7 of Worldprofit’s most popular, most powerful, SUPER EASY-TO-USE services

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Here we feature just 7 of our most popular services and resources available to Worldprofit Members.

Landing Pages either for your OWN affiliate programs OR for promoting Worldprofit.

1. Ready-Made landing pages for promoting Worldprofit and generating Associates while building your list.

If you are new to Worldprofit you should be promoting the LANDING PAGES we provide.
The bootcamp training lessons 1 – 3 teach you how to access these and how to use them.
Use these to promote your WORLDPROFIT business and generate free Associate Members.
Those Associates you refer can login, are greeted by our Monitors and made a terrific offer to upgrade.
Those Associates that you refer who upgrade to a paid membership results in YOU getting a commission.
Those Associates you refer receive our Newsletter with offers and incentives to login and upgrade. 
That’s how we work to close your sales for YOU.

George Kosch has just added a BRAND NEW LANDING PAGE for you to use in your promotions.
Find it on LEFT MENU under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on AD EXAMPLES. It’s the first one on the page and is marked with a RED NEW. 
Add your picture if you like, if you need help there is a HELP VIDEO posted there.


2. If you are promoting your own Affiliate programs, or your own MLM or other online program you can create your own BEAUTIFUL landing pages with one click.

I’m not kidding, it’s that easy. Create as many as you like in minutes to generate leads for ALL your own affiliate programs.
There is no need to hire anyone to build landing pages or to buy software to build your own landing pages.
We have made it easy for you with Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder. Save time and money by using this valuable Worldprofit built software.

Here’s how to access Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder Software
-In your Member area on LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then click on LANDING PAGE Builder.
Our Members have told us that this ONE piece of software alone makes the cost of your Membership all worth while – it’s one of our most popular and most used software programs.  If you haven’t tried it yet, do so. We think you will love it – so easy to use – build professional pages for every one of your affiliate programs with ONE click.

In your own programs? Easily organize and build your programs, here’s how.

3. Your PERSONAL DOWNLINE BUILDER is ULTRA EASY to use and included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

It’s purpose is to help you earn money from any and all the OTHER Affiliate programs you may be working.

In your Worldprofit Member area:

2. Please watch the HELP VIDEO that George recorded for you to make sure you do it right.
Don’t worry the video is NOT long, so DO watch it.3. Follow the instructions posted.

4. Worldprofit Members you also get the LINK MANAGER.

The Link Manager has been designed to help you keep important links organized under categories of your choice. These links can be social bookmarking sites, search sites, tools or anything you like. The link manager will keep them organized so that you can bookmark your links page from within the Dealer area OR on your website. Hopefully this will be handy. In future we plan to setup more pages and the ability for you to share your links with other Members. An usage of this would be to save your favorite promo sites and give them to new Members so they can get started faster. You could include links to sites with keyword tools, JV Forums etc. Hope you enjoy!

Access: On LEFT MENU click on MONEY MAKERS then select LINK MANAGER.


For those of you who are keen on working on SEO.

5. You’ve got access to the SEO KIT and PROMO System AND the SEO POWER PAK.

6. Silver and Platinum VIP Members also get a free 30 day trial of a professional SEO Submission service.
Use it for ALL your URL’s and with one click submit to 500,000 search engines, directories and more.
Go to http://www.SeoOptimizerPro.com 

7. For those who want to use EBOOKS to generate leads, or who want to create your own ebook, we’ve got some powerful stuff for you.

You can rebrand ebooks, create your own ebooks, create your own ebook covers, logos and more!
We’ve even got articles you can use.

It’s in your Member area on LEFT MENU select ARTICLE/Ebook Marketing.

Everything you need is right there – all included.

We’ve featured here just 7 popular resources in your Worldprofit member area, there are so many more!

Log in. Dig In. Learn. Promote. Profit

–> Need any help? Submit a Support Ticket – Worldprofit’s help team is here 7 days a week to help you! 

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