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What do you get when you upgrade your free Worldprofit Associate Membership to a Silver Membership?

Well simply put, you get a LOT!

Here’s 35 reasons why upgrading is good for you – AND for your bank account.

Your Silver membership is a TOTAL Business Package – with everything you need to grow your online business – ALL in one place – your Worldprofit Member area.

First we set up for you, your own domain based website – something like
Then we install a professional, lead-generating website for you. We do this for you super quick.

Then comes the really awesome stuff!

We immediately start installing your MONEY-MAKING Programs on your website, and in your Member area.

These are legitimate, tested programs, products and software that are current, in demand, and easy to use or promote.

Now listen up because this next part is REALLY IMPORTANT to your bottom line and how MUCH you can earn!

You can use these tools and traffic included to make money in not just our recommended income programs –  but also for any affiliate or business opportunity of your own!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
You can use the traffic to grow ANY business, or affiliate program!
The training we include is UNIVERSAL and critical to the success any online marketer.

You’re going to get:

Rock Solid Income programs paying 20 to 100% commission PLUS bonuses!

Top Rated Recommended Income Programs – JV Zoo, ClickBank, FastCash, Money Makers, Amazon, Ebay, PLR, Reseller Products, new and top rated Affiliate Marketing programs (20 to 100% commission)

Over 220 MORE Products you can use yourself at no cost – or SELL them and KEEP 100% of your earnings.

21 + Income Streams – one or our most POPULAR money making programs!

Worldprofit’s Dealer Program – resell our web-based services to earn 20 to 80% commission – PLUS bonuses up to $1,000 for new Sales.

The Virtual Sales Assistant (easily do automated follow ups with your prospects)

Prospect Management Software (keep track of your prospects, and easily follow up)

Newsletter Software (start building your own email list. Email lists allow you to make money today and in the future by just SENDING OFFERS. Grow your list and grow your earnings!

Over 100 ready to use ads, banners, swipes, copy

Integrated list building forms compatible with Aweber and Get Response.

Universal Bonus Builder – Give Away over $10,000 in FREE memberships/Credits to sell YOUR stuff – get sales for your programs!

OVER 100 Tools with 100 written and video lessons on how to use them.

Complete Website Management System – make edits, add pages, banners, code, unlimited access. EASY!

Auto Phone Call System – HUGE TIME SAVER and loved by anyone who hates talking on the phone. Simply record your message and it autodials.

Advanced Link Tracking system to analyze traffic and click sources

Your own Amazon Store Builder

Your own eBay Store Builder

Landing Page Builder – EASILY create your own landing pages using this builder – takes MINUTES for professional pages

… and are you ready for this? You get at NO EXTRA COST, SEO tools, software, and training courses from industry experts.


Ok, now let’s look at the TRAFFIC Programs packed into your Silver Membership.

We know it’s not enough to have income programs to promote,  you need TRAFFIC. LOTS of REAL Traffic! You need an EASY way to promote ALL your programs.

So we’ve included REAL TRAFFIC that you can use to promote any and all your affiliate or business opportunities, MLM etc.

We start by PAYING for 12 LIFETIME Traffic Memberships for you! These are UPGRADED Memberships with full posting privileges.
Cost per Mailer is about $100 EACH, we have included 12 Memberships in our most popular high traffic mailers – you don’t pay a dime for these.
We’ve covered the cost for you – about $1200 of value! The Memberships NEVER EXPIRE – use them today and FOREVER no matter what program you may be involved.
Your affiliate programs my change but your TRAFFIC will always be there for you thanks to Worldprofit!

Included is Monthly Traffic Injections and eblast privileges to 90,000 subscribers per month!

Next, we want you to have a newsletter list to get started with. The Money is in the LIST!  Successful marketers know this but you are NEW marketer and need a little help to get started. So we include 1,000 subscribers. So from DAY 1, you have 1,000 people who will see your offers.  We teach you how to grow this list to create your own email marketing list. We included list building tools so you have an ongoing GROWING list of potential buyers.

You also get 50 Exclusive Prospect Leads – these are REAL people who’ve said they are interested in a home business and have at least $100 to get started.
We BUY these leads fresh from a reliable source and we are GIVING them to you! Instantly you have 50 people right off the bat as potential customers.
If I may be blunt, these are not re-hashed, recyled leads. These are fresh prospects from a trusted source.

Now, check this out!   We also include an eBlast to OVER 1 Million of our own Subscribers. Pitch your offer and watch for the sales!

Finally for one more hand UP – we will also place 100 Associate members under you. You will be the Sponsor for these nice people who have not yet upgraded but when they do you get the commission!

If you are marketing CLICKBANK we have AUTOMATED tools to help you easily promote the hottest ClickBank products.

One click promotion tools are available like the MONEY MAKERS Promo Kit, the CB Promo Kit – and our ultra-popular CB Maximizer.

Smart marketers know how important SEO is for getting traffic. We’ve made it easy for you to tap into SEO traffic by giving you access to
This site is used confidently by SEO experts, seasoned marketers, resellers – and now YOU – when you upgrade to Silver Membership.

Everything included in the Silver Membership is geared to helping YOU consistent money online from a VARIETY of solid sources.

Alright, so now we have set up your site for you, installed your money-making programs, we’ve told you about the traffic programs now what about SUPPORT AND HELP?

