Review of George Kosch’s LIVE home business bootcamp Friday May 13, 2016. Presented by the home business experts at Worldprofit.

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Worldprofit's Home Business Bootcamp Instructor and Coach, George Kosch spent some time today reviewing some of the powerful resources included in Worldprofit's Silver membership.

Specifically he showed just a few of the business building and money making products and software INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Silver Membership.

In your Silver membership you get….

-Home Business Bootcamp Lessons (Over 125 go at your own pace lessons on topics dedicated to online marketing and business growth)

-Prospect Manager Software

-Associates Tracker

-Website Management (Edit your site, add affiliate code banners, menus, pages, widgets, graphics, Google Analytics etc)

-Who's Logged In. Know who your best prospects are at any time.

-Tools for promoting your own Affiliate Programs. 

-Promo Codes for Free Advertising – no matter what affiliate program you are promoting these codes get you FREE advertising.

-Advanced Links for the serious earners and the keeners who want to earn consistent income.

-Graphics Builders/Editors – no technical skill required. Professional results with NO learning curve.

-Sales Funnel Builder – One Click and you are ready to go (Keep 100% of your earnings)

-Amazon Storefront Builder – one step and your store is up.

-Promo Bots – makes promotion automated!

-Ebook Creator – Create one ebook, create 1000 ebooks. All you need to get started is INCLUDED.

-Affiliate Center (Easily add your own affiliates to your website)

-Lazy Blogger (post to ALL your blogs at once with this easy posting tool) Huge timer saver.

-Landing Page Builder – create unlimited landign pages for any and ALL your affiliate programs. One of our most popular and easy to use tools.

-Ad Tracker (Smart marketers track their ads so you know where you are getting results and where you aren't)

-Universal Bonus Builder (Create offers to generate more sales in ANY of your programs)

-Money Makers Promo Kit   – ready for you to promote NOW. Start making sales now.

Organization Tools

-Link Manager (Keep all your promotion links in one place)
-Reminders Tool / Calendar System
-Prospect Manager
-Traffic Multiplier (take any link you want and multiply the traffic to it)

Optional Tools

JitBit (Save TONS of time when doing your promotion with this tool. Save your URLS and your marketing messages in an easy to use format so you don't have to keep typing the same thing all the time)

SEO Tool for easy submission of multiple sites.

Included in the Platinum VIP Membership

-unlimited use autoresponder
-Advanced easy to use Graphics programs
-Personal LIVE Business Center for hosting your own online meetings
-Higher commission grade (double what Silver members earn – 40%)
-Mega Solo Blaster Privileges to 150,000 per month
-Higher Monthly Traffic Injections
-Instant Video Recording Studio

Interested in upgrading from Silver to Platinum VIP Membership?
Just submit a Support ticket and request details.

Worldprofit is the most comprehensive place on line for online markting tools AND training and support.
We don't just give you the tools and say good luck! Our detailed training teaches you how to use them to grow your business, build your list and earn consistent online income for years to come. Training is provcided through LIVE sessions each week, online lessons and video instructions.
This is not a biz op. This is a professional teaching program all inclusive with what you need to grow your own successful online business.
If you are looking for a specific tool use the SEARCH field in your Worldprofit Member area, or submit a Support ticket so we can help you locate.


Commissions. George Kosch reviewed the sales commisssions for both Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.  What you earn, when you earn, how much you can earn, bonuses and more. 

Attention NEW Members.

If you are a new Member at Worldprofit, please get started with your online bootcamp lessons – The first 3 lessons are SO important! Master the basics of promotion so you can use these skills to build ANY and ALL your online business. What we teach you in the training and the tools included in your Membership can be used to promote any affiliate program, business opportunity or MLM program you are involved in. Of course you can also use them to promote Worldprofit's web-based products and services.  There are currently over 125 lessons you can do at your own pace to learn about all aspects of online marketing.

Need help?  
Just submit a Support Ticket, we are here 7 days a week to help you. The link to access Support is on the TOP menu.


Monitor Meeting this Saturday May 14th, 2016 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
If you cannot attend the LIVE meeting, it is recorded as well and you can watch later.

Anyone interested in becoming a Monitor please submit a Support Ticket and we'll send you details.
Being a Monitor is the best way to learn and a terrific way to get some perks and cash bonuses for Silver sales.


Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE home business training session. Your questions, input and comments are encouraged and appreciated to the training more meaningful to you and all Members.

Worldprofit's next LIVE home business bootcamp training with George Kosch is Friday May 20, 2016. 8 AM CT/ 9 AM ET.
If you cannot attend the LIVE session and have questions, submit your questions via the Support Form and George can discuss and answer in the LIVE session then you can watch the recorded version later to get your answers or see your demonstration.

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