Best way to build your email marketing list? Affiliate marketers take note.

Affiliate marketers are so focused on promotion they often forget that LIST BUILDING is critical to the growth of your online business.

They understand the importance of promotion BUT are promoting OTHER people’s links and not their own at the cost of growing their OWN list (and profits).

When you promote the links of someone else, and someone’s elses domain name, someone ELSE is getting their list built by YOU.

How do you stop this?


  1. Get your own domain name.
  2. Get a hosted website for YOUR business.
  3. Then on YOUR own website add as many links, optin forms, videos as you like to your various affiliate programs.
  4. Make sure all the optins, info requests, newsletter subscriptions come in to YOU.
  5. Use your OWN autoresponder system to compile your list.

Then when your affiliate programs change, or you drop or add new ones your list keeps growing, and you can easily remove / update the links on your website all the while your list keeps growing, and growing and growing.

Focus: Growing your online business starts with list building and continued growth of that list.

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