Recap of March 18 LIVE training with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc.

Format was a Question and Answer Session.

George Kosch pulled up some of the questions heard most often about Worldprofit, the services we offer and our affiliate marketing platform.

George answered the questions below, discussed and demonstrated how to access specific resources in your Member area, took questions LIVE from participants

  • How do I get people to join Worldprofit?
  • How do I make changes to my site?
  • How do I add my own Affiliate code to my site?
  • Where is the Ad Tracker?
  • Why am I not seeing any sales?
  • What’s the fastest way to make money?
  • Where do I access the free advertising?
  • I want some trusted paid ads? Where do I go?
  • Do Solo Ads work?
  • How do I enter how I want to get paid?
  • What do Silver members earn vs Platinum Members?
  • What’s the difference between Silver and Platinum?
  • What do free members get?
  • Do I have to phone my Associates?
  • How do I access the online lessons?
  • Where are the Bonuses located?
  • What are the benefits of being a Monitor?
  • What do I have to do to become a Monitor?
  • Where is the Link Cloaker?

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