Worldprofit Customer Review

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Dave Hayes… much appreciation to Dave for his nice words about Worldprofit’s system, training AND the dedication and commitment of our Monitor Team, in this case Cedric Meisse.

All of our Monitors, just like Cedric, work hard to close sales for our Members. When a Monitor makes a sale for you, how about sending them a nice note of thanks? Better yet, consider becoming a Monitor yourself. Get details about our Monitor program, by submitting a Support ticket linked on the TOP MENU.

Here’s what Dave sent in…

I would like to submit this testimonial, for use on todays training to highlight the effective use and work the monitors do, specifically in this case Cedric Meisse.

I am a Platinum VIP member, have been for a short time now and absolutely love all the benefits this turnkey system provides me for building both Worldprofit & My Own Business Education consultancy.

Cedric was monitor on duty last night, while I was out for dinner with my wife and thanks to his excellent skills and knowledge of the Worldprofit system, managed to help one of my prospects, sign up to the Silver package.

This highlights both the very good way the system works especially when you follow, stick too and apply lesson 3.

My prospect initially came in through a safelist mailing, was followed up with through the systems prospect manager and this led to last nights upgrade.

So thank you to George & Sandi for creating this simple, yet powerfully effective system, and cedric for his great work last night.

This testimonial is submitted and will show newer members of Worldprofit, that it works, when you work it.

George, please use this on Fridays Bootcamp Training to help others : 0

Dave Hayes
West Sussex, UK

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