George Kosch and Worldprofit release new INSTANT sharing site.

That George Kosch has been at it again!

He’s built a new site – a really cool site.


Got something you want to tell the world about?

Instantly you can……


Share any and ALL your business opportunities!

Share videos!

Share photos!

Share articles!

Generate leads!

Promote your newsletter!

Promote any and all your biz ops!

Whatever you post goes LIVE instantly as a feed on this site!

This is a brand spanking new site. We need your help to fill it up!

Be the first to promote and post your stuff!

Free to join. Add a quick profile,  then start posting!

Easy. Fun. Free.

Go now to see who has already tried this neat new service!  See what they posted – then do your own posts!

Promo-Bot is a Worldprofit service and is free for anyone to use anywhere.

To become a free Worldprofit Associate member and get access to more Worldprofit programs and services sign up at   

Join over one million people worldwide who already are at

Get $400 in free advertising and the option to earn INSTANT COMMISSIONS up to 100% at Free sign up.

Network with others involved in affiliate marketing at Worldprofit’s own social network site and when you sign up free you can expose your website address to our 1 million+ members. go to

Blast your website address to over 700,000 search engines, directories and more with our FREE 7 Day Trial of SEO Optimizer Pro at

Now you can offer $10,000 in FREE Ad packages! This incredible tool has one purposes – helping you makes sales – in ANY program.

Worldprofit offers free blog for all Members. Have you got yours yet?

Worldprofit has created a Social Media Profile site (BLOG)  for our Members that allows you to connect with others as well as promote and market ALL your online interests, affiliates etc.

Networking and connecting with others in various affiliate marketing and home business programs is a vital part of your online success.

In your free Worldprofit Social BLOG you can:

-Add your photo and personalize your social website address
-Post to your wall
-List and link all your social networks
-Promote and earn money using the site
-Create your own blog
-Post to your wall or your blog by category of topic
-Promote your social website address  

Worldprofit Social is easy to use and you have unlimited use to promote any and all your programs, products, services or affiliate programs.
And when you promote your address, you can sign up ASSOCIATES and you know how important that is in making SALES.

We have recorded a brief video to show you how easy this is to do, and why you should do this to increase your marketing, and your search engine optimization thus helping you to grow your business, your leads and your list. 

–> Here’s how to access the help video and quickly set up YOUR Worldprofit Social Media profile.

In your Member area, look on the TOP LEFT CORNER. There you will see your Name and Dealer ID. Click on the link that says WP SOCIAL. Once on that page you will see how to personalize your profile, post to your wall, add categories, promote your links, start your blog and start earning by promoting your social website.

* * * * * * * * * * *

If you are reading this and not a Worldprofit member, join over one million people worldwide who already are at

Network with others involved in affiliate marketing at Worldprofit’s own social network site and when you sign up free you can expose your website address to our 1 million+ members. go to
Blast your website address to over 700,000 search engines, directories and more with our FREE 7 Day Trial of SEO Optimizer Pro at

Now you can offer $10,000 in FREE Ad packages! This incredible tool has one purposes – helping you makes sales – in ANY program.

Customer Review on George Kosch, and Worldprofit’s earn at home training program

George Kosch was blushing this morning, after receiving some much appreciated praise dished up by Richard Moyer.

"My compliments to George.  I had made a suggestion to create an export of the Ad Tracker data so that I could do some analysis using Excel.   Within a very short time, George had implemented not only a CSV Export, but also an export to a Text file and Microsoft Word.

Once I got that data and looked at it in Excel with some quick pivot tables and statistical analysis (after all, I am the ExcelVBAWizard!),  THAT’s DATA!!!  THIS IS THE INFORMATION ONE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO ANALYZE THEIR ADVERTISING RESULTS!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you George.  

I state this publicly, in my blogs, in emails, in my ads for Worldprofit, that you, George are my HERO. I’m in awe of the amazing stuff you have put out there FOR MEMBERS TO USE, FREE OF CHARGE!  Worldprofit members have no idea about how valuable the things you have done for them are. 

The Worldprofit stuff is GREAT. You are right up there with the Microsoft Excel MVP’s in my book.

