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Worldprofit Members if you weren’t able to attend the LIVE training today (Oct 23rd, 2015) with George Kosch…


The link to the video is now posted to your Worldprofit Member area.

IMPORTANT: You WILL want to watch the recorded version George had helpful tips for NEW Members AND.. some EYE-OPENING information to help you avoid getting BURNED by fake traffic.
If you are BUYING traffic or "Sign-ups" watch this video. George will save you time, money and frustration so you don’t get taken by traffic thieves.    

The next LIVE training session with George Kosch is FRIDAY OCT 30th, 2015 at 8 AM CT. 
Not sure what time that is in your part of the world? Do a search on Google for a free time zone translator.

Thank you to ALL Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members who have renewed your monthly services!

Make sure you are taking advantage of the free AD CREDITS you get INCLUDED in your Membership.
On LEFT Menu click on ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC and pay close attention to the TRAFFIC CONTROL and TRAFFIC INJECTIONS sections.
Plus…. don’t forget about your SOLO EMAIL privileges! On left menu select SOLO-BLASTER to 30,000."
The longer you are with Worldprofit the MORE free ad credits you accrue! Use these free ad credits to promote any and all of your affiliate programs not just Worldprofit recommended programs. 


Welcome to our newest Worldprofit PLATINUM VIP Members! You’ve made a smart business decision to get serious about growing your online business. 

Harry Fleck
Greg Dixon
Sandra Tickle
Kevin Sanders
Daniel Rodgers

The upgrade offer is EXPIRING very soon.
If you ‘re reading this message there is still time to get in on this. Just submit a Support form and ask Sandi for the $1500 VIP upgrade offer.

Effective consistent promotion makes you money. It’s that simple.  

Some of you have been asking if we have a landing page that can be used for INSTANT sales.

The answer is YES!

These unique landing pages detail what is included in the Silver Membership and is perfect for DIRECT INSTANT SALES.

Included on the landing page is an order button which is designed to get people into the Silver Membership WITHOUT having to first sign up as an Associate.
We will be adding MORE landing pages like this shortly but if you have been looking for this now you can promote this one.

It’s already embedded with YOUR DEALER ID so is ready to be promoted.

Here’s how to find these:.

In your member area on TOP MENU select AD EXAMPLES then on the MINI MENU that appears on that page click on INSTANT SALES PAGES.

WOW!  Some of you must have been paying attention, read our previous newsletter and have been promoting these Instant Sales pages! How do we know?
Because we just got several orders in!  That’s commission in YOUR pocket by focusing on promotion. Good work!

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