Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch, Oct 21st, 2016.

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Worldprofit's home business training session today was packed with valuable good-for-you information!

George Kosch was excited! He covered a number of important training topics today and provided a sneak preview of some fabulous new advertising packages to be released shortly.  Read on to find out why we are so excited about this and you will be too!

Let's dig in to the nitty gritty of what was covered today.

Worldprofit's Silver Membership

Welcome to all our new Silver Members! George made it clear that you do NOT need to buy anything outside of the Silver membership to get started earning online. The package is comprehensive and has been built and expanded over many years to include the absolute essentials you need to start profitting from your online business. Everything is set up for you from  day one, including your training modules so you know what to do,  and how to use all the resources included to promote and grow your business – and YES start making money.
We offer other OPTIONAL services for those who are more serious, more experienced – but these extras are not required to start earning right away – the basic Silver Membership has it all!   

Bootcamp Training Lessons

George demonstrated how to access the online Bootcamp Lessons, many complete with videos and all with one purpose to teach you about the essentials of building your own online business. There are over 125 lessons but LESSON 3 is the most important! Know this lesson, understand it, REVIEW it!  It's about traffic and lead generation, master this and you will be a successful online marketer not just now but for many years to come as your business grows.    Many of you are in a number of Affiliate programs so George talked about Lesson 103 which focuses on how to use the resources included in your Worldprofit Membership to get leads, generate traffic and list build for any and all your affiliate programs.

Worldprofit's Earn at Home System

George explained how Worldprofit's system works in many obvious (and not so obvious) ways to allow you to simply promote while letting Worldprofit's system work in the background. Specifically from our Associate newsletter, landing pages, our offers, upgrade incentives, the 24 Hour Live Business Center, One Time Offers,  the list builders and traffic tools all included in your Membership. It's all outlined in the training, follow the training. Don't take short cuts. Put in the time to learn, you are worth it. Remember, you are building a reputable ONLINE business, this is not a biz – op!

Google Analytics

A participant inquired about how to track traffic data for his Worldprofit website. George suggested getting Google Analytics and demonstrated how to sign up for this free service, and how to add the Analytics code to your website using the included Website management editor.


1. Google Analytics has now been added to the Diamond URL Rotator.
Worldprofit now publicly publishes traffic data for our Diamond URL Rotator Advertising program.
Now advertisers can see for themselves, confirmed data traffic from Google to verify the views, visitors, sources and more. 
The Diamond URL Rotator is an extremely popular service and for good reason, it's tremendous value and now with confirmable traffic data from Google, advertisers can continue their trust and confidence in Worldprofit as a reputable advertising source.

2. New Targetted Website Traffic Packages with VERIFIABLE Real Time Tracking. 

A sneak preview was provided of Worldprofit's new Targetted Website Traffic Packages that will be released shortly.

These traffic packages will provide VERIFIABLE Traffic.

These will be Targetted Visitor Campaigns that can be used for ANY of your own affiliate programs. 

No bots. No pay to click. No Spam.  

Real Visitors only!

Advertising packages will be offered for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months of 1 Year and each include tracking and real time data.

Silver Members can promote these new packages to earn 20% on sales, while Platinum VIP Members will earn 40% for package sales.
Members also have the option of purchasing these advertising packages for their own promotion purposes.

A final release date for these packages has not been set but we are aiming for next week. Watch for announcements in the Bootcamp Newsletter and in the Message Center in your Worldprofit Member area. We will be providing promotional content as well so you can hit the ground running. 

Thank you to each of you who attended the training today. We LOVE your questions, and your enthusiasm about the services and training we offer here at Worldprofit. 

Last words are for our Monitor Team. THANK YOU FOR your ongoing commitment of time to keep Worldprofit's Live Business Center operational 24 hours a day. The entire Worldprofit home business community benefits from what you do, and we couldn't provide this unique and powerful service without you.    
–> We are looking for new Monitor trainees!  If interested submit a Support Ticket and we will send you details.

The next LIVE training session is Friday Oct 28th, 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

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