Review of Oct 29, 2021 training with George Kosch, Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of World Profit Inc.

Miss the LIVE training session?

Review of Oct 29 training session with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of World Profit Inc.

George Kosch dug into the meat of the training in his usual style – all help no hype and no puffery, emphasizing what works based on 27+ years of success in this industry.
He put his thumb on the exacts of how to get best results – and YES it involves following the training and doing the work.

Topics and discussions in this session

  • Understanding how Worldprofit’s Success system works
  • Offers: the power of Worldprofit’s proven system to make offers, get sign ups, get sales.
  • Why the Quick Buck mentality will cost you the BIG bucks. Get realistic. Be a smart marketer, how it’s done
  • Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center: How you benefit from this unique system as a Silver or Platinum VIP Member
  • Your Ad Tracker, why this included tracking tool is so important in your marketing campaigns
  • Safelist Marketing. Does it work? You get it does. Here’s how to get results by knowing HOW and what to promote
  • Social Media Marketing: The more places you promote and the more often the better. Be a consistent marketer.
  • Be a SELLER not a BUYER. Be a LIST BUILDER yourself. Huge difference; your wallet will thank you for knowing the difference
  • Multiple Streams of income all possible from your one platform at Worldprofit
  • Landing Pages / Optin Pages / Offer Pages / Squeeze pages. Whatever you call them, Worldprofit has what you need to get sign ups
  • Promoting your own Affiliate Program, how to use your Worldprofit resources to grow any of your affiliate programs
  • How to access your included advertising in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership
  • Adding up all the VALUE of the inclusions of the Advertising included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership
    (18 LIFETIME Traffic Memberships (fully upgraded) Promo Codes, PLR Product Vault. Traffic Blaster, SOLO Ad Blaster, leads and more)
  • Adding up the VALUE of the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership tech inclusions (hosting, email, software as a service, listserver)
  • Adding up the VALUE of the SUPPORT and the TRAINING INCLUDED in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership
  • What does all of this give you? An all inclusive platform for starting and GROWING your own online business
  • You can’t FAKE 27 years in business. Worldprofit is the #1 expert source to build your own successful business.
  • THANK YOU to our Worldprofit Monitor Team. You volunteers your valuable time to help our community – so very much appreciated!

What’s coming !

George Kosch provided a few more details on Worldprofit’s NEW Personal Store Builder & Marketplace.
Progress continues! Still on track anticipating official release very soon! This is a Worldprofit build and supported service.
We decided to add some additional powerful features before release rather then adding those later – get excited – this is going to help you sell more – make more!
Our goal is to make is super easy to use but super powerful – we’ve not seen this anywhere else – the customization options are going to make your eyes pop!
This software will allow you to incorporate EVERYTHING you are selling into ONE store. Call it your Marketplace, or your Boutique, or your Shop.
If you want more then one to target a specialty niche you can create unlimited stores.

Worldprofit teaches you how to promote any AFFILIATE program – and…
you get a comprehensive platform with the key resources and tools critical to your success in ALL your online business programs.

  1. Use the resources INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to build your brand, get backlinks, build SEO, get leads, traffic, social footprint, grow your list for any and all your online programs.
  2. Silver and Platinum VIP Members get PREMIUM Traffic reserved for our paid subscription members.
    Free members don’t get access to any of the Premium Traffic or any of the privileges upgraded paid members enjoy.
  3. Platinum VIP Membership:
    Benefits. Upgrade from Silver to Platinum earn DOUBLE the commission, Autoresponder, MEGA monthly traffic injections, Graphics studio, CB Store, Solo blaster privileges etc.
    Full details by submitting a Support Ticket and request VIP Upgrade offer.