What do SEO Experts use for site submissions?

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You think SEO Experts know something you don't about improving site ranking?

They do.

They know about this site and use it exclusively for themselves and for their clients.


SEO Optimizer Pro is the most efficient, powerful, and completely automated way to promote your website to over 500,000 Search Engines, Directories, Link Pages, Online Malls, Classified Sites! 100% Automated – A Complete Traffic Generating Machine!!!

You don't have to be an expert or tech smart to use this. ANYONE can use this quickly and easily to get RESULTS.

SEO Optimizer Pro  helps potential customers find you!

Submitting your site consistently and properly will drive traffic to you. Manually submitting can take up hours of your valuable time – SEO Optimizer Pro completely automates this task.

There's absolutely NO SOFTWARE to download, and our easy-to-use wizard will have you submitting your first site in minutes.

Top Reasons SEO Optimizer Pro is a MUST HAVE Service for newbies AND for experts and for resellers:

  • Unlimited re-submissions of multiple domains and pages
  • 100% automated!
  • Submitting your web site consistently is the #1 way to get indexed by search engines
  • Search Engines re-index their databases every 4-8 weeks
  • Web Sites are removed and re-indexed during their updates
  • SEO Optimizer Pro gives you the power to submit from once per month to once per day and many options in between, completely automated!
  • You can simply set up SEO Optimizer Pro once and the system is then on Auto-Pilot! Never worry about resubmitting your site again!
  • There's nothing to download, no software to learn. SEO Optimizer Pro's easy-to-use wizards walk you through several simple steps and you're done! If you know what your domain name is, you can use the SEO Optimizer Pro System!
  • All of your data is stored with us. Want to change your resubmission schedule? It's done with 2 clicks! Nothing is more simple and can drive traffic like SEO Optimizer Pro!

SEO Optimizer Pro does all the work for you 24×7! Set up your domains ONCE and SEO Optimizer Pro will resubmit your site on the schedule YOU CHOOSE!

Do you have multiple domains? No Problem! SEO Optimizer Pro can submit any number of domains from 1 to 1 Million – all completely automated!

30 Day Free Trial. No risk. No obligation. Try it. The only thing that can happen is your site ranking will go UP!



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George Kosch releases his latest Ebook, Ultimate List Building Tactics. The Money Is In the LIST!

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George Kosch's newest ebook

Ultimate List Building Tactics. The Money Is In the LIST!

….is READY!

George Kosch is the co-founder of Worldprofit, a multi-million dollar internet based company that has now grown to over 2 MILLION members.
In his 20 years of business, George has learned more than a thing or two about email marketing, a broad subject that is broken down into 9 easy to follow informative chapters. Both newbies and seasoned marketers will want to get their hands on this ebook!

If you've got a list, you have access to making money – all day – every day. BUT, you must know what you are doing!

In this revealing ebook George shares valuable insider insight on how to market your own online business by growing your own email marketing list, specifically:

What is list building and why you need to build a list
Email Marketing, what you must know to get results
List Building Basics from Autoresponders to Squeeze Pages
WordPress – easy and essential to your email marketing campaign
Blogging essentials – what you must do to get SEO ranking
Lead Capture Forms – no leads, no sales. Do this to get leads, all day every day.
The fundamental keys to list building success – how to get MORE subscribers honestly!
Creating high value email campaigns
Effective Newsletter Strategies
Ensuring DELIVERY of your email marketing messages

Soft marketing versus aggressive marketing – what will deliver the BEST results!
Ebooks, reports, offers
Contests, Entry Wall, Strategies for pulling in prospects consistently
Incentives – how to get them to actually buy and buy now!
Target marketing
Social Media Marketing – So important, he tells you why and what to do
How to get people to READ and RESPOND to your messages
Converting LIKES into Email Subscribers
Influence Marketing, getting people to share and talk about your messages
Ad Swaps, Solo Ads, what are they and what successful marketers know that you don't
Profiting from your list, creating emails that SELL
How to make money every tme you press SEND to your Email list
Building Buz and Anticipation
Sales Funnels – oh boy these can make you money!
Affiliate marketing – easy money – a must for anyone with a large and growing email list

Now for a limited time George Kosch is giving away his secrets, strategies and expertise ALL in one good-for-you information dense ebook.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members can get your free copy in your Member area on LEFT MENU select GOODY BAG then select YOUR GOODIES.

If you are not a Member and would like to get a copy of George Kosch's ebook, ULTIMATE LIST TACTICS, go here  http://www.ultimatelistbuildingtactics.com/

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member,  you're missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources.  Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com  

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Worldprofit Bootcamp Review for Dec 24, 2015.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends around the world!