I’m a tool geek and have built lots of applications and tools myself.  Before I retired the first and second times, I had hundreds of solutions that I shared with my respective organizations that are tied up in NDA’s, so when I opened my consulting firm, I started with a clean slate.  The genesis was my first blog, which has evolved to the Netpreneur Blog, and has a whole section on Tips and Techniques, and Tutorials. Many of those articles were suggestions from my clients, or my own need to solve a particular problem.   Or sometimes, it’s just, "there has to be an easier way".

Many people do not realize the work that goes into creating this stuff. And not too many people stop to say THANKS. Well, George, I do on both counts. Thanks."

Rich Moyer

Rich Moyer is Managing Partner and Principal Consultant (retired) of Spaho Consulting, LLC who brings you Life Balance Network, Life Balance Lifestyle Network, and Netpreneur Network

THANK YOU Richard Moyer for your very kind words!

* * * * * * * * *

FRIDAY October 18th, 2013 at 8 AM CT is LIVE training day with Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch.

In this weekly training session, marketing expert and bootcamp instructor, George Kosch will be demonstrating what you need to do to earn online.
Attend and get a LIVE demonstration to see for yourself how you benefit from the resources included in your Membership.

Got questions? Bring them! Need a demonstration of ANY of our services, tools or resources ? Just ask! Bring a pen and LOTS of paper.

Learn from George Kosch, exactly what you need to make money online using the tools, resources and training included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.
If you cannot attend the LIVE training programs, they ARE recorded and posted to your Member area in the TRAINING section within 24 hours.

If you don’t know what time the training is in your part of the world, do a Google search for a time zone converter. 

Access is within your Worldprofit member area.

* * * * * * * * * ** *

If you are reading this and not a Worldprofit member, join over one million people worldwide who already are at

Network with others involved in affiliate marketing at Worldprofit’s own social network site and when you sign up free you can expose your website address to our 1 million+ members. go to
Blast your website address to over 700,000 search engines, directories and more with our FREE 7 Day Trial of SEO Optimizer Pro at

Now you can offer $10,000 in  FREE Ad packages! This incredible tool has one purposes – helping you makes sales – in ANY program.

Need INSTANT Traffic? Free Viral Advertising and SOLO Emailing puts YOUR OFFERS in front of HUNGRY Buyers in Minutes!

You know that advertising and promotion are the secrets to making money online…

When you have advertising, you CAN’T HELP but make money. If you promote something and don’t make money, just promote something else. And keep trying different things UNTIL you make money. It’s that simple!

So you NEED advertising. But the question is…

HOW Do You Get Advertising Without Spending a Fortune?

The usual ad and promo sources either cost too much, take too much time, or just plain don’t work:

-  1-click software gimmicks cost money and they don’t even work!

-  SEO can take months of work and still not get you results

-  Adwords and PPC can drain your whole budget the 1st day

– Facebook ads cost money and are overrun by competition

Now, thanks to new viral advertising technology, you can start getting real advertising TODAY without all the headaches and with just a few mouse clicks. And it’s not just any advertising–it’s advertising seen by TARGETED prospects–visitors who WANT to see your offers and promos!

Introducing Instant Traffic Generation, the hot new viral ad generator…

The secret is in the technology. It is so powerful it generates advertising for you automatically when you make 1 small, 2-minute change to what you already do. You’ll start getting your ads & promos seen in minutes!

It’s super effective because you don’t need any technical skills, any marketing experience, or to learn anything new.

With Instant Traffic Generation:

You do NOT have to trade time or manual effort for traffic
You do NOT have to install anything on your computer
You do NOT have to paste tedious HTML code on your webpages
You do NOT need to know anything about programming
You do NOT have to get slammed with ads to use it
You do NOT have to change what you already do to benefit
You CAN get started in just minutes and get REAL traffic the 1st day
You WILL increase your traffic and advertising, guaranteed
You WILL boost your conversion rate and generate more signups and sales
It WILL work for you regardless of what niche you’re in
You WILL reach targeted prospects in YOUR specific niche
It IS 100% legal, 100% ethical, and 100% "above board"
You WILL be reaching REAL prospects who want to buy your offers
The traffic and advertising you gain will INCREASE the longer you use it

And it gets even BETTER…

The more you use it, the BIGGER it gets and the more your advertising grows…VIRALLY!

