Now YOU can host your own online meetings with the LIVE Meeting Center

Review Worldprofit’s LIVE Meeting Center.

The LIVE Meeting Center is a video conferencing tool for Member use

Possible uses:

  • host online meetings
  • host a sales meeting
  • product previews and reviews
  • Q and A sessions
  • Sales Closing
  • Meeting or visiting with Family and Friends
  • integrate social media
  • Use your imagination!

Advantages of Worldprofit’s LIVE Meeting Center

  • we install this software for you on your Worldprofit hosted domain
  • When you promote your "Meeting" you promote your site, not someone else.
  • name your Video Conferencing Center to suit your purpose(s): "Bob’s Place" or "Smith Family Hangout" or "Sue’s Biz Center" or "Mary’s Meeting Center". Etc
  • no software to download by you, or your guests
  • easy to use, no hoops to jump through to get in
  • allows for integration of presentation slides, links, social media
  • 2 video streams
  • participant list
  • registration tracking
  • Admin Panel for customization to your needs and brand
  • security features

Video: Worldprofit’s Meeting Center

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