Review: World Profit’s Bootcamp Training Dec 27, 2019.

George Kosch, Bootcamp Instructor, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit welcomed Members to the 50th training session of 2019 – the final training session of the year. That’s 50+ hours of LIVE interactive training available to Worldprofit Members over the last 12 months, each and every Friday. Who better to teach you then the architect of World Profit’s software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself.

Linda Elze has once again earned the World Profit TOP SELLER designation for the year 2019.
Applause! Congratulations Linda – you are one hard worker!

In this past year, some of you made your first sales ever. Yayy!
Others earned a spot on our Monthly TOP 10 Sellers list. Fantastic!
Now is a good time to assess your progress, celebrate your achievements.
What did you did well? How can you improve? What are your business goals for 2020.
Write down your goals, post them, along with what you need to do to achieve your goals.
Take responsibility for your own success by learning, apply the skills we teach and focus on promotion to grow your business. The time you spend on learning and building your business will bring you reward for years to come, it’s an investment in yourself and your family.
World profit’s system works. There is no secret, no magical wand or fairy dust.
World profit’s platform is a proven successful system based on 25 years of helping, teaching, required business tools – and YOUR consistent effort.

Featured Bootcamp Training Topics

  • Welcome to ALL new World profit Members to our home business community, what to do now to get started.
  • World profit’s online bootcamp training lessons. Start the training. Lesson 3, how to ACTIVATE your bonuses. Very important!
  • Your Ad Tracker, how to access it, how to use it to evaluate your advertising campaigns
  • World profit’s Multi-Commission System – how to activate and why you should (Hint: 18 MORE streams of income)
  • Promotion Essentials (any affiliate program) How to promote, where, what to use, and expand your reach
  • Question and Discussion: How do I earn money when others are promoting the same link? How to Be Different.
  • Thinking and ACTING like a Business Owner, the CEO of your own company.
  • Creating your own Ebooks. How. Why.
  • WordPress Blogs hosted by World profit
  • Product Reviews
  • World profit Tube
  • What to look for when evaluating advertising and promotion offers
  • Join World Profit’s social site – create your own profile, add a picture, create a niche group, add your affiliate links, post your blog, share video links. Great place to get free promotion for your business interests and network with others in the affiliate marketing world, get backlinks to your site and more. This is a valuable and under-utilized free service.


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Set and Forget it Advertising Options

Many of you are busy over the holidays, and have taken advantage of Worldprofit’s "set and forget it" advertising options.
Specifically the following advertising options allow you to enter your ads once, and just let them run to generate leads and traffic. Priced for every budget, something for everyone. Details on each advertising service can be accessed in your Member area on the TOP MENU.

See all your advertising options in your World Profit member area

Want a package price to get a few or all at a discount?
Submit a Support Ticket and we will create an Advertising Bundle for you.

Your next LIVE interactive training session is FRIDAY January 3, 2020. 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Need help?

World Profit is here for you! You don’t need to feel alone when you are part of World Profit’s home business community.
Submit a Support Ticket tell us what you need and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Meet World profit’s Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch.
George Kosch is a former Captain (Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement 25 years ago to create Worldprofit Inc., along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. Most important to yuo, he’s your coach, mentor, instructor and expert in the industry.

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