19 March, 2023 14:29

Worldprofit has something for every Affiliate marketer ! Enjoy!

1. Miss the LIVE training Friday March 17?
George did some FANTASTIC Demos for HOW to promote, how to use ChatGPT in your marketing and more!
Watch the recording here Join us EVERY Friday for HELP no HYPE.

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2. Are you NEW to Worldprofit? Welcome!
Did you get your BONUSES yet? Start your training, advance to Lesson 3, watch the 2 Videos.
This will get you off to the BEST start and show you how to get your INCLUDED BONUSES – these are worth hundreds of dollars – really!
On LEFT COLUMN below where your name appears, click on green START HERE button.

3. PLATINUM VIP Members!
Did you get your 100 EXCLUSIVE LEADS? You get these phone qualified leads EVERY month – that’s worth $35 to you – EVERY MONTH!
Access in the TRAFFIC INJECTIONS section. You get ALL Of the items listed there, scroll to the bottom to download your leads 1 x per month.
Access here

4. Dig into your INCLUDED PLR Product Vault!
Over 500 products you can download for your own use – OR give away on your landing pages to get leads!
We just added some new products on CHATGPT, Sales Funnels, Social media and more!
Access here

5. Are you a CLICKBANKER?
We’ve got the CLICKBANK PROMO Kit for you – INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.
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6. Need landing pages for your Affiliate program(S)?
Easily create as many as you want, including optins, video, PLR products, integrate with your Autoresponder
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Questions from Members and Answers from George Kosch and Sandi Hunter

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Question: Does Worldprofit have a Graphics Tool?
Yes, we have our Graphics Suite that allows you to instanly create eye-popping professional images, banners, for your site, blog, social media."
Includes templates, 5,000 beautiful images, fonts, backgrounds, special effect.
INCLUDED in Platinum VIP Membership, or Silver Member can purchase for one time cost.

Question: Where do I find the Universal Rotator so I can promote multiple affiliate links with just 1 URL?
Yes, Worldprofit has a Universal Rotator a favorite among those who want to market a number of links with just one address/URL

Question: How do I get the Classifieds Ad plugin in my site?
Easy. Just get the Classifieds Plugin in your member area, one click and it’s installed. Oh, and it’s free!

Question: I heard somewhere that you guys have PROMO CODES I can use to get free advertising for my links?
Yes, Silver and Platinum VIP Members get exclusive access to our PROMO CODE CENTER. Use the codes to get free advertising at high traffic target sites

Question: Do I have to promote just Worldprofit links or can I market my own affiliate programs using your stuff?
Yes, you can use Worldprofit’s platform to promote ANY Affiliate links or programs you are involved, you do not have to promote just Worldprofit services.
Use Worldprofit’s platform to GROW your business!

Question: I need good leads. Can you tell me about the leads Worldprofit offers?
Yes, Worldprofit buys exclusive quality leads from a trusted vendor we have known for over 15 years.
This company posts ads online for people to fill out a form if they are interested in an online business and have at least $100 to spend.
The company then phone qualifies them to be certain they are people, not bots.
We provide our Platinum VIP Members with 100 of these EXCLUSIVE leads each and every month for download.
They are also available for purchase starting at $35 for 100.

Question: I have my own affiliate links I want to promote, can you recommend an advertising package?
Yes, our Titanium Traffic Package is a POWERHOUSE! Set and Forget. Or change up as you wish.
You get 7 of our MOST popular services all in 1 – with a SAVINGS of $186

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