Worldprofit releases The Marketplace Builder for Affiliate Marketers

Easily BUILD your Marketplace and start SELLING – in Minutes!

Our NEWEST innovation – Worldprofit’s Marketplace Builder

The only Marketplace Builder created EXCLUSIVELY to meet the needs of Affiliate Marketers!

This Marketplace Store Builder is easy to use AND super powerful – we’ve not seen this anywhere else – the customization options will make your eyes pop!

Many of you are Affiliates for MULTIPLE sites/companies – you can put ALL of these in to your Marketplace

Sell ANYTHING in your Marketplace — or use it to GIVE AWAY free Stuff to get sign ups and BUILD your list


  • Amazon
  • JV Zoo
  • ClickBank
  • Digistore
  • PLR
  • EBay
  • Worldprofit
  • Share a Sale
  • Commission Junction
  • Your own products
  • Your own ebooks
  • Your own Info Products
  • Your own Video Series
  • Your own AFFILIATE Links

Worldprofit’s Marketplace Builder allows you to sell anything – all from your own Worldprofit hosted site.

Call it your Marketplace, or your Boutique, or your Shop, or your Mall.

Whatever you want to call it – it’s a MONEY-MAKER – it’s a LIST builder!

Getting excited? You should be. This is so powerful !

We researched other Store Marketplace Builders out there and found this:

  • they weren’t geared towards the unique needs of affiliate marketers
  • overly complicated – getting it set up – a technical nightmare
  • required significant technical experience
  • limited the payment systems you could use to accept payment
  • allowed no customization
  • limited the number of stores and the products for sale
  • Charged a ridiculous upfront fee AND in some cases a monthly fee!
  • No customer service so when you need help, no one gets back to you.

Compare to Worldprofit’s Marketplace Builder

  • Build your Marketplace in minutes – newbie friendly yet customizable for the more experienced marketer
  • The included Website Builder is super easy to use – while being incredibly powerful
  • Load Products, set the payment, start selling immediately
  • The Customization options will make your eyes pop!
  • No limits on number of stores / marketplaces you can build
  • Easy Payment System. Set up in a few clicks, not restricted to just one payment system
  • No limits on the products you sell, sell your own, or any of the popular affiliate marketing products
  • Your Marketplace is set up within your own Worldprofit hosted site. Example: or
  • No monthly fees
  • Worldprofit built and supported software, when you need help we are here 7 days a week.
  • The only Marketplace Builder created EXCLUSIVELY for Affiliate Marketers!
  • Incorporate EVERYTHING you are selling (or giving away) into ONE store – a store owned by you
  • Call it your Marketplace, or your Boutique, or your Shop or your FREE Stuff Marketplace.
  • Load products you want to sell from Amazon; Digi Store, ClickBank etc ALL in ONE Storefront/Marketplace – the promote just 1 link – or specific product links
  • Name your Store; Load your product(s); Activate the payment links; Start selling.
  • Preloaded with products to get you started.
  • Customize your Marketplace with your own categories, menus, header, background, custom fonts, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Don’t want to sell products? Make it a GIVEAWAY STORE, load products, offer free stuff. Great way to get sign ups/build your list.
  • Countdown Timers included to entice sign ups or purchases with Limited Time Offers
  • Want more then one to target a specialty niche? You can create unlimited stores.
  • Create review pages, product pages, add videos, so much is possible using the included easy Editor
  • Graphics Studio allows you to create custom unique graphics with easy to use templates
  • Remember the VALUE and power of having YOUR Store hosted on your own website – this is important for list building, indexing and search engines
  • This newest Worldprofit innovation is yet ANOTHER way for you to earn online from MULTIPLE sources – and to GROW your email marketing list.
  • SEO advantage in having unique content on your own hosted site

Worldprofit’s Marketplace Builder is available now !

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