25 Recommended Safelists for Affiliate Marketers who understand how powerful this form of marketing can be for targetting a home business audience.

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1. Bweeble
One of “Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3″. Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney.

2. Build My Downlines
Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander.

3. ListJoe.com
The owners Jon Nastor – Bill Maloney & Jonah Klimack

4. Adchiever
Another Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander.

5. Max Mailer Pro
Troy Wray Is The New Experienced Owner

6. Fast List Mailer
An Easy to Use Mailer on the LFMVM script. Grab the Upgrade and Email Every Day!

7. http://www.QuantumSafelist.com
Owner George Kosch. 20+ years in the biz. Nice simple interface with good results.
15,000+ Members. Free but the upgrade is low cost and worth it.

8. DragonSafelist.com
Another site owned by George Kosch, tech guy who knows it has to run well for people to use it.
12,000+ Members and growing.

9. http://www.TrafficAdLinks.com
Well run site, by George Kosch, tech heads tend to build or run the best safelists/echanges with eye to making sure the darn thing works.
22,000+ Members and growing.

10. Mail Our List
Fom Steve Ayling. Very Nice design and it’s set up and designed to target the newbies.

Owners Brad Webb & Paul Coonan they have developed one of the best mailers in the Industry.
They Have 30 700 active members and growing.

12. List Jumper
Also owned by Darren Olander

13 List Punk
Ryan Hogan has over 13 years experience online and has a great site for you.

14. Paragon
Owner of Hitlink TE.
Highly effective and responsive system. Watch your traffic stats and sales increase.

15. http://www.trafficAdLinks.com
George Kosch, runs this one too. Very popular, runs well. Recommended for sure.

16. List Surfing
Darren & Matt Owns this Hybrid Traffic Exchange Mailer

17. AdMasterPlus
Owned by John Bell. This is a Pro Only Hybrid Traffic Exchange/Mailer. Email 2 000 Members every 3 days without credits.
Small yearly cost, worth it!

18. Email Hog
Created by Marty Petrizza & has a sister sites in the Traffic Exchange world.
Runs a lot of Contests & you can earn money by clicking emails – snazzy!

19. List Avail
Built by The Owner Barry Langdon. One of the best in the industry, took all the good things and make it better with latest up to date technology to ensure maximum deliverability.

20. Puffin Mailer
Dan Moses Launched this and you Can email every 23 hours as an Upgraded Member.

21. Traffic Leads 2 Income VM
Owned by Rob Gehring.
A great List Building System inside the mailer itself!

22. List Bonus
Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney.
Build your list AND earn tons of great commissions at the same time!

23. Fast Cash Mailer
Excellent mailer owned by Sean Supplee.

24. Instant Viral Mailer
Owned by Gnana Prakash. I Known him many years. Hard working owner, producing site. Try it for sure.

25. http://www.UltimateSafelistExchange.com
Last but certainly not least, run by George Kosch, and older site, but still works don’t doubt if for a minute.
20,000+ Members, worth joining and worth upgrading!