You can generate a ton of advertising just by using Instant Traffic Generation yourself. But when you refer other members it gets really CRAZY…

You earn BONUS ADVERTISING on every referral you send to Instant Traffic Generation too! As you refer others to Instant Traffic Generation and they use it to generate advertising, YOU get bonus viral ads FOR LIFE on all their advertising!

For cutting edge technology like this, with all of the benefits you get, it would easily be worth $297 for access. But we don’t want ANYTHING standing in the way of you experiencing the amazing advertising power of this technology.

 So if you act now, you can get INSTANT ACCESS and start getting more advertising and promotion in as little as 3 minutes with the GOLD Membership, for just $297 $97 FREE! (We may start charging for it at any time, so act now).

There are even MORE benefits and advanced features, but you can explore that on the inside. I can tell you that what you’ve seen so far is just the beginning (HINT: get ready for SMART REWARDS technology and GEOMETRIC VIRAL GROWTH to absolutely EXPLODE your traffic and advertising…)

How you benefit with Instant Traffic Generation!

-Generate viral traffic and advertising automatically

– Earn viral traffic and advertising on all your referrals

– SOLO Email your downline every week

– Cloak links and protect affiliate commissions

– 1,000 Bonus Credits just for joining

– Register as an affiliate automatically

Get your Free Access now!

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ATTENTION WORLDPROFIT MEMBERS! You get even more bonuses not even mentioned here. Login to your Worldprofit Member area and look in the Advertising/Traffic section of your site to see the extra value you get exclusive ONLY to Worldprofit Members. get your free 7 day trial

Submit YOUR site (ANY SITE) to 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Sites, Classifieds and more!

Get a FREE 7 Day Trial of this ultra popular service!

What are you waiting for, go do this now. Your site can be MOVING UP just by doing this one thing – now – at no cost!

Try the SEO Optimizer Pro free for a 7 day trial

The service allows you to EASILY and QUICKLY promote your website to over 700,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, and Classified Sites. It’s 100% automated and has one purpose – to generate traffic for your site.

Using the service helps potential customers find your site and what you offer. Manual submission to a large number of sites is very time consuming. By using SEO OPTIMIZER PRO this task is automated and takes you minutes to complete. 

NO software to download, and the easy to use WIZARD will help you get your site(s) submitted easily in minutes.

If you are not happy after your 7 Day Trial, you are under NO obligation to continue, just cancel and enjoy the results.

ZERO RISK to try this!

Ready to start your free 7 day Trial of the SEO Optimizer Pro?

Here’s what to so:

Go to


12 Sure Fire Ways to promote your Affiliate Program to generate traffic and increase your sales!

12 Sure Fire Ways  to promote your Affiliate Program to generate traffic and increase your sales!

Making money online means having in-demand products to sell and lots and lots reputable places and ways to advertise them.
Here’s our list of 12 highly recommended strategies and easy-to-use tools for promoting any and all your affiliate programs – find them ALL in your Worldprofit Member area!

1. We’ve got 20+ Traffic Streams. This is our hand-picked list of Safelists and Exchanges where you can get free or low cost advertising.
Find them in your Worldprofit Member area under the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section.

2.   Great Ad Sources
Here we provide you dozens and dozens of recommended places to advertise.
We’ve broken them down into 6 categories to make it easy for you to find what suits you best for posting your ads.
Solo Ad Directory/Safe-Swaps/Classified Ad Sites/Ezines/Ezine Directories/Forums   Find them in your Worldprofit Member area under the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section under GREAT AD SOURCES.

3. Solo Blaster
Take advantage of our Solo eMail Blaster Program powered by
Each month you get to send out 150,000 emails
Just activate your account and start blasting your ads.

