6 Common Questions from Affiliate Marketers. The answers may shock you!

By Sandi Hunter

Rather then writing an article, this time I decided to share with you some of the common questions I hear from affiliate marketers and the
advice I give them. My hope is that other marketers reading this will benefit from the information and you too can start getting better results.

Are you ready? Here you go…

Q: What’s better Solo Ads or Banner Ads?

In general, I would say well written solo ads would perform better then a banner ad. Assuming that you have a really great, captivating,
attention grabbing headline and that your copy is benefit laden and makes a fabulous offer.

Solo Ads are often single email distribution of ad copy to a member list or a subscriber list. So real human eyeballs should be seeing your ads,
if sent from a Safelist, you need to be aware that some people will be viewing your ad to earn ad credits. It doesn’t mean it’s not a good way
to advertise it just means that don’t think that everyone who clicks is a buyer. Some WILL buy, and Safelist advertising is effective.

Instead of asking which kind of promotion is better, consider that ALL advertising helps, so you can place some banner ads, AND place some solo
ads. Advertising results are often the result of MULTIPLE forms of advertising.

Smart marketers employ a number of different kinds of advertising to target different markets, niche markets, and target specific demographics.

Q: I bought some advertising from a trusted source but I notice the rate at which I am receiving my leads is a little slow should I be concerned?

That’s a tough one to answer. My first thought is if you trust this lead source and the leads are being generated slowly that may be a good
sign. When ads are placed it takes time for people to respond especially REAL people who are HUMAN and filling out a form. You have
to take a good look at your ad as well. I see ads all the time that I can virtually guarantee will not produce leads. Why? The ads are poorly
written. They have no pop, no sizzle, and are serious sleep inducers. The other side of the spectrum is that the ad is so ridiculous in the
claims made that people are clicking off the ad instantly sizing it up as another scam. I can also look at an ad and tell you if it will produce
sign ups. Why? Because as a copywriter and marketer with close to 25 years in this industry it is plain as the nose on your face what gets
people to react. It’s not a secret, it’s the science of human behavior and a result of utilizing proven motivation principles.
If you don’t understand the basics of good marketing, marketing that makes and offer to command action, then you need to go back to basics
and learn. This topic is far to big for the purpose of this here, so instead you are start doing your homework. A good place to start would
be with my company Worldprofit, but I will leave that up to you. If you want to get results from your promotion you must know what to
promote, where to promote and how to promote, I can provide that to you, it’s both valuable and critical to your success as an affiliate marketer.

I would also offer you this. If you buy ads and get a HUGE influx of leads instantly I would be more concerned about that pattern. The reason
is that you may just be getting paid to click leads, or robotic leads, or even just a harvested list of leads that have been bought and sold
repeatedly. The leads may not be quality or even real and are mass distributed in bulk to unknowing buyers. The test will be if those "leads"
login, respond, click or doing some action to indicate they are HUMAN.

Q: Does Safelist marketing work?

A: Absolutely. It’s kind of funny to still hear this question when Safelists have existed and been a popular choice for marketers for easily 15 years. We’ve got 18 High Traffic Safelists to back that up – plus we use and recommend several other trusted recognized Safelists ourselves for promotion purposes. Affiliate marketers don’t usually have a bottomless pit of money to pay for Google Ads, or Facebook ads. Safelist advertising is low cost, offers a a variety of advertising options, a targeted audience, and quite simply, gets results. If you aren’t getting results from safelist advertising take a good look at the ads/offers you are running before you blame the advertising source. I covered this above. If you haven’t yet tried safelist advertising, start here.

Q: I hear about the importance of having a list, what exactly does that mean and how do I get one going?

A: A list is sometimes referring to a customer list, or a lead list, or an email marketing list. Whatever you call it it’s your bread and butter for your business. The people on the list are subscribers to your mailings and potential buyers of your products and services, be nice to them.
Earn their trust, mail content that is valuable and not sent to often. Building your list takes time and is accomplished with optin forms, lead forms, newsletter sign up forms, surveys, and offers. You will need mail software or a service to be able to email your growing list and a number of services exist to help you with this. See the end of this posting for help with mail services and hosting. Ever notice those Big Companies doing a Pre-Launch? Notice the Pre-Launch seems to go on and on and on. Why do you think they are doing that? Three reasons, exposure, LIST BUILDING, sales potential. The bigger the list the bigger the results when they DO finally launch. Understand the POWER of having, maintaining your own email marketing list for staying in contact, and increasing your sales potential – the key is your OWN list – way better then being on someone ELSE’s list.
YOU be the Seller instead of the BUYER. ?

Q: I am trying everything and not getting results, what do I do?

A: I see marketers so eager to start making money online, they try to do everything at once. What they lack is FOCUS. Yup, it’s that simple.
Pick one or two affiliate programs if you are just getting started. Spend some time every day learning about online marketing, but spend 10X
more then that on promoting. People new to affiliate marketing often underestimate how much promotion is required to get sign ups and
conversions. The industry itself is partly to blame for this, they tell you it’s so easy, you can get rich in 2, 4. 6 weeks, no work required, blah
blah. One ad promises riches in 12 minutes. It’s ridiculous. It’s the same old pitch for so many of these affiliate programs.
Pick a good one, a program that offers value, has some substance to it and provides you with the tools you need to promote it. You may
sign up for an affiliate program and are given a referral link then you are on your own to figure out where to promote. That’s often why so many
newbies get frustrated and give up. They see the value of the practice but don’t know what to do to start getting signups, they post here and
there inconsistently without rhyme of reason, no systematic approach, get frustrated and give up.

Q: Where can I learn more about promotion so I can get better results as an affiliate marketer and start getting more sign ups into my programs?

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