Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 16 December 2022

Recap of DEC 16 LIVE training with George Kosch your Affiliate Marketing Trainer

George revealed some of the mistakes we made when we started in affiliate marketing back in 1994, what you need to know and DO to avoid making the same mistakes.
We’re winding down the year, how to use this time to get on track for the best possible start to 2023.
Worldprofit’s platform is based on our experience in the best and fastest way to get your business going – the right way.
Give it your attention, allow time to digest, process and apply the skills we teach you – aren’t YOU worth it?
You can’t fake 28 years in business; that’s why you can trust Worldprofit’s system, our services, training and support.

Training Topics:

Welcome to all NEW Silver and Platinum VIP Members. Get started on your training. What to do first, what to do next.
Learn how to do this right from the beginning to avoid wasting time. get going and get GROWING with leads, traffic and SALES.

The #1 Reason why people are successful in Worldprofit’s platform – George revealed something that may shock you!

Business Basics: What you need to know and do to get your business off to the best possible start

Get your BONUSES!
Lesson 3 reveals how to get your included BONUSES – EXTREMELY valuable!
Don’t skip this lesson, don’t skip the 2 videos! If you do, you’ll MISS out on hundreds of dollars of advertising for any of your Affiliate links

How to set your Commission Payout Preference – commissions for sales referrals are paid to you on the 15th by
-> PayPal; Cheque; Direct Deposit; Bitcoin
Or you can put your commissions on hold to allow them to accrue, you can also use them to purchase services apply to membership cost etc.
Check your Commission Report anytime in your Member area under SALES and COMMISSION on Left navigation

Worldprofit’s LIFETIME (fully upgraded) TRAFFIC MEMBERSHIPS – all 18 of them – YOU get these!
Use them to promote ANY and ALL your affiliate links now and forever!
If you haven’t activated them you are missing out on traffic and potential commission.

How Worldprofit’s proven system works for you 24 hours a day so YOU can focus on 1 THING – PROMOTION!
Everything you need to do your promotion for your Affiliate programs is in your Member area.
Want to focus on Worldprofit – super you can do that!
Want to promote your own affiliate programs – yes, you can do that!
Or do both and earn from multiple streams of income while GROWING your online empire using Worldprofit’s business platform!

Worldprofit’s Monitor Network – how YOU benefit from the Volunteers you see on screen in our LIVE Business Center

Traffic: Direct and Indirect. Know and understand the difference.
George shared strategies for generating MORE traffic, and sure-fire list building tools in your Worldprofit member area.

The BIG problem with FREE Ad Trackers and Free Link Shorteners.
Stop using them and start using your INCLUDED tracker and send the traffic to yourself – not another site!
George explains the DISASTROUS Disadvantage of free trackers and link shorteners.
Think like a business owner – realize that free is not always a good thing when it comes to YOUR business.
This is so important that Worldprofit includes an Ad Tracker and Link Shortener with Silver membership, Platinum VIP Members get a more sophisticated advanced version.

Watching how Twitter, Facebook and free Blog sites are just randomly being shut down?
Imagine if that’s you and suddenly you wake up and ALL your content is GONE!
That’s why we emphasize repeatedly the VITAL importance of having your own domain, your own hosting, your own domain name based blog.
Your site, your blog – this is digital REAL ESTATE – be the OWNER of your online properties – don’t depend on free, one day is may vanish into thin air.
Worldprofit provides professional hosting, the WordPress Blog, the software and resources you need.
More reasons why your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership are lifetime resources you can’t afford to lose.

Are you new? Feeling lost? Need help? We are here to help you!
How to access Support. 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a year