What are you going to do with all this stuff if you don’t have any guidance?

Worldprofit’s Support team is here for you –  7 days a week, 365 days a year!

PLUS, you get unlimited access to our online self-paced home business bootcamp training.
We teach you step-by-step how to use the resources included in your Silver membership as well as to GENERATE continuous Traffic, Leads and income!

Included is our weekly LIVE Interactive Training by George Kosch. Enjoy LIVE demonstrations and lots of personalized help and hand holding!
If you can’t attend the LIVE training we record all sessions so you can watch when convenient  for you – anywhere in the world.

Fact: The people who attend Worldprofit’s training and apply what we teach make consistent money, today and in the future. It’s that simple.
We teach you the skills you need to lay the foundation for your business then continue to grow it day by day for long term income.
It’s also the reason Worldprofit’s home business bootcamp is the LONGEST running and most POPULAR online training program available.

Now pay attention to this next part – because it’s EYE-POPPING and POWERFUL!

You get SALES closing assistance from our Monitors who man our LIVE Business Center, 24 hours a day!
You simply promote to refer people to Worldprofit, they log in automatically to our LIVE Business Center and our Monitors try to close your sales for you!
When they do, you get the commission!  AWESOME!

We want you to succeed!  We want you to make money online! We are connected to your success.

So let’s stop there for a minute and summarize. When you upgrade to Silver Membership, we set up your professional site, we install your money-making programs, set up your massive traffic, install your training modules AND we are here to support you each and every day.

What else?  What have we forgotten?

Oh right! There is one more important thing you get – me! George Kosch.

Who the heck is George Kosch?

Well I’m George Kosch. I’m one of the co-founders of Worldprofit and your personal trainer and coach to help you grow your own profitable online business.
What I offer you is 20+ years of experience as an online marketer. What you get in your Silver membership was built mostly by me and my team. Yes, I am a programmer too. Since I’ve been an online marketer myself for so many years, I know what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve carefully included in your Silver Membership valuable tools, powerful software and REAL verifiable traffic – all for one purpose to make you money, to help you generate traffic, and to support the growth of your online business and INCOME for years to come.

I developed the online Home Business Bootcamp Training based on my military training in the Canadian Armed Forces. I was a Jet Pilot and taught students how to fly high performance aircraft. The military training style is disciplined, focused, step-by-step, task and goal oriented and that’s the solid integrity base I bring to you in my online training program. When I retired from the military I became an entrepreneur. I started my own online business, and now I help others do the same by sharing what I know works, because I have done it – and I still do it – everyday.

I believe people CAN achieve their goals with proper instruction that’s why I also offer personalized LIVE interactive  online weekly training. You can watch and learn on screen as I answer questions, and provide demonstrations of exactly what you need to do to make money online from multiple reputable sources.

For far too long we have watched people try to earn online using only free methods, without a proven system, without help, without consistent traffic. If you are one of the unfortunate few trying desperately to do the "free" approach to online marketing you won’t achieve the level of success you want. You may make a few sales but if you are truly serious and committed to yourself about making money online it’s CRITICAL that you have the right tools, support, training and income program to make it happen. That’s where your Silver membership becomes your friend and platform for success.

You get all of this in ONE place at Worldprofit in your Silver Membership. Your Silver Membership cost covers all that is outlined here and everything included is geared 100% to your success.  Yes! You get a lot!  You get all of this for so little – just $99.95 – that’s about $3 per day – a cup of Starbucks coffee.  A very small amount of money to start a legitimate online business that you can grow over time.

You will NEVER hear get rich promises from us, success is earned! What Worldprofit offers you is NOT a business opportunity, it’s a comprehensive proven system for building your own successful online business complete with training, software, traffic, support and reputable income programs. If you were to buy each of the items included in your Membership, the software, the training, the traffic and the support it would cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars more than what our modest cost is for you to get started.

Oh and one more convincing reason to upgrade! EVERYTHING you need to start making money today is INCLUDED in your Silver Membership, we won’t bombard you with pop ups and upsells.

Once we have everything set up for you, there is no reason why you can’t get started earning immediately.

We’ve provided compelling reasons to upgrade to Silver Membership and now you see that what you get is  –  "A Lot!"

Now we have a question for you….

Are you ready to upgrade to Silver Membership now?

Try us even if it’s just for one month. Aren’t you worth it? It’s just $99.95 to get started. Think about how little that is when you can start earning right away. Work hard and you can easily cover your membership cost.  Do you believe in yourself enough to just try it.  There is NO long term commitment or obligation so there is ZERO risk in trying. You will be supported by our team of experts and be a welcome member in our worldwide home business community.

We’re confident you will be completely satisfied with the benefits included in your Silver membership. For over 20 years we’ve stood behind our products, services and support with our 100% iron clad customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy we promise to work our butts off to put a smile on your face. We’ve worked hard to build our solid reputation and handcrafted our business by helping one person at a time. We’ve grown over the years but we’ve never forgotten that we (perhaps just like you) started our business on a kitchen table, and we know well that EVERY customer matters. Will you put us to work for you?



George Kosch
Retired Captain, Canadian Armed Forces (Pilot)
Programmer / Business Owner for 20+ Years
Edmonton, AB. Canada