10 Things To DO and NOT DO to keep from getting hacked

Don’t click on attachments in emails, even if you know the person sending it. It’s not worth the risk of allowing your computer to get infected with a virus.

Never respond to spam, you will get put on a list as a responder and get more of the same.

Don’t click on links within emails that are made to look like they are from your bank, credit card company, IRS, or CRA

DO change your password OFTEN.

Password protect / thumb print protect your phone access in case you lose it

NEVER give anyone access to your PayPal account.

If you get called / emailed and fed some ridiculous yet convincing story, don’t fall for it. DON’T send anyone IPhone / Apple Cards/ Gift Cards / Bitcoin/ Money by Western Union.

NEVER allow anyone to install a program on your computer to "HELP YOU" or "SPEED UP YOUR COMPUTER" or "MAKE YOU RICH" Once installed the software will allow that person remote access to your computer and everything on it.
(Example never let anyone install a program called "Team Viewer" on your computer.)

NEVER give anyone you don’t know personally access to your computer.

Make sure you have some type of ANTI-Malware software on your computer. Recommended are: McAfee, Kaspersky. Avoid the free antivirus programs they are not as effective and powerful as you need it to be to protect yourself. Don’t use AVAST Antivirus -it’s a real pain due to some really stupid features.

Ask questions. Be safe. Be smart. Protect yourself.

If in doubt, hangup, or delete, DON’T CLICK.