
So you have watched the Basic Training video right?  You have attended or watched a recording of George Kosch’s bootcamp training.  What does George say over and over and over again?  You MUST promote consistently to see results.   We provide you with the tools to promote, the places to promote and a way to track your promotion.  To see results you MUST promote consistently to trusted sites.  In your Member area under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section on the left menu you will find the Landing Pages, the Safelists, The Exchanges, and the Ad Tracker. We have lessons on each of these topics as well to assist with your understanding.   For people new to doing business online you are sometimes amazed at how much promotion you must do to get results. This is a reality of ANY business, you must constantly promote to reputable places to get traffic and see sales.  The good news is that you are not on your own. We provide you with a list of recommended places, advertising aids, and stats trackers to monitor your results. The rest is up to you, it’s your job to do the promotion, every day if possible.  Your sales success is 100% dependent on your promotional efforts.

6. Not asking for help when you need it.
I shake my head in disbelief  when a new Member says after a week in our program, "I want to quit, I am not getting any help." Worldprofit’s Support Team is here to help YOU, 7 days a week, 365 Days a Year.  We have a 24 hour Member access filled with videos, screen captures and step-by-step instructions. We have a LIVE weekly training session every week free to all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.  We have a 24 hour Monitor Network, real people ready ALL the time to help close your sales.  Sandi Hunter, George Kosch, Dr. Jeffrey Lant work alongside you every day to help you build your business.  Take responsibility for yourself. If you need help, submit a Support Form. We want to help you succeed and are happy to provide assistance.  Your Membership includes all kinds of support and training 365 days a year, so take advantage of this.

* * * * * * *

If you are reading this and not a member yet of Worldprofit, get a free Associate Membership at

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The WORST Landing Page Design Mistakes. Know them and avoid them!

By Sandi Hunter

A landing pages is a powerful way to generate leads for a product, service or company. Landing pages are a far more effective way of getting leads than promoting your website.

To get those leads your Landing page must adhere to these sure-fire rules of marketing. Here’s what you need to know to get the maximum results from your landing pages.

Most Common Mistakes

1. Boring headline.

Your headline must POP off the page with motivating words that will get the viewer’s attention. You want to get their attention then draw them in to keep them reading. Headlines should be bold, easy to read, colorful and make an IMMEDIATE eye-grabbing impact.

2. Too fancy.

Fire your designer if they rely heavily on graphics and flash. Even video is sometimes not appropriate. You do not need your landing page to match your website. Landing pages do not need to be animated, blinking, jumping or annoying. Simple is best. Your Landing page has one purpose, and one purpose only – to generate a lead. It should be colorful, eye catching and use compelling rich copy.

3. No focus.

Effective landing pages are focused. Focused on purpose (lead generation) and focused on telling the reader exactly what they get and why they need to act now. Don’t include any reason for distraction on your landing page. Make your marketing message ultra-clear.

4. No Offer.

If you want to generate a lead you MUST include an offer. People don’t give away there contact information unless you give them VERY good reasons to do so. Make your pitch, and make it a great one – something for free, include a bonus, an incentive – something of value.

5. Forgetting about who the Landing Page is for!

Your Landing Page is for your Viewers. Yes, it’s to market your company or product, but the page itself is about the viewer, Yes, your potential customer don’t forget this. View your Landing pages from THEIR eyes. Is is obvious what you are offering? Is your offer enticing? Is your page focused or it is annoying to the point of distraction. Respect the experience and impression of your viewers. Make sure the page is not too long, the fonts are appropriate, the graphics not overdone and your optin form is quick and easy to complete.

To conclude, here is an Easy 1-2-3 Formula for creating effective Landing Pages.

1. Start with a powerful benefit-laden attention-grabbing headline.

2. Follow with compelling copy that motivates ACTION. Here is what you get, here is why you need it, here is how to get it RIGHT NOW!

3. Optin Form. Conclude with an easy to complete, simple form requesting contact details, being sure to list the bonuses/offer included. If you can add a value to these bonuses it makes your offer even more appealing.

Final words: Everything on your landing page should focus and complement these three things; simple theme-related graphics, well-written punchy copy, an irresistible offer, and an opt-in form. Your goal on a Landing page is get the lead!

About the Author:

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., a company specializing in resources and training for home and small business. More business building strategies are at