World Profit Member Updates: Oct 4, 2020

World Profit’s affiliate marketing bootcamp training (Oct 2, 2020) was full of active members with lots of good questions, George Kosch, the Instructor provided a number of demonstrations helpful for affiliate marketers just getting started or eager to bring their sales to a new level.

George Kosch demonstrated the importance of having your own domain name, a hosted website and tying all your online activities into one or more website with links between.

"Website hosting isn’t going away. Having one central place of business is critical to growing your brand, your online presence, your social media foot print, starting and building customer trust, growing your sales one at at time, one day at a time, now and for years to come ."

Interest in Affiliate marketing has EXPLODED as fears of job insecurity mount, the instability of the economy becomes more worrisome, and people start taking charge of their financial future by finding trusted sources of income online.

With more then 25 years in the business, World Profit Inc. knows what is vital to online business development. Worldprofit Members get website hosting included with both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership and can tie in a Word Press Blog, social media accounts, e-commerce and more.

World Profit provides tools, software, resources and expertise to Members to use in growing their own online business including: website hosting, SSL, wordpress blogs, article and content creation, graphics software, newsletter services, autoresponders, social media integration, affiliate marketing training, facebook marketing, safelist advertising, instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and other vital sources for business impact and growth.

Importantly, World Profit’s support team is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s not enough to have the "gadgets". You need a proven system, training and support, that’s what World Profit has become trusted for more then any other.

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