Questions from Associate Members with answers from George Kosch, CEO, Worldprofit Inc.

Question: When I upgrade my free Worldprofit Associate membership to Silver membership do I earn more?

Answer: When you upgrade from a free Associate membership to Silver Membership you earn more, a lot more!
Silver members earn 20 – 80% on sales referrals for Worldprofit services and up to 100% commission for sales of our recommended vendors, and Sales Funnels. As your business grows, you can look forward to earning bonuses up to $1,000.

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: We pay you by PayPal, or check for sales referrals.

Question: What else do I get as a Silver member? Is it worth it to upgrade?

Answer: You get TONS of practical, useful resources as a Silver Member.
Here’s just a few of the services you enjoy as a Silver member.
-website hosting (you get our own domain based site)
-traffic, lots of it
-lead tools
-list builders
-training (24 hour access, video and LIVE training every week
-HELP. We pride ourselves on being available to support and help our Members, 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.

So it it worth it to upgrade? Yes! That’s why we have so many members who have been Worldprofit Silver Members for years and years, they can’t even think about how much they would give up if they quit. They’d have to go out and buy the tools and resources that are INCLUDED in Worldprofit’s Silver membership.

Question: Is Worldprofit’s Silver membership a business? What is it exactly?

Answer: Yes, Worldprofit’s Silver membership is an online business that you can grow today and for years to come. It’s an all inclusive package that includes everything you need to start earning online. Nothing is left out. You won’t be nickled and dimed and you don’t have to upgrade to get unlimited access to the essential business tools you need to start and grow your own online business. use the tools and resources included to promote the affiliate programs you are in now, or, if you don’t have an affiliate program, promote our services or our recommended partners to earn consistent income. We provide the tools you need, the advertising options, the training and the support. You are not left alone to get frustrated, help is always here for both newbies and more experienced marketers. At Worldprofit you can earn as you learn.

Question: Who’s George Kosch?

Answer: That’s me. I’m a former Jet Pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. I left the military to start my own internet business way back in 1994, a start up called Worldprofit. I developed, and continue to instruct the bootcamp training included in Worldprofit’s Silver membership as well as created many of the software and services available to our members. This summer, Worldprofit celebrates our 24th birthday. We teach our members how to grow their own online business based on solid business principles, proven effective strategies and good old fashioned focus and determination. Today I am CEO of Worldprofit, but more important to you, is the fact that I teach YOU to be CEO of YOUR own successful online business.

Question: How do I upgrade to Silver membership to start enjoying unlimited Member benefits?

Answer: Login to your free Associate membership area, and click on ORDER SILVER MEMBERSHIP.
Don’t have a free Associate membership account yet?
Get one free at get logged in and upgrade to Silver membership within your member area.

Questions about Worldprofit or about upgrading to Silver membership?

Answer: Send us a message and we are happy to answer any other questions you have.