Recap of Jan 20 LIVE Affiliate Marketing training with George Kosch CEO of

If you missed the LIVE session, better take a look at what you missed – and watch the recording.

Recap of Jan 20 LIVE Affiliate Marketing training with George Kosch CEO of

Worldprofit is the home of HELP not HYPE – the #1 trusted source of affiliate marketers worldwide since 1994.

Settle in, grab a tea or coffee, pen and paper, listen and learn.
Make this hour about YOU – a gift to yourself – learn how to earn online from reputable trusted sources.

George Kosch is your instructor for 1 hour LIVE every Friday morning.

George Kosch is here to help you with:

  • What to do next, what to focus on, what not to do. The Basics.
  • understand how to use Worldprofit’s platform to earn from sales referrals
  • show you how to use the hundreds of tools in your member area to grow your OWN Affiliate marketing businesses
  • how to get continuous leads, traffic, sign ups and yes sales from MULTIPLE sources
  • how to establish your online presence, branding, following and niche growth
  • how to get your included BONUSES – these are valuable, over $800 of value – don’t miss them!
  • how to get help when you need it 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • how, where and what to promote to get RESULTS!
  • How to access your Ad Tracker
  • How Worldprofit’s sophisticated unique system works for you so you can focus 100% on promotion
  • The biggest stumbling block we see, day after day, year after year, know this so you don’t make the same mistake.
  • The entrepreneur mind – not for everyone. How to think like a business person. The reality of online marketing.
  • George is here to take your questions, provide demonstrations you need to help you get the most of your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership

FEATURE TRAINING TOPIC: How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to:

Continuing with last weeks theme about how AI is changing how affiliate marketers do business, this session George demonstrated a new tool you can access at no cost.
Get familiar with this, it’s here now, and the way the world is moving. Know how to use it, and how it can help you make money, save money, grow your business.
George provided a demonstration of a very cool AI Graphics Tool. use these images in your marketing, integrates with your Worldprofit Graphics Gallery.

Use the AI demonstrated by George Kosch for any of the following:

  • social media points or content for your Youtube channel, TikTok etc
  • blog content, unique, key word rich, specified number of words
  • Copywriting, Ad Tweaking for marketing purposes
  • web site, how to section, review section, niche specific content for your target market
  • ebook creation, including titles, content, specify length, included references
  • articles, marketing friendly content, key word rich headlines, references if needed
  • your AUTORESPONDER letter series, set the number of letters, specific content
  • your SEO, best key words for your niche, content for your target market and audience
  • Product Reviews, including images, key words
  • It’s incredible what is possible, what you can do, how you can save money and MAKE money.
  • This AI tool will FOREVER CHANGE how you produce content for your social media and CHANGE your business for the better
  • Stop paying for content, stop spinning articles, stop hiring free lancers, stop buying ebooks do THIS instead!
  • Spend more time on PROMOTION and LESS TIME on creating content.
  • Integrate your AI generated content with Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger, your Worldprofit Blog, your Website Management System, your Worldprofit Prospect Manager, your Worldprofit Autoresponder
  • AI is like having your own personal Assistant without the salary !

Featured Service: Worldprofit’s Autoresponder
We built it, we support it. No caps on use, no limits on list size.
In our humble opinion, Worldprofit’s Autoresponder is better then any other out there!
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Worldprofit’s Multi-Commission System – George demonstrated this again, it’s so popular and we are getting lots of questions about the recent changes
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