May you and your family enjoy the best of the season with kind wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.

From our Worldprofit family to yours..

~ George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and our entire Worldprofit Support Team


Worldprofit Members! Did you miss the training session today? Here's a recap and link to the recording

This week's live interactive training was held a day early on Dec 24th due to Christmas Day falling on the Friday.

George Kosch, Worldprofit's bootcamp instructor commenced the program welcoming all Members.

Training Topics:

Bootcamp Training lessons
Associates: Who's logged in.
Marketing Essentials
List Building
Landing Pages
Ad Tracker
Lead Generation
Traffic Generation
How Worldprofit's system works and how you earn.
Worldprofit's LIVE Business Center – how you benefit
Monitors – What's involved. Perks. How to get involved.
What do free Associate Members see when they login in to their Member area. (very different from what Silver members receive)

Throughout the training George answered questions from participants.

Members are encouraged to request demonstrations of anything specific that they need help with.


LIVE Chat (optional service) George Kosch showed how to access the LIVE CHAT and add it to your landing pages, your sales pages, your website and so forth. Terrific way to assist your prospects and increase your sales.

NEW! Navigation Bar. George demonstrated the new NAV BAR that can be easily added to your website, PLR Store etc. The NAV BAR follows your visitors as they travel through your site and is also a list building tool.

The training program was recorded for the benefit of those unable to attend the LIVE session or for those who wish to watch it again.

THANK YOU TO OUR MONITORS for donating your valuable time! 

NOTICE: A meeting for Monitor training is Saturday Dec 26 at 11 AM ET.  

—-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member,  you're missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources.  Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com  

Worldprofit's Deal of the Day: Save 60 to 70%. When it's gone it's gone though, so check it out now or miss out

Review: Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Friday Dec 18, 2015. Sales funnels and more.

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George Kosch welcomed participants to the training program.

Over the past year, Worldprofit Members have had access to 50 LIVE interactive training sessions. That's over 50 hours of personalized training in addition to the 100+ online lessons. The recordings of these sessions are available in your Worldprofit Member area in the training section.

George offered congratulations to those members who have been following the training and promoting to earn consistent income in 2015.
Now that you have the basics down pat there is no reason why this trend shouldn't continue and 2016 is an even better year for you!

A: Discussion:  How to give away Sales Funnels to generate leads
B: Featured Worldprofit Products and Services

Who's Logged in
Magic List Builder
Sales Funnels Builder (now 6 included)
Exit Pages
Landing Page Builder
Worldprofit Locker (Home Business Video Library) http://www.worldprofittube.com
Seo Optimizer Pro http://www.SeoOptimizerPro.com

C: Optional Recommended Tools

Call Loop (free trial available in your Worldprofit Member area)

D:  Ebook for Generating LEADS!  

George Kosch's new ebook, INTERNET MARKETING SECRETS is avaialable at no cost to all Worldprofit members, you can also give this ebook away to generate leads.

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members can get your free copy in your Member area on LEFT MENU select GOODY BAG then select YOUR GOODIES.

Now, here is how to use this powerful and revealing ebook to generate leads!
We've built landing pages for you and they are ready to use now!

In your Worldprofit Member area on TOP MENU select AD EXAMPLES then click on LIST BUILDER PAGES.
If you are logged in now to your Member area this direct link will take you right there


On that page you will find George's ebook, Dr. Jeffrey Lant's ebook and Sandi Hunter's ebook.
Promote one or all of them to generate targetted home business seeker leads.

E: Announcements

MONITOR TRAINING MEEETING is Saturday Dec 19th at 11 AM ET. All JR and SR Monitors are encouraged to attend.



Not a member yet of Worldprofit?

You are missing out on valuable training and support to grow your own successful online business, or expand your existing business. Get a free Associate membership at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com

Worldprofit Daily Deal can SAVE you up to 60% http://seooptimizerpro.com/dailydeal/


Worldprofit Releases Sales Funnels

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Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members just got MORE value added into your Membership.

We have added at no cost the Sales Funnel Builder, the latest product engineered by Worldprofit co-founder, George Kosch. 

Create Complete Sales Funnels that You Own – On YOUR Website – with ONE Click!.

– See more at:  http://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=450

Easily and quickly create Sales Funnels for the sale of awesome products, courses, software and more.
Everything is done for you including great products, landing pages and integration of a secure order system with PayPal.

–>  Newbie friendly! 

–> Super easy to use!

–> Get started using these in minutes.

 Available exclusively at NO EXTRA COST to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

We currently we have 3 Ready to Go Sales Funnels available for Member use with 3 MORE to be added TODAY. 
We will add even MORE as we find quality products of value.