4. ClickBank Promo Kit
If you are promoting ClickBank products, we’ve made it easy for you with the ClickBank Promo Kit.
We have hand selected several of the most popular and best-selling ClickBank products, provide you with the promotion materials, then all you do is click to start promoting.
Easy and a huge time saver. You don’t have to purchase the ClickBank products to promote it.

5. Money Makers Promo Kit

We’ve got 56 affiliate programs ready for you to start promoting. They are waiting for you in the Money Makers Promo Kit. Just sign up, enter your Affiliate ID, and then start posting the promotion ads we give you to your Prospect Emailer or your Newsletter, or anywhere else you want to promote.

6. Autoresponder
Platinum VIP Members get unlimited access to the Autoresponder System. It’s already pre-loaded with sequences. Watch the help video then get started. Super simple and effective.

7. Newsletter
We’ve created dozens of newsletter templates that you can use, or create your own. The key is to press send. Every time you send out your newsletter you have the potential to make sales. remember, we provide you with dozens and dozens of products and affiliate programs you can promote or promote your own. It’s your choice, but either way, email marketing is a powerful way to increase your traffic and your income.

8. Prospect Emailer
We teach you how to generate leads, we provide you with the tools to do so, AND we provide you with software to follow up! It’s called the Prospect Emailer. We provide you with templates you can send to your prospects, OR you can create your own custom messages, or just copy and paste your own affiliate marketing copy.    Making sales means staying in constant contact with your leads and sending out great offers, and product copy.  Making money online is all about having a great email list.

9. Worldprofit Marketplace

Promote your affiliate programs, one and all, in the Worldprofit Marketplace.  Free to join, earn ad credits for free ads, or consider paid low cost advertising options also available.


Generate traffic to your site by blasting your site address to over 700,000 search engines, classifieds, directories, and link sites. Get a free 7 day trial and be on your way to higher indexing at the major search engines like Google, and Bing as well as many small sites that still product backlinks and traffic.

11. Promo  Bots

You know you have to promote to make sales, but you also don’t have a huge amount of time to do so. Help is here! It’s called the Promo-Bot Center. It’s included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership. We demonstrate how easy this tool is to use in the brief video. Essentially all you do is pick the ad you want to promote then click on the Safelist or Exchange that you want to promote to. HUGE time saver.    Currently we have 12 Promo-Bots for single click promotion. Ultra-cool! One of our most popular tools.   Look for the Promo Bots on the TOP Menu of your Worldprofit Member area. 

12. Monthly Traffic Injections

One of the biggest benefits of being a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member is that each month we inject traffic into your member area. This injection consists of traffic credits, text ads, banner views and solo emails that you can use to promote ANY affiliate program, product, or services. Silver members get a basic traffic injection  each month, while Platinum VIP Members get the mother-load injection at 5 popular high traffic safelists .  Look in your Member area under the Advertising/Traffic section for all the traffic details.

–> Now remember, to make commissions from Worldprofit sales, follow the steps of George Kosch’s Home Business bootcamp training. Use the Ad examples we provide, and promote, Promote, Promote!   If you missed the LIVE training with George Kosch on Friday, we urge you to watch the RECORDED version posted on the TOP MENU under TRAINING. What we teach you can be used to promote Worldprofit services so you earn commission from sales, or for learning how to promote your own Affiliate programs. It’s win – win as you have resources for generating MULTIPLE streams of income. 


About Worldprofiit.

Worldprofit is a training company servicing the home business industry.  George Kosch’s Home Business Bootcamp is one of the most popular online training programs for learning how to earn at home from reputable sources. It’s primarily the training, software and specialized resources that have earned Worldprofit the reputation for being known as the online home business experts. Started in 1994, Worldprofit now has over 1 million free Associate Members. to get your free Worldprofit Associate Membership go to

Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Feb 8, 2013 presented by the Home Business Experts at

George Kosch started the LIVE Home Business Training with an overview of Worldprofit’s Earn at home system.

New Members are encouraged to follow the steps of the online training program. There are over 65 lesson plans, go at your own pace. Watch the videos, learn about what is included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership and how to use them to build your online business. Start with the BEGINNERS Video, then simply progress through the lesson plans. If you need help, submit a Support form, our team is ready 7 days a week to assist you as you need it.

