How to write Blog Titles that Tantalize Your Readers! Do this to keep your followers and get more.

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If you're going to spend the time it requires to blog then you want to make certain your time is for the maximum return.

You want readers right?

You want your blog to be shared in social media right?

You want more  traffic so  you earn more money? 

Smart bloggers who earn considerable revenue from their blogs, know it's critical to have well-thought, attention-getting blog titles.  

Here I share some critical points about writing blog titles so yours gets noticed among the millions of blogs out there.

For effective blog titles do this:

A great blog title gets the readers attention then draws them in so they actually read your blog. Remember, some web sites, and devices like cell phones and iPad aps, show only the title of your blog. Your introduction or summary of what the blog is about may not even appear so your title better be instantly eye-popping and interesting. If readers see only your title, and your title is lame, you are less likely to get readership. Instead make your title catchy, one that immediately conveys what the blog is about so readers think you are click-worthy. Be sure that your title is not word-heavy but is clear and obvious. Readers what to know right away what you have to offer and if its worthy of their precious time to read. When you read my examples below you will get a better understanding of what goes into a Blog Title that DEMANDS readership.

Creating blog titles that will get indexed by search engines, and read by people. 

When creating your titles you want to use as many key words related to your blog content as you can. Before you even start your blog post, think about who you want to read this post and what key words are relevant to your purposes and to your audience. If your blog is targeting a specific audience, try to work that into the title so your title speaks and says to the individual – HEY READ ME! If you want people to read your blog who are looking for specific key words related to what you offer, work those key words into the title.

Consider that people are busy, often they prefer short, easy to read blog posts. Ensure if you can that your blog title relays this by summarizing what you blog includes.

Don't compromise the value of your key words by being too creative in your title, make sure they are included in your title. With Google's efforts to focus on fresh content for the higher ranking search matches, you want to make sure if your blog is about a trending topic, a news event, or breaking news, that it gets scanned first. You can help this happen by integrating the most obvious key words in your title so your blog gets scanned by Google and other search engine bots. You can get a little help with this using Google's own webmaster tools, free for any domain owner.

Finally, an important reason to give some thought to use of key words within your Blog title is this.  If you have any type of monetization on your blog, such as Google's Ad Sense, the key words you use will trigger specific related topic ads to appear on your site. This is beneficial to you, as ads that appear on your blog are more closely matched to your Ad Sense ads which offers you somewhat of an advantage for potential earning through clicks on the ads that appear on your blog.

Convey what your Blog is about with a smart title.

In your Blog title, say exactly what your content is in an enticing way. If you can find a clever way to shock, or make someone take notice within your Blog title, do so. For example, offer 7 Tips, or 10 Strategies, or 10 Ways to Drop 10 Pounds.  This style of titling is a good way to convey that your blog is brief but includes valuable information. For some blog titles you may find it helpful to convey a sense of urgency so readers gets the feeling they will miss out on some really good, juicy or helpful information if they don't read it. Celebrity gossip and Hollywood bloggers are particularly good at dangling carrots (celebrity names with a hint of scandal) within their blog titles to attract readership.

When we post to our blogs we regularly analyze the data to see which topics and which titles and which subject lines get the most clicks. What I have used in my examples below is based on some of this user data.

You may be thinking to yourself, WHOA! She is asking for a lot to be incorporated into a simple blog title! Yes, I am but it is easy if you know how to do it, you will get better at it as you go and your results will reward and motivate you. It's for your own good – really.

To help you get started, I've included 7 examples of effective and less effective blog titles below. 

Example 1

Weak:    How to grow roses.
Strong : How to grow roses that make your neighbours green with envy

Example 2

Weak:   Allergies: a problem experienced by 30% of Americans
Strong: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to get rid of allergies for good!

Example 3

Weak:   Here's our picks for the best hotels in Toronto.
Strong:  Our experts rate the TOP 10 BEST Hotels in Toronto, Ontario.

Example 4

Weak:  Looking for ways to increase your sales? We have what you need to know.
Strong:  5 Powerful Strategies That Will Triple Your Sales Today! Do this and make more money!

Example 5

Weak:  US Presidential candidates, a look at who's running, the favourites and the predicted losers.
Strong: Why Bernie Sanders can kiss his chances at being President good-bye!

Example 6

Weak:  If you really do want to lose weight, this calorie counting program works.
Strong:  10 PROVEN Ways to Shed Weight FAST! Hollywood Celebrities count on this for results every time!

Example 7

Weak:   Play better golf with this practice drill.
Strong:  Golfers! Here's 3 Simple Ways to Take 10 Strokes off your Handicap.

See, it's not so hard. Spending a few extra minutes to think and tweak your Blog Titles will get you more new readers, keep your current readers, and achieve more shares, more traffic and higher revenue! 

About the Author:

Sandi Hunter, is Co-Founder and President of Worldprofit Inc.  Started in 1994, Worldprofit has helped people worldwide grow their own online business with comprehensive training, support and resources from newbies to more seasoned affiliate marketers. 

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