Worldprofit thanks Wallace Johnson.

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A warm THANK YOU goes out to those who have submitted a Testimonial about Worldprofit's services, training and support.
We really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the work we do.

Here we feature a testimonial submitted by Wallace Johnson.  THANK YOU Wallace for taking the time to do so!
We are truly honoured to have enjoyed your friendship and support over the last 10 years, we look forward to many more. 
Wallace proves to us all that age is no obstacle in growing your successful online business. You are an inspiration to all.

"As a Former Test Pilot on the Apollo Program (The Lunar Landing), I have enjoyed a certain degree of success as the Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ, a (Daring Enterprise With A Journey).  I give Worldprofit much of the credit in that Worldprofit's leadership of George Kosch and Sandi Hunter have provided me and my Worldprofit Associates the necessary skills to accomplish our mission.  Worldprofit has provided Product Support as well as Training, Tools, Tips, and above all Traffic. I have been with Worldprofit almost ten years and highly recommend it as the solution to the challenge encountered by those who desire to be a success while working from home."

Wallace Johnson, Alameda, CA, USA
Former Test Pilot on the Apollo Program
Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ,
Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member
SR. Monitor and Supervisor to the Monitor Team
Safelist owner,