Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Jan 22, 2016 presented by Worldprofit’s marketing expert George Kosch

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The most refreshing thing about George Kosch's weekly LIVE interactive training is the absence of HYPE.
The purpose of the weekly training is to HELP you understand internet marketing and all facets of business building as well as how to benefit from Worldprofit's system. Members receive solid, "good-for-your bank accoount" strategies for earning consistent online income from a number of reputable sources. George's down to earn approach as a skilled and experienced trainer is an hour well spent. 

For over an hour each week George shows on screen step by step what you need to do to grow your online business.
He discusses common misconceptions, exposes myths,  answers questions from participants, and delivers the odd kick in the pants to those who need it.  George demonstrates the tools and software included in Worldprofit's Silver Membership that can be used to generate leads, build traffic, grow your lists, and make sales in a number of income programs.

Specific Training Topics Covered in this session

-The Importance of following the online bootcamp lessons. Focus. Go at your own pace 
-Promotion Basics critical to the success of online marketers. Consistency. 
-Worldprofit's Marketing System. Comprehensive.
-Beating the Bots with Captchas. Critical.
-The Double Optin Delemna. 
-Filtering good leads from bad. Avoid wasting your money on bogus leads from shady sellers.  
-Protecting your business interests.
-JV Zoo. Recommend products, or pick your own!
-Exclusive Leads. We buy these from a trusted source on a limited basis.
-Knowing which Associates to contact (Who's Logged In). Included tool so you know who is more serious. 

What's New.

What we've done that is DOUBLING sales from Associates…
George offered information on Worldprofit's new OTO Pages (One Time Offers) for Associates.

By popular request ANOTHER SALES FUNNEL is being worked on now.
We expect to have this ready for Members within 48 hours.
These are INSTANT set up money makers and list builders – 100% of earnings you make is yours. 

MONITOR TRAINING meeting is Saturday Jan 23, 2016 at 11 AM ET.

The recording of the training session was recorded and can be found in the TRAINING section of your Worldprofit Member area within 24 hours.

Thank you to everyone who attended the training program. We encourage and appreciate your active participation and enthusiasm. Love the positive energy! Attitude is everything.

The next LIVE interactive home business bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday Jan 29, 2016 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

It all starts with LEARNING … now get busy with the DOING. Login to your Member area and get started on the bootcamp lessons or continue your progress and for the love of dogs, DO your promotions.  Sales come from PROMOTION. The more you promote the better. All the tools, resources, landing pages and recommended promotion sites and MORE are in your Member area.

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