Review of Worldprofit’s Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training Dec 15th, 2017.

Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc.


A: Commissions and Worldprofit’s Marketing System
George Kosch revealed that the highest commissions in Worldprofit’s 23 year history, were paid out today!
Our system proves over and over again that it works. YOU are a Member at Worldprofit due to the effectiveness of our system.
Sales are a result of a sophisticated marketing system that starts with YOU promoting consistently to generate Associates.
The more free Associate Members you introduce to Worldprofit the bigger and faster your business will grow.

B: Security
New security features integrated to Worldprofit’s network of sites in accordance with new browser requirements.
If you encounter any errors, kindly report them via Support Ticket.

C: New Worldprofit site and service

Worldprofit releases a new site, Free to sign up. Generate traffic while earning bitcoin.

D: New Worldprofit Sales Aid
Toward the end of the training, George provided details on a new service being introduce shortly that will benefit all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. It will operate behind the scenes in the Member area as a sales aid. Watch the recording for the announcement if you missed the LIVE announcement.

Convert your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Monthly Membership to a 1, 3 or 5 year term and save as much as 60% over paying monthly.
Start your 2018 off with SAVINGS and some nice loyalty bonuses! Get your personalized quote ty submitting a Support Ticket with your request.
David just jumped on this offer, and so did Ellen, Maude and Martin. Hurry current offers end DEC 31st, 2017.

Feature Topics:

Worldprofit’s online Bootcamp training lessons, there are over 125 lessons. If you haven’t started yes, please do.
Worldprofit offers a tremendous number of services, following the training will keep you on track and focussed on what you need to know and do.
You can go at your own pace through the training. Each lesson teaches you a skill, or a marketing strategy and introduced you to the tools, software, and resources in your member area to generate leads, traffic and grow your mailing list. These are the skills you need to master so you can promote ANY online business to generate commissions from multiple sources, not just from Worldprofit – for YEARS to come. We teach you how to grow a profitable, professional online business that you can be proud of, not a here today gone tomorrow biz op.

Types of Advertising:
You are NOT limited to what we recommend for promotion sources, you can promote anywhere you like.
The key is to PROMOTE as often ad you can, wherever that may be!
For those who do wish to promote to our recommended sites, we list them in your member area.

George offered some helpful time saving and organization tips

Questions are encouraged throughout the training.

A sample of questions and comments from training participants

Fran: Can you buy Bitcoin on this site? Or follow an Bitcoin ad?
Greg: Hello, I’m new. How to you manage the Exchanges so you do not get into Ad Click overload?

Sachin: You can keep the excel form by exporting from RoboForm
Fran: Under Sponser Associates the "Activated Column" what does the "green check" mean?
Teresa: I have the CB Store is there a benefit to also having the CB Maximizer as well?
Greg: How do you get metrics on where the clicks are coming from?
Fran: So most Associates don’t activate right away! Have to resend
Fran: That’s good news
Greg: I saw that but I was not sure how to analyze.
Lee: When does the commissions get updated with carry over
William: Great
Robert Andrew: cool
Charity: Awesome!!!
Robert: Thank You George this is too cool
Linda: awesome as usual..thank you George
Charity: Thanks George & Sandi!!! 🙂
Sachin: Thank you George
Fran: Thank you very much, good meeting!
Bo: Thanks Geroge
Scott: Thanks George

If you missed the Dec 15th bootcamp training with George Kosch, or would like to review it again, watch the recorded version in your Worldprofit member area in the TRAINING section.

Worldprofit’s next LIVE bootcamp training is Friday December 22nd, 2017. 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET. Hope to see you then! Available exclusively to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

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