What we have been working on to add even more value to the Worldprofit Membership

We have purchased and are developing two new sites 

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members will be able to use the services offered at these two sites at NO COST.
The purpose of both is to help our Members do their promotion – for WHATEVER they are selling, not just Worldprofit services.   

Blog integration into the Content Management System
This will allow Silver and Platinum VIP members to easily add blog content to their sites. the benefits are many. Specifically; your site will be more efficiently indexed by Google and other major search engines. The  blog content you add will be relevant, and anchored, and well titled just the way Google likes it with descriptive and dated website addresses. This new integration will also allow you to easily add images and embed video content.  When you publish blog content, we have also integrated an automated PING system so Google is notified of new content instantly.   Guest blogging is another feature we plan to add.  This new Blogging Admin system is very powerful for gaining better indexing for your site, and is going to be added no extra cost for Silver or Platinum VIP members.

PLR Store  – The Vault
Members are reminded to regularly look in your PLR Store. We buy products and the resale rights that we think would be of benefit to our Members and then post them in your Member area.  Worldprofit Members can download these FREE for personal use and include titles on SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Ebooks, Traffic and so much more. Currently there are over 215 products and the value of these products ALONE is FAR more then your membership cost. Be sure to access this area and download these to add to your learning and understanding.  Platinum VIP Members you can also SELL these products to earn 100% commission on sales. Your Platinum VIP Membership includes a PLR Store so all of the products are already pre-loaded for you. 


A:  Automated promotion methods versus natural link building strategies. What you need to know and how what you don’t know can hurt your marketing.
B:  What to do if your site gets blacklisted.

Worldprofit Resources referenced in today’s training session

Ad Tracker
PLR Store
Content Management System
Video Training Library (
Web 2.0 Directory (just added this week)
Pre-Built Blogs (WordPress domain hosted blogs)
Internet Marketing for Newbies (Ebook)
Templatic Themes (Included for Worldprofit Members with Worldprofit hosted Blog as we have a Developer’s License)

Homework Assignment:
1.  Get a pencil and paper and write down your goal for how many Associates you will sign up today. 
2.  Do your promotion. Pick 2 or 3 ad examples (landing pages) from your Member area and promote them to at least 5 of the places we recommend and list in your Member area.
3.  Pick one or two sections in your Member area, and read about that product or service to learn how you benefit from it as a Worldprofit Member.

For Advanced learners interested in SEO, we recommend that you read the blog of one Google’s TOP people, Matt Cutts.

Comments/Questions from Bootcamp Training Participants

James: I swear George you must sit at your desk all day and think of new ways to add value for us. Seriously, I have never been involved with a company more focused and ADDING to the value proposition. Thank you for SEO Optimizer Pro!
Thomas: Looks GREAT George! Looking fwd to it!!
Minta: is this an added feature if we already have the classified plug-in?
Thomas: will there be an Archive list for your blogs
Mike: George, can you comment on how automated SEO tools like mass blasters can help or hurt SEO rankings?
Ryan: That’s Awesome!
SHERRI: This was kinda over my head but I will send a support ticket for some help
Steve : can’t we cloak any url in our system?
Vanda: I’m still having problems with promo bots not posting properly
Elliott: Whats IBO tool box
Ryan: If are site gets black listed is there anyway to get it off?
Minta: Thank you George for this awesome training!
Charity: thanks George….Have a Great Weekend!!!!
Lura: Yayyy
Barbara: Thanks, George!  Looking forward to all of this!!!!
Elliott: very good thanks
Ryan: Thanks George , Great Training
Andrea Scott: Thanks everyone.  It’s been a great session.

Thank you to those participants who attended today and for your patience with the technical problems during the earlier session which we were able to resolve for the later session. For those who missed the earlier session we hope you will watch the recorded version.


Today’s LIVE home business training session with George Kosch ran for  90 minutes.

The recording of today’s session will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area (under top menu TRAINING) for the convenience of those not able to attend the LIVE training.

