Worldprofit Reviews: March 1st Affiliate marketing bootcamp training with George Kosch

Review of George Kosch’s MARCH 1, 2019 home business and affiliate marketing bootcamp training

George Kosch is your personal coach, instructor, and the Co-Founder and CEO of Worldprofit.
George offers this LIVE weekly interactive training to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members as part of your Membership package.
The LIVE training each week is your chance to ask questions, get answers and demonstrations as you follow along on screen.
The Friday training sessions compliment the online lessons that are available 24 hours a day in the training session of your member area.

Congratulations to LINDA ELZE, TOP SELLER at Worldprofit for February 2019

To EACH of you who made sales this past month – WELL DONE!
It all starts with one sale, learn and promote more, make more sales, your business grows.
If you didn’t make sales yet, then pay close attention to this training so we can get you on track.
Today’s training session focuses on PROMOTION and how Worldprofit’s system works to help you grow your online business now and for years to come.

Today’s Theme – Sales and PROMOTION

  • Whether you are just getting started or you are well on your way – Worldprofit’s training and marketing system is for you.
  • Website promotion vs Landing Page promotion – what you need to know
  • List building what it is and why it’s critical to your success. How to use Worldprofit’s system to build your own email marketing list
  • Lesson 3. Why Lesson 3 in your Worldprofit online training lessons is SO IMPORTANT.
  • Freebies and Offer: It’s the OFFER that gets the lead. How to make sure you get the lead every time.
  • Worldprofit’s sales conversion system
  • Worldprofit’s System: An overview – how it works for you to get leads, traffic, list members and SALES.
  • Master how to promote smartly and you will make money online – in Worldprofit (or any affiliate program) there is no secret – it’s simply consistent focus and effort on consistent promotion using Worldprofit’s system.
  • Worldprofit Tools and Resources you can use to save you time, money and frustration when promoting
  • Transitioning from being a biz opper to a BIZ OWNER. Be professional, get organized, be willing to learn, get focused, be patient.
    Worldprofit’s training platform is our one-stop success shop.
  • Social Media: If you don’t have a strong social media presence set up yet, do it. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube Channel, Twitter as many social media platforms as you can to brand yourself, get links to your site.
  • Don’t forget to join Worldprofit’s social site at
  • #1 Reason for failure ? Lack of mentality to take your business seriously rather then thinking about it as a hobby or a biz op. If you want to make money, be serious about the WORK you need to to and the LEARNING and TIME it takes to make that happen. Worldprofit creates business owners, you get all of the tools, resources, training and support you need to start and GROW your online business for years to come. This is a permanent money making state for you – long term business growth, short and long term income sources.
  • Worldprofit Platinum VIP Membership – benefits overview
  • Warning from George Kosch about online programs to AVOID. One of the benefits Worldprofit Members enjoy is the expertise offered by George Kosch from having been in the affiliate marketing industry for 25 years, he’s seen it all. Heed his advise and save yourself financial loss and frustration of being caught in suspect programs.
  • Attention: What to look for when buying SOLO ADS so you get quality advertising not garbage

What is a Worldprofit Certified Ebusiness Consultant (CEC)?
This has to be earned at Worldprofit, a certification and designation of achievement.

What is a Worldprofit MASTER Certified Business Consultant (MCEC)?
This has to be earned at Worldprofit, a certification and designation of continued maintained higher achievement.

Featured Demonstration

George Kosch demonstrated a recommended a FREE Graphics tool you can use to easily edit photos without any designer of tech knowledge.

How to save your images, PDFs to Worldprofit’s free IMAGE STORAGE LIBRARY

New Worldrofit products and service updates

1. Worldprofit’s ClickBank Super Store – pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 products

  • What is ClickBank’s Marketplace and how you make money promoting ClickBank products
  • How to sign up for ClickBank (no cost)
  • How to get the ClickBank Super Store installed on your Worldprofit hosted Silver or Platinum VIP Membership site
  • Customizable, Searchable. Store. Mobile and Google SEO friendly. Integrated with other aspects of your website
  • Built and Supported by Worldprofit Inc.
  • Sales Manager for SALES INTEL

Watch the Overview and HELP Video of Worldprofit’s CLICKBANK Superstore:
Watch the Overview and HELP Video of Worldprofit’s CLICKBANK Sale Manager:

2. Worldprofit Login Ads – NEW advertising service

  • George provided a demonstration of Worldprofit’s newest advertising service – LOGIN ADS at 18 High Traffic sites.
  • Login ads are the ADS that appear when Members login to one of our 18 popular traffic sites.
  • When you purchase a LOGIN AD, YOUR ad is what people see FIRST when they login.
  • Login Ads are a great way to get real human eyeballs on your ads – perfect for promoting Affiliate programs, biz ops, lead programs.
  • Enter your ad once, and it automatically goes on all 18 sites. Change your ad as often as you like
  • PLUS! Promote this service to earn commission – it’s a win-win for you and your buyers.
  • LOGIN AD Campaigns are available at a price that suits any budget.

3. NEW! Worldprofit’s Classified Ad System

Worldprofit Members get both a plugin for your site AND can post UNLIMITED ads.
George Kosch demonstrated what it is and how to use it.
Includes customization Features – change your main page image, the title etc to make your site unique.

  • How you benefit (leads, sign ups, list building, backlinks, ad views, traffic, promotion, sales conversions, SEO, and more)
  • How to get this system activated on your Worldprofit domain hosted Silver/Platinum VIP website
  • How to start posting your own UNLIMITED Classifieds Ads.
  • BACKLINKS! HUGE value for getting backlinks without doing anything, the network of Member sites does the rest for you
  • Each and every Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Member gets this Classified Ad System installed on your site at NO cost – our gift to you for your ongoing support of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer.

4. Personalized Email Accounts now INCLUDED with your Worldprofit HOSTING account

Want to get personalized email addresses tied into your Worldprofit hosted domain name?
Submit a Support Ticket tell us the email address you would like set up and we will do the rest. No cost for Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Members.

5. NEW Commission payout option!

  • Worldprofit has now added another payment option for getting your commission.
  • For our International Members, you now have the option to be paid commission by Direct Bank Deposit.
  • Other options include Cheque, PayPal, or for Canadian Members – (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Members also have the option to put your commissions on hold to allow them to grow then use or have them issued at a later day.
  • 100% of Commissions can be applied to purchase of services, or renewal of services including Memberships and advertising.

Access: LEFT MENU under Sales and Commission – Access your Commission Reports by month and also update your commission payout preferences under "How We Pay You".

6. UPGRADED Traffic Injections!

We’ve INCREASED the inclusions in the MONTHLY TRAFFIC Injection for Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members.
Silver members continue to get a BASIC Traffic injection of free ad credits, while PLATINUM VIP Members enjoy an even BIGGER MEGABLASTER injection.

Worldprofit Platinum VIP Members get MORE Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Credits at 18 top traffic sites – this is real value – if you purchased all that we’ve included it would be about $200 in advertising EVERY month. Use this advertising to promote ANY Affiliate program, it doesn’t have to be Worldprofit. Use your included Worldprofit REMINDER service to send yourself a reminder of when your next Traffic Injection can be activated.

Thank you to everyone who attended Worldprofit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training presented by Worldprofit Inc, with instructor George Kosch.

Wrap Up

Watch the MARCH 1, 2019 RECORDING in your Worldprofit Member area in the TRAINING section.

The next LIVE interactive affiliate marketing training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday March 8, 2019.

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