My honest review after being with World Profit for six months. You may be surprised.

Just "wow". That was my opinion when I joined Worldprofit as a Silver member back in April 2020. It’s still "wow" now that I’ve become a Platinum VIP member a couple of months ago. I’ve come so far in such a small amount of time thanks to George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and the rest of the Worldprofit team.

From the outset I was very excited where this may lead. It seemed to have everything plus more that I had been scouring the internet for in previous months. I’d tried a few other sites, previous to this which gave very little in comparison to what I received with World profit, as regards information, training, software and most importantly SUPPORT.

As I stated previously, I joined in April this year with little knowledge of affiliate marketing. So after the first ten days or so I must admit, I did exactly what I was told not to do and moved off Lesson 3 to other things on the site, which was my downfall at the beginning.

Please, if you read this before you upgrade to World Profit’s Silver membership, follow George’s instructions and don’t go off looking and trying everything else on this site before you understand fully the fundamentals that George is trying to teach here. I wasted so much time at the start and ended up asking support for help because I was not getting results. I’d overcomplicated things and gone away from Lesson 3 before I fully understood what was being taught and how to put that into action.

This was resolved within 24hrs (after a gentle telling off from George Kosch, CEO) and I was re focused and on my way.

So folks, does this work? YES.

If you put the work in and follow the tutorials, treat it like a business and write everything down as you go along (I didn’t do this and had to retrace my steps which again cost me time). I suppose what I’m saying here is, please learn from my early mistakes as I know how eager and excited everyone is to start earning money online and getting some kind of return on their first subscription.


All I’m doing now is rinse, repeat and expanding everything I do. Trial and error, see what works for you and repeat. Drop what doesn’t work. The more links you get out there, the better chance someone will click on it and proceed.

So SUPPORT….. use it, Nowhere else have I found support like at World Profit.

5 stars all round from me folks.

Be the next one to follow my footsteps and don’t get left behind procrastinating.

Take care and stay safe everyone

To your success!
Dave Johnson, Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member

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