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Now YOU can Tap into trends and target your market with Google’s Real Time Keyword Tool. It’s easy and free!


Ok, you have got to see this!

This is powerful and allows you to harness the power of Google AND Twitter to target your market.
SEO companies charge gobs of money for this kind of secret marketing strategy, Worldprofit Members get it FREE! Thanks George Kosch!

1. Pick your key words and narrow to 2 words.
Example: Online Jobs

2. Login to your Twitter account
Post a Tweet starting with your two key words and ending with your website address.
Online Jobs: 10,000 Proven Ways to make money online! Your Address here.

3. Now, go to type in your key words.
Example: Online Jobs

4. Now, from left menu on Google, click on “MORE” then click on REALTIME
What you will see generated will be everyone posting with these keywords. This is like seeing a MONEY BOARD!
Google is filtering in real time the posts related to those key words.
This is YOUR target market! These are people talking about what you are interested in, or selling.
This is BRAND NEW! This is MIND-BLOWING! Get started now before everyone else taps into this little known secret.
Real time graphs show you the hottest topics, the current trends broken into time frames for analysis.

1) This clearly shows you why you MUST join Social Networking sites like Twitter.
With this new real time social search offered by Google, you can now target your market, and promote your landing pages, offers, discounts, coupons, and products and services at NO COST!
2) Google is filtering the mass of tweets for you so you can target your market. You can then advertise to these people directly at no cost.
3) If you are targeting specific niches this is a gold mine! Refine your search terms, narrow them down to exactly what you are selling so you target exactly who you want to see your message.
4) This strategy solves a lot of the problem with people not getting your email marketing messages. Thanks Google!
5) For a long time marketers understood the value of marketing via Twitter, the problem was filtering and targeting of the messages. Problem now solved. Thanks Google!
6) SEO companies charge gobs of money for this kind of secret marketing strategy, you just got it FREE! Thanks George Kosch!
7) Not sure how to find the key words? Go to
This is a free tool. Find the key words you like, type them into Google for a search and follow instructions above. This site shows keywords from websites or just nice short phrases.
8) This strategy will help with your search engine ranking too.
9) Your Title Tag on your website ALSO shows on your posts too! Make sure it is a good short descriptive title tag.
10) Include a nice picture of yourself on your Twitter account to add credibility and your own brand everytime you post. Remember the WORLD is going to see your post!

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