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Common Questions from our Members and answers that may help you

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Q: I am in a new Affiliate marketing program how can I use my Worldprofit Membership to promote it?

A: Your Membership is a platform to start and GROW your own online business.
Use the software, tools, training, advertising, promo codes, list builders and more to get leads, sign ups, SALES in any affiliate marketing business or by referring sales to Worldprofit.
The online lessons introduce you to the resources at your fingers tips, the LIVE weekly training on Friday with George Kosch is to help you grow your business.
A good place to start is to look under the ADVERTISING & TRAFFIC link on the LEFT MENU, LOTS and LOTS of resources there to get you going.

Q: I see some other companies charging $60 for leads while Worldprofit offers them for less, or free for Platinum Members, tell me about leads from WP?

A: Yes, Worldprofit offers lead packages. These are phone qualified leads we purchase from a trusted vendor we have worked with for over 15 years.
The leads are real people (no bots) who have responded to an online ad indicating they are interested in an online business and have at least $100 to spend.
The leads never get old as we provide you with lead credits and you can download the leads when you need them.
Some of our Top Sellers use these leads to get people interested in Worldprofit, or for their other Affiliate marketing programs.
Some of our Top Sellers also offer the leads free as as incentives to encourage new sales.
They are quality leads, never scraped or recycled! We buy them and pass them on to our Members at a discount.
Use these leads for ANY affiliate marketing, or networking program you are involved with.
Details here.

Q: How do I get my bonuses? The Lifetime Traffic memberships etc.

A: Yes, as a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member you are entitled to a number of valuable advertising bonuses.
Once you have picked your domain name, look on LEFT COLUMN under your name, click on green START HERE button.
Advance to Lesson 3, watch the 2 videos there to see how to get and access your included Bonuses.
These bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars, really. Don’t miss out!

Q: Where do I enter how I get paid for sales referrals to Worldprofit?

A: in your Worldprofit Member area look in SALES and COMMISSIONS section on LEFT COLUMN, or this direct link to enter how you want to get paid.
See a chart of Commission Earnings here

Q: Where’s the PROMO CODES I can use to get free advertising for my affiliate links?

A: Access promo codes you can use to get free advertising at over 225 high traffic sites – use to promote any and all your affiliate links. We add more as we find good ones.
This is an EXCLUSIVE service available to Silver and Platinum VIP Members – 1 more good reason never to give up your Worldprofit membership!
Worldprofit has the largest PROMO CODE CENTER in the Affiliate marketing industry.
Access here.

Q: Do you have a Sales Funnel Builder?

A: Yes we do! Our Members tell us they love this!
Easy to use, versatile and perfect for anyone promoting multiple programs. Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
Access here

Q: How do I access Worldprofit AI and Chat GPT?

A: Worldprofit AI is INCLUDED in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.
Powered with ChatGPT it’s the PROFESSIONAL version so no waiting, fully loaded with all the latest advances, Prompts etc.
Stop buying highky-hyped ChatGPT gizmos and gadgets, you don’t need them.
Access here

Q: Do I need another Autoresponder if I get the one from Worldprofit?

A; You don’t need any other Autoresponder when you have ours. So save your money!
We built our Autoresponder, it’s super easy to use, we support it with fast tech support if you need it.
We don’t charge you more for use, or list size so no worries there.
Use CHAT GPT to write your letters to save time, while you are saving money.
Platinum VIP Members get our Worldprofit Autoresponder at no extra cost, Silver members can purchase for a flat yearly fee.
Details here

Q: How do I make my own Landing Pages?

A; Yes, included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership is a really cool Landing Page builder.
Use it to create customized pages as many as you like.
Watch the HELP VIDEO access here:

Q: Do I have to do the training?

A: No, the training is optional however before you skip the training this about this.
To build a house you need a foundation. Our training at was developed over the last 30 years, We teach you what we know works.
We teach you how to use the tools in your member area to grow ANY affiliate marketing business.
Get good at marketing and promotion and using the tools to save time, save money, and avoid frustration.
The LIVE training on Fridays with industry pioneer and expert George Kosch allows you to ask questions, get answered geared to your needs, watch demos and more.
When you skip ahead you sabotage your own success.

Q: I need something to make graphics for FB and my blog, what does Worldprofit have for this?

A: Worldprofit Graphics Studio is one of our most popular resources.
Easily create your own eye-popping professional quality images for a variety of purposes.
Includes images, templates for social media, special effects, fonts, gallery and more
Included in Platinum VIP Membership or available at cost to Silver members.
Details here

Q: i heard I can save 60% by converting to a 1 Year Membership instead of paying monthly, what’s that about?

A: Yes, save a huge amount of money by converting from a monthly Silver or Platinum VIP membership to a 1 year option.
Current 1 Year offers a SAVINGS of $700 vs paying standard monthly rate. Full details on request.
Inquire here.

Q: I heard I get a monthly traffic injection? I need this for my affiliate links. I’m in a bunch of programs, where do I get this?

A: Yes, Silver members get a basic monthly injection Platinum VIP Members get a MASSIVE Injection!
Access details and your monthly Traffic Injections here

Q: Where can I learn more about Worldprofit?
A: Get a free Associate membership, that’s a good start. Login, see what we offer.

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