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New Feature in WorldProfit Autoresponder Elevates to World Class

If you have been considering an upgrade to WorldProfit PlatinumVIP, here is YET another FANTASTIC reason. George has just implemented a new feature in the WorldProfit Autoresponder available to PlatinumVIP members, that allows handling of signups to a capture page when they are already a member of the Autoresponder campaign list. This feature is only found elsewhere in high-end commercial Autoresponders, and SAVES potentially lost subscribers. SCENARIO: Autoresponder message streams can demand lots of maintenance, and to create a duplicate campaign and message stream for each capture page is labor intensive and could potentially introduce opportunities for errors. I create an Autoresponder campaign and message stream, but use multiple lead magnets on different lead capture pages to drive subscribers to that campaign. The problem before was, if a sign-up was already a member of that campaign list, they would error out and be directed to the WorldProfit generic signup page. George has added an override at the campaign level, to redirect current members of the list to an alternate redirect URL (I use a different ThankYou/Bonus page that presents them with other choices and bonuses). This keeps them engaged, and presents other opportunities to further cement the relationship.