Watch the video here: http://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=450

Not a member yet of Worldprofit? Get a free Associate membership at http://www.worldprofit.com

Ready to start your own profitable online business, or start growing your existing business? Worldprofit can help with training, specialized software, traffic and support. Go to http://www.worldprofitmembership.com   

90,001 reasons to RENEW your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership!

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Did you know that EVERY month you renew your Worldprofit membership you get traffic injections and solo email blast privileges?

Use this traffic for ZERO cost advertising for any and all your online opportunities. 

Give up your membership and give up all this free advertising – and don't think free means it's not valuable!
These are all popular high traffic safelists and a captive business opportunity audience.

Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a Traffic injection every month!

EVERY month that you continue your Silver Membership, you get FREE Ad Credits:

TrafficCenter.com  – 2000 visitors, 2000 banner views, 2000 text ad views
SafelisteXtreme.com  – 10,000 credits
DragonSafelist.com – 10,000 credits
Ultimate Safelist Exchange.com  – 10,000 ad credits
Traffic Ad Links.com – 10,000 ad credits


EVERY MONTH that you continue your Platinum VIP Membership you get FREE Ad Credits:

TrafficCenter.com  – 5000 visitors, 5000 banner views, 5000 text ad views
SafelisteXtreme.com  – 20,000 credits
DragonSafelist .com – 20,000 credits
Ultimate Safelist Exchange.com  – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership 
Traffic Ad Links.com  – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership

Access in your Member area on LEFT MENU select ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on TRAFFIC INJECTIONS and follow instructions there.

To make sure you get ALL your traffic injections, make sure you have activated all your free traffic accounts.


As a Silver member you qualify for a Solo-Blast to 90,000 per month at no cost. That's YOUR ad going out to 9,000 Members EVERY 3 days!
Access this on LEFT MENU select SOLO BLASTER to 30,000 then click on EmailBlaster Program.

As a PLATINUM VIP Member you qualify for even more Solo-Blast privileges!
Platinum VIP Members can blast your ad (any ad) to 150,000 Members EVERY MONTH – that's your ad going out to 15,000 members EVERY 3 days!)
Access this on LEFT MENU select SOLO BLASTER to 30,000 then click on EmailBlaster Program

Often Members are not aware of these additional valuable benefits of being a Worldprofit Member!

The Traffic is just one MORE perk, you also get access to 100+ online training lessons, LIVE interactive Weekly training, SEO tools, Sales Closing, graphics programs, Ebook Creators, PLR, Ad Swipes, HELP 7 Days a week,  recommended income programs paying 20 to 100% and so much more. Everything in your Members area is about helping you GROW your online business.

We teach you how to use the resources in your Member area to generate multiple streams of income.
Promote Worldprofit services, or promote your own programs, but USE the resources available to you.

One long time Member told us last week, "I can't think for one minute about giving up my membership because I would LOSE money by having to buy services elsewhere" that are all included in  Worldprofit's Membership.

Follow the bootcamp training lessons so we can get you on track for income from a number of trusted sources, or your own too – not just Worldprofit referrals.

If you have any questions at all please let us know, we are here 7 days a week to help you and happy to do so. Simply submit a Support Ticket. We are here to help you and are happy to do so!

Oh! Here's ONE more great reason to renew your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership!

George Kosch has created something Members are going to LOVE!

We have just added a SALES FUNNEL BUILDER for our Members!
These are POWERFUL new money makers for you – keep 100% of what you earn!

Your cost for this new service? ZERO. You don't pay one dime extra – it's INCLUDED in your Membership.
Plus, you can USE the products included in the Sales Funnels at NO COST. 

That's not all!

We plan to add MORE sales funnels as we research and select exciting new products!

Find the SALES FUNNEL BUILDER in your Member area,  on TOP MENU click on WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then on SALES FUNNELS.
Watch the help video and get started IMMEDIATELY.

As so many of our Members tell us, they can't think for one minute about giving up their Worldprpfit Membesrhip, they would lose too much!  

As Garry Smith said today, "Worldprofit just keeps getting better and better!"

Not a Worldprofit Member yet? Get a free Associate Membership at http://www.worldprofit.com  

Congratulations to Worldprofit’s TOP SELLERS for November 2015.

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Congratulations to Worldprofit's TOP SELLERS for Month of November. 

Your consistent promotion and focus is paying off for you!

