Worldprofit congratulates Linda Elze as the Sales Champion for 2020


Worldprofit congratulates Linda Elze as the Sales Champion for 2020.

The CoVid pandemic has without a doubt changed how we live and work.

For many not used to working at home it’s been a challenge, a new and unfamiliar situation, often a struggle to use technology and find a balance between home and work.

For Linda Elze though she’s been quietly working at home to grow her online business and provide for her family for over 13 years now.

When 2020 dramatically changed all of our lives, Linda was grateful she had the advantage of starting her online home business all those years earlier.
Despite the craziness going on in the world, her determination kept her on track and once again Linda Elze is Worldprofit’s SALES CHAMPION for 2020.

When asked about her success and to dish up her secrets, Linda is characteristically modest and straight forward.

Here’s Linda’s thoughts…

"When I found Worldprofit…I had tried many business opportunities that cost me over 13k. I was ready to give up. I signed up first as a Free Associate Member, and someone called out my name in the Live Business Center, almost fell out of my chair. "They had me at "hello". I still feel that way every day when I wake up even after all these years. I get my coffee…and login to my Worldprofit Member area. It’s my business, I’m the one in charge. Working for yourself is motivating. If I need help it’s always there from George Kosch and Sandi Hunter.

I’ve always been in sales…however, I can only sell what I love. I have to be honest and up front with people…that is my greatest sales tactic… "Tell the truth". The company has to be ethical..truthful…valuable…and the best.. at a price people can afford. That’s what I love about Worldprofit they have all that and more – everything is in one place, and they keep getting better and better continually working for and with their members.

Affiliate marketing has grown leaps and bounds in this pandemic. People are looking for a way to earn extra money, but more then that they want a reputable, professional online business, one they can be proud of, call their own, something that will build over time. You can’t do it alone though. Buying the latest tech gadget isn’t what grows your business. Training, support and a time tested system is what does it. Affiliate marketing is new to a lot of people, you need help to get your business going and growing. When I talk to people I simply tell them what I have at Worldprofit, how they’ve helped me and can also help them. "

Congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2020.

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Linda Elze