5 Sure Fire (Affordable) Ways to Promote your Affiliate Programs for mass exposure and quality results.

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Smart marketers are always looking for ways to expand their marketing reach.
Many affiliate marketers are determined but have little or no budget for advertising.
If you want to generate leads and sales you need reputable advertising sources that won't break your bank but will deliver REAL results – no fake traffic.

Here's 5 advertising recommendations for affiliate marketers each with excellent value, reputation and solid massive exposure for your websites.

1. Solo Ad Blaster Packages. 1, 5, 10 and 20 Packs.
Your Solo ad goes out to all 12 of our Top Mailers

2. Submit your URLs (up to 5) to our Diamond Rotator for ONE YEAR of Traffic.
Change your URLS as often as you like. No traffic limits.
Worldprofit has access to a juggernaut of traffic. Set it and forget it marketing.

3. Submit your SOLO ad to our Sapphire Rotator.
We buy this advertising at trusted sites, and also our own sites, and list the places for you to see where your ads will appear.
Weekly stats sent to you to verify the traffic. 

4. Gold Banner Rotator.
Submit your 5 Banners to our Rotator for 24/7 exposure for ONE YEAR.
Change your banners up as much as you like. No limits

5. DragonSafelist.com One of our TOP Mailers.
Recently upgraded and redesigned.
Promote any and all your affiliate programs. No cost to join

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George Kosch
Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc., specializing in home business and advertising for over 20 years.