Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 10 February 2023

Recap of Feb 10 LIVE Affiliate Marketing training with George Kosch CEO of Worldprofit.com

George delivered the straight goods during today’s session, help without the hype to get you going and GROWING your own successful affiliate marketing business.
You won’t get ridiculous hyped up claims from George, what you will get is "good-for-you" solid business building information you can use right now.
George’s training is without techie terms, simple language with eye opening examples and LIVE demonstrations.
His goal: to help you understand how to apply the skills we teach to ANY affiliate marketing business, and how to access the tools, and unique resources in your Worldprofit member area.
We had some terrific questions from Members today during this session, so glad, it makes the training more meaningful.

Featured Worldprofit services / software

Worldprofit Ad Tracker. Track your promotion so you can be a smarter marketer. Basic Ad Tracker included in Silver membership, ADVANCED Ad Tracker is included in Platinum VIP Membership
Access here.

Worldprofit’s AI: Released a few weeks ago! Access here

Our newest innovation, Worldprofit’s AI is fused with CHATGPT.
Feedback from our Members is incredible! You’re telling us how much you are using it and love how you can use the incredible power of ChatGPT within your Worldprofit Member area!
You don’t need AI Buddy – you don’t need AI Funnels builders – all you need is Worldprofit’s AI with integrated ChatGPT

George outlined and demonstrated how Worldprofit has brought CHAT GPT in a meaningful useful way into the Members area.
One of the biggest obstacles for affiliate marketers trying to create an build a brand and following is the problem of content.
Where do you get it? Do you pay for a writer or graphics designer? That’s expensive!
Some try to create it themselves but its time consuming! Most are not good copywriters, the copy is weak, not what is necessary to get eyes and response. So you save money doing it yourself but you cost yourself in the long run by not getting a response.
Now you can use Worldprofit’s AI and the power of CHAT GPT to write your content!
SAVE TIME. SAVE MONEY! Get Better results in less time at less cost!

Use the brilliance of Worldprofit AI and CHATGPT for your website, blog, TikTok, Facebook Ads, YouTube Channel, Autoresponder, Marketing titles, copy, Ebooks and more.
AND this is only the beginning we will continue to boost the power of Worldprofit’s AI as new features come available – Worldprofit Members will continue to BENEFIT!

For the month of February use Worldprofit AI with ChatGPT at no cost for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
Access: LEFT MENU under WEBSITE MANAGEMENT or use this direct link

Worldprofit’s Cool Tools: Some of our favorite products from other vendors that we use ourselves as trusted services/resources our Members can opt to purchase

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Miss the FEB 10 LIVE session? Watch the Recording on Worldprofit’s YOUTUBE Channel.


Next LIVE training Friday Feb 17. Starts at 9 AM ET. Add to your calendar.
See all of our videos here: https://youtube.com/@worldprofit