1. Linda Elze, Platinum VIP Member 
2. Brian Armstrong, Platinum VIP Member 
3. Howard Martell, Platinum VIP Member 
4. Wallace Johnson,   Platinum VIP Member  
5. William Buck,  Platinum VIP Member 
6. Jeremiah Johnson,  Platinum VIP Member 
7. Lisa Martiniuk,  Platinum VIP Member 
8. Garrett L Hutsko,  Platinum VIP Member 
9. Maggie Eslinger,  Platinum VIP Member 
10. Michael Harris,  Platinum VIP Member

and a BIG round of applause for our Worldprofit MONITOR TEAM who helped close those sales for you! 

If you want to be on the TOP SELLERS list. Do this. Apply the training. Promote consistently. Never give up.

LIVE interactive training is EVERY Friday with marketing expert and Worldprofit Co-Founder, George Kosch. This training is to help you learn what you ned to do to earn online today, tomorrow and for the long term as you grow your own successful online business. Ask questions, get demonstrations, follow along from the comfort of your own home. All sessions are also recorded so if you cannot attend the LIVE sessions watch later when convenient for you. The LIVE programs compliment the online lessons in your Member area (over 100 self paced lessons).

Not a member of Worldprofit? Get a free Associate Membership at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com

Worldprofit Members: Facebook Marketing Courses

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(The following is Lesson 89 from Worldprofit's online Bootcamp Lessons presented by George Kosch:  Facebook Marketing.

Worldprofit Members you can access ALL the lessons (over 100) in your Worldprofit Member area  

Advanced Marketers know that Facebook marketing is powerful if you know what and how to do it.

We have searched the web for training materials to help our Members understand the power of Facebook Marketing.

We finally found what we were looking for, several courses from industry professionals and Facebook experts, and we've incorporated them into your Member area.

The courses are INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership. 

These courses are valued at about $400 if you were to buy them yourself – so take advantage!

It makes no sense to explain the courses here, we suggest you go to the SOCIAL NETWORKING section of your Member area.  You will find this section on the LEFT MENU.

In the Social Networking section you will find the courses and can get started now, go at your own pace. It's not a race. Soak up this information then do what you learn.

  Facebook Marketing Secrets, and…

   Facebook Video Course

  Facebook ADVANCED marketing course (The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Blueprint)

–> Not a member yet of Worldprofit? You are missing out. Get a free Associate Membership at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com  

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: December 4, 2015.

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Review: LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training for December 4th, 2015

Worldprofit's home business bootcamp instuctor and coach, George Kosch commenced the training by welcoming all Members.  George expressed appreciation to the Monitor team for keeping the schedule booked.

Topics covered:

Landing pages
Instant Sales Pages
How to use George Kosch's new ebook to generate leads.

Sales Funnels – set up your own Sales funnels instantly – thanks to a new automated service being developed by George Kosch exclusively for Worldprofit members. Huge time saver and HUGE money maker for you.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session.

View the recording of the training session in your Worldprofit Member area.

Next LIVE training session is Friday December 11, 2015. ALL LIVE sessions are also recorded so you never have to worry about missing a session.

THANK YOU to long time loyal Platinum VIP Member, Richard Moyer for these kind words!

It took awhile before I got around to setting it up, but when I upgraded to Platinum VIP Membership, it included free exclusive leads.

I spent half of my career as tech support, so I was used to working with people on the phone all day long, but I have never been crazy about cold calling.  The difference is that when people called ME, they were looking for help or my expertise to solve THEIR PROBLEM.  With cold calling, I was trying to solve MY problem (new leads) by convincing others they HAD a problem, and then proceed to tell them how to resolve THEIR NEW FOUND PROBLEM.

Within minutes after setting up Call Loop and sending out about half a dozen Call Loop messages, I got TWO CALLS BACK that expressed interest in the Silver Member package.

I spoke with each one for about 15 minutes, and sent them a pre-defined follow-up email to their confirmed email address, and then let the magic of the Instant Silver Package promo, landing pages and video do the heavy lifting.

What a Great Tool!

Richard Moyer

NOTE: You can find CALL LOOP in your Worldprofit Member area on TOP MENU click on COOL TOOLS. It's #10


 —-> If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member,  you're missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources.  Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at http://www.worldprofitassociates.com

Worldprofit's Deal of the Day for those serious about buiilding their own sucessful online business http://www.Worldprofit.biz

George Kosch authors new ebook “Internet Marketing Secrets”

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George Kosch's new ebook

Internet Marketing Secrets


Long before he became a successful online marketer, George Kosch was a jet pilot in the Canadian Military.

As a an Air Force Captain, he flew jets and taught students how to fly high performance aircraft.

So, how did he go from flying jets to co-founding and operating an international
online business that has now paid out over 10 million in commission to our affiliates?
Find out!

Now for a limited time he is giving away his 100+ pages of EXACTLY how to get wealthly online.

Get your copy here: