Affiliate Marketers: How to Market on YouTube what you need to know and do to get best results

Affiliate marketers know the secret to making online sales is to have a list, and to grow that list so you have an ever-increasing list of potential buyers. This is 100% true.

Now what about Social Media?

Growing your "list" on social media is about growing your followers, your subscribers.

Email marketing involves emailing your list of subscribers or borrowing someone else’s list and sending out offers.
Social Media marketing involves SPEAKING directly to your subscribers/ followers and building relationships with your viewers that may lead to sales.
It all starts with 1 good video on a topic that is of keen interest to many.

Let’s talk about YouTube and how Affiliate Marketers can grow your own following / subscribers (and list) to build your sales machine.

So the question becomes what are you going to talk about in your videos to get interest, and keep interest?

First, decide what your first Video is going to be about, who is your ideal viewer, what do you want to convey and achieve with your video.
It’s helpful to find someone who is doing NOW what you want to do. Find someone in your industry with a large following.
Watch them, learn, how and what to they say and do, make your own to fit your niche.
When getting started, keep your video productions simple, as you get more comfortable and grow you can get more sophisticated later.

Think big. If you are going to take the time to plan your videos, record your videos with the goal of generating buzz you need to plan for growth.
Plan on doing a SERIES of videos, short, topic specific videos that provide good content, interesting or entertaining content.

Catchy titles for your videos with key words targeting your niche are vital.

Example Video Title: How to get FREE Advertising for your Affiliate Marketing Links – STOP paying for ads, do this, it’s free

Suggested length of video: 2 – 5 minutes. Longer if an indepth topic.

It’s hard to talk about yourself in a video so start with the fact that people love stories, and they also love how-to information, if you have expertise to share then help others.
Share expertise, secrets, strategies, favorite sites, sales tools, advertising aids, sales suggestions, tips, tricks, what works for you, what doesn’t work, reviews…it’s all a possibility.

In your videos speak directly to the viewer as an individual. Be respectful.

Suggested content and topics for your YouTube marketing campaigns:

  • Your experience as an affiliate marketer, why you like the industry, what keeps you involved
  • What you know now that you wish you had known then
  • Your favorite Worldprofit resources / software / tools / training component
  • What works for you, what doesn’t work
  • Reviews of your favorite, sites, products, affiliate marketing programs
  • How to do this….how to do that…
  • Benefits of Worldprofit’s free Associate Membership, how to sign up, get free stuff for joining
  • How to get free advertising from Worldprofit (sign up for a free Associate membership, give your own URL to sign up under you)
  • How you found Worldprofit. What appealed to you about Worldprofit, why they are so very different.
  • How to start and grow your own online business as a free Associate member at Worldprofit
  • IMPORTANT: Do not make any income claims.
  • If you have expertise in a specific industry/ niche, share it, invite people to follow you to learn more on that topic
  • It’s ok not to be perfect, to be a little different, stand out from the crowd, be your own unique brand.
  • Benefits of being a free Worldprofit Associate member (free advertising etc, sign up, login,explore what Worldprofit offers )
  • Benefits of being a Worldprofit Silver Member, a Platinum VIP Member

During your video and at the end always ask for viewers to subscribe to your channel AND to sign up for a free Worldprofit Associate membership

Brain Food: In your Worldprofit Product Vault are a number of resources, and training aids for marketing on YouTube, and other social media, do a search, download free.

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