Worldprofit Member Spotlight:  Brian Armstrong

Worldprofit Member Spotlight: Brian Armstrong

Tell us your Story…

A little about myself, I live in Shelburne Ontario Canada,
with my wife of 52 yrs. Mary Anne, we have 2 children and 4 Grandchildren.

What got you first interested in Affiliate marketing?

Many yrs. ago when I got my first computer, I said to myself "I’m not going to use this machine to simply search the web.
I’m going to make money with it."

How long have you been an Affiliate Marketer?

I have been involved in Affiliate marketing since 1999.

Kindly share some of your experiences in your journey to start and grow your online business.

When I first started affiliate marketing I knew nothing. I knew I had to place ads and stuff to get people interested in what I was selling, but how and where. At that time I was involved
with a shopping mall business. Then while trying to find places to advertise the business, which were few. I came across Worldprofit I saw this website for sale , As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. And it’s still mine to this day 22 yrs.

How has Worldprofit helped you grow your business?

Worldprofit has taught me everything I know about Affiliate Marketing, remember I said before Worldprofit I knew Nothing. Worldprofit has taught me How to advertise, where to advertise,
what to advertise, how to build a responsive list using free resources. I have taken that knowledge and used to run 5 successful businesses. They have also taught me to treat whatever I do to
"Treat it like a business" Because that’s exactly what it is.

What are some of the resources you find most helpful as a Worldprofit member?

I like the training, the support system is outstanding. I use Worldprofit’s Graphics Studio, I use it alot for creating thumbnails for my youtube channel
There are so many more tools and services that I use on daily bases.

You are a Monitor who generously volunteers your time to help others in our Worldprofit home business community.
What is it about being on the Monitor team that you most enjoy or find beneficial?

Being a monitor is also a great learning tool, the questions that Associates, and members ask, has really helped me with my communication skills with others. And when I close a sale for one of our members, and get that thank you email from the member just makes my day.

Any other thoughts or comments you wish to share?

Worldprofit has become part of my family, Sandi Hunter and George Kosch are always there for the members, to provide amazing support and suggestions to help you with your success.

Brian Armstrong

Skype smartbusiness2
Office hrs. 9 am to 4pm EST.
Call me for a free 10 min. consult.

I strive to always add value for those who put their trust in me.
From my 20+ years of affiliate marketing experience I’ve adopted the mantra.
"I make money at the service of others rather than at the expense of others."
And I live by this everyday.