Reminder to all Worldprofit Members, you can access 65+ training lessons with your Member area, self-paced and accompanied by screen captures, examples. Watch when convenient for you. The online training videos, screen captures and lesson plans are included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

Next LIVE training session: Friday February 15th at 10 AM CT .

If you are not a Member of Worldprofit, get a free Associate Membership at – be sure to get a copy of Sandi Hunter’s new ebook (free) called Internet Marketing for Newbies

Product Review: Google Traffic Course

Product Review: Google Traffic Course

My customers, myself and my company loves this traffic course – TRAFFIC from YES – GOOGLE!

We purchased, reviewed and tested a new course on creating ZERO COST TRAFFIC called Google Traffic.

I am sure I don’t have to tell you how important traffic is to your sales levels.

If you can use a keyboard, you can do this. That is one of the biggest reasons we fell in love with this product. Many of our customers are confused by SEO, but know how important it is. This product produces results and is easy to use even for the beginner.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with advertising, SEO, Adwords, Adsense or PPC … you can take it from me that you WILL NOT have to pay a penny in advertising and that you have not heard or seen of this before; you can 100% trust me when I say that NO ONE ELSE has a system even remotely like this!

With this course, starting right now YOU can use this very same strategy to substantially boost traffic to your website, any website, affiliate links, articles, you name it!

This is a zero cost Traffic Strategy that will drive a
super-highway of traffic predominantly from Google … Yes,

Any one can do this. The feedback from my customers and from our own use is tremendous – have a look for yourself.


Product Review Summary of Google Traffic: 9 / 10


Product Review: Monster Traffic from Google, the how-to guide

Product Review: Monster Traffic from Google and Automated Traffic Strategy

We reviewed this product because the promises sounded good but we were skeptical.
Here is what you get with Monster Traffic from Google.

-a 100% hands free Automated Traffic System
-a Member site to manage the traffic
-tried and tested traffic strategy
-step by step course showing you what to do (90 pages, screen shot training)
-12 videos showing you what to do to generate the monster trafic
-email support

After reading the promises we bought the product to put it to the test. We were pleasantly surprised with the results! We were happy that this traffic strategy did not involve any black hat, or shady practices just some strategies that most people have never heard of or thought of. We run a lot of statistical data on our promotions so we checked this when we started using Monster Traffic, and we did see results!

Advantages of Monster Traffic from Google

-this program is a real time saver, we all know we have to market our sites and those of us that do know how time consuming this can be, having an automated approach is a time/money saver. -the strategies are legit, nothing dodgy
-we saw traffic go up and this convert to sales which is important in any traffic strategy
-set up was easy for novices and logical for internet marketers who’ve been clicking around for a while
-cost effective, priced at $79 we thought it was worth it, actually they could get away with charging more than than for what the strategy delivers by way of results.

Product Review Summary for Monster Traffic from Google: 9/10

For more information on Monster Traffic from Google click here.

The Home Business Experts Product Review Team


How to Get YOUR site found: Free Search Engine Optimization tool is easy to use and effective

Product Review: Website Grader Search Engine Optimization Tool

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to a free tool that analyzes your site then tells you how to modify your site ever so slightly to increase your findability and ranking in popular search engines like Google.

For those of you who want a quick analysis of how well your site is optimized, we suggest a website called Website Grader. The people at Website Grader offer a free tool and according to their website, this SEO tool measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.

To check the Grade of your site in terms of Search Engine Optimization you just enter your website address (or that of your competitor’s) and within a few minutes an easy to read report is generated.

This tool generates data on the most important facotrs related to optimizing your site for search engine indexing, specifically:

–image labels
–heading tags
–inbound or backlinks
–age of domain name
–page rank in Google

A score out of 100 is generated based on the anaylsis of the website and suggestions are made on how you can improve your grade. You can make the changes then check back to see if your Search Engine Optimization grade has improved.

Get this free Search Engine Optimizaton tool at

There are far more comprehensive SEO tools available but for those of you who like quick and easy, this is a nice tool. The report is generated quickly, and the suggestions easy to implement and are proven effective strategies for improving your search engine ranking.

Product Review Summary: 8/10

The Home Business Experts Review Team