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Did you know that EVERY month Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members get traffic injections and solo email blast privileges?

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These are all popular high traffic safelists and a captive business opportunity audience.

Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a Traffic injection every month!

EVERY month that you continue your Silver Membership, you get FREE Ad Credits:

http://www.TrafficCenter.com  – 2000 visitors, 2000 banner views, 2000 text ad views
http://www.SafelisteXtreme.com   – 10,000 credits
http://www.DragonSafelist.com  – 10,000 credits
http://www.UltimateSafelistExchange.com  – 10,000 ad credits
http://www.TrafficAdLinks.com – 10,000 ad credits


EVERY MONTH that you continue your Platinum VIP Membership you get FREE Ad Credits:

TrafficCenter.com  – 5000 visitors, 5000 banner views, 5000 text ad views
SafelisteXtreme.com  – 20,000 credits
DragonSafelist .com – 20,000 credits
Ultimate Safelist Exchange.com  – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership 
Traffic Ad Links.com  – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership

Access in your Worldprofit Member area.

To make sure you get ALL your traffic injections, make sure you have activated all your free traffic accounts.


As a Silver member you qualify for a Solo-Blast to 90,000 per month at no cost. That’s YOUR ad going out to 9,000 Members EVERY 3 days!
These are subscribers!

As a PLATINUM VIP Member you qualify for even more Solo-Blast privileges!
Platinum VIP Members can blast your ad (any ad) to 150,000 Members EVERY MONTH – that’s your ad going out to 15,000 members EVERY 3 days!)
These are real people who have subscribed to these mailings and have an interest in home business, affiliate marketing, and MLM programs.

Often Members are not aware of these additional valuable benefits of being a Worldprofit Member!

The Traffic is just one MORE perk, you also get access to 100+ online training lessons, LIVE interactive Weekly training, SEO tools, Sales Closing, graphics programs, Ebook Creators, PLR, Ad Swipes, HELP 7 Days a week,  recommended income programs paying 20 to 100% and so much more. Over 500 products and services. Everything in your Members area is about helping you GROW your online business.

We teach you how to use the resources in your Member area to generate multiple streams of income.  George Kosch is your personal instructor and coach. A former jet pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces and now the co-founder of the most popular and longest running home business training company online.  20+ years in the business! Promote Worldprofit services, or promote your own programs, but USE the resources available to you.

One long time Worldprofit Member told us last week, "I can’t think for one minute about giving up my membership because I would LOSE money by having to buy services elsewhere" that are all included in  Worldprofit’s Membership.

Follow the home business bootcamp training lessons so we can get you on track for income from a number of trusted sources, or your own too – not just Worldprofit referrals.

If you have any questions at all please let us know, we are here 7 days a week to help you and happy to do so. Simply submit a Support Ticket. We are here to help you and are happy to do so!

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