In a world of fake, here’s one thing you can’t fake.

It’s a world of fakery these days.

  • Fake news
  • Fake leads
  • Fake traffic
  • Fake money-making schemes – here today and gone tomorrow
  • Fake websites
  • Fake income claims.

Here’s one thing you CAN’T fake.

25 YEARS in Business.

Worldprofit founded by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, hatched with little cash and big dreams on a kitchen table in 1994, in Alberta, Canada.

In those days, the .com world was just getting going, the new frontier, what was then known as the World Wide Web.

To put that time frame in perspective, Worldprofit started in 1994, Google was established in 1998, Facebook followed, ten years later in 2004.

Worldprofit was then, and continues to be a pioneer then industry leader in both the tech world and the affiliate marketing industry.

Today we have had the privilege of providing services to over 2 MILLION people worldwide.

People from all walks of life trust Worldprofit to learn how to earn online.

Worldprofit started as a web site hosting company and has now grown to offer over 100 unique, web-based services to our hosted Members.

Resources, training, education and software for one purpose; to help people start and grow their own online business.

Read reviews from actual customers.

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