10 AWESOME places to promote your Affiliate Links – AND it won’t cost you a dime.

These high traffic member based sites are free to join and a great way to advertise your affiliate programs.

The value of a Member based traffic site, is people join and agree to receive promotions and offers.

It means when YOU advertise, people, REAL people (not bots) will actually see your ads.

Don’t think free doesn’t mean valuable! Try it and see the results for yourself.

Join one or join them all!

I’ve included the number of Members at each site as of today.

By the time you go there, the membership has likely increased and that is even better news for you – more exposure!

Here’s the list of 10 AWESOME recommended places to promote your affiliate link(s) at no cost.

Traffic Ad Links http://www.TrafficAdLinks.com (4,431 Members)

Ultimate Safelist Exchange http://www.UltimateSafelistExchange.com (5,029 Members)

QuantumSafelist.com http://www.QuantumSafelist.com (21,000+ Members)

Profit Ad Links http://www.ProfitAdLinks.com (4,571 Members)

Web Traffic Extreme http://www.WebTrafficExtreme.com (3,162 Members)

Viral Ad Land http://www.ViralAdLand.com (2,971 Members)

Instant Traffic Generation http://www.InstantTrafficGeneration.com (7,300 Members)

Bitcoin Ad Exchange http://www.BitCoinAdExchange.com (1,059 Members)

Traffic Center http://www.TrafficCenter.com (4,239 Members)

Dragon Surfer http://www.DragonSurfer.com (2,198 Members)

Last but not least, have a look at the Affiliate Link Blaster. Your affiliate link /ad is BLASTED for ONE FULL YEAR at the TOP SPONSOR at to 18 high traffic sites. Details http://www.afiliatelinkblaster.com/goalb phenomenal value for the mass exposure. Full reporting provided on both views and clicks. Change your ad any time in the course of the year, so if your affiliate program changes, just change your ad in